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Hiei stroked his mate's long silver hair as they lay in each other's arms. "Kurama, are you happy?"

Kurama paused from nibbling his mate's neck. "Happier than I have ever been in either of my lives Koibito. Are you?"

"Hn. Happier than I have been in either of my lives Fox." Hiei smiled down at him.

"It doesn't feel weird any more, the four of us being lovers. It's like it has always been this way." Kurama went back to his neck nibbling.

Hiei kissed his lover's forehead. "I didn't realize how much I was denying myself by not asking for Shuuichi more often. All this time I thought you would be happier if I didn't ask for him and you thought I didn't need him anymore."

"I'm glad you need him Sweetheart, he needs you too. I'm glad you understand how much I missed and need Kuro too." Kurama playfully bit Hiei's neck as the hand in his hair began stroking his ear.

"Just remember Foxie, for our little family to stay happy we can't keep our desires or our fears to ourselves. We tell each other everything, no secrets." Hiei smiled, as Kurama's advances grew bolder.

"As long as we are being completely honest Koibito, I should tell you I want you to make love to me right now." Kurama grinned as Hiei pinned him to the bed.

"Your wish is my command my beautiful Fox."