Chapter 2

Weeks passed as Chellony and Challenge worked to tell their friends and make plans for the ceremony.

"Chall I'm scared," Chellony whispered.

"Why? Do you not want to go through with the ceremony?"

"No its not that its just that, its just that it is all moving way to fast I mean the ceremony is in a couple of days." She replied quietly.

"Its going to be ok love you'll see."

A couple of days later it was time. Chalcedony and Challenge were going to be mated, both of them were quite nervous. Chellony wore a tamed tiger-lily garland with tulips woven in here long blonde hair. Challenge wore a garland woven of the leaves and vines of the weeping willows over his head. As Chellony approached the alter were Sim awaited a tear rolled down her cheek. She looked out in the crowd seeing who had come; there was an amazing number of people including King Dor and the royal family, the Zombie Master (Justin Tree) and his wife Breanna, and the Good Magician and all 5 1/2 of his wives. She had reached the alter where Challenge awaited her.

The ceremony proceeded excellently and soon Chellony and Challenge were mated and headed to their honeymoon. They arrived and it was beautiful fountains were everywhere.

"My love how are you now?" Challenge asked.

"Ecstatic, love, just ecstatic!" She exclaimed excitedly. They headed to their suite and settled down.

I'll leave ya''ll to figure out what happens next.