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Ch.1- The End of Summer

The evening was hot. Hot and humid. Definitely not a very good combination. Ash Ketchum, a seventeen year old, black haired, brown eyed boy, was sitting on the front steps of his house deep in thought.

'What really pisses me off is that the summer felt like spring break, it starts off with high expectations and ends up a total bummer.' As he continued contemplating his thoughts, he didn't notice the read head silently sneaking up on him. She let him sit there for a few more minutes, debating with herself on whether or not she should tell him that dinner was ready or if she should just scare the crap out of him. She decided on the latter and went right next to his ear. 1..2..3!

"ASH DINNER'S READY!" The result was instantaneous. Ash, having been so deep in thought, jumped a good six feet in the air, landed on his feet, and after seeing Misty rolling on the floor in gales of uncontrollable laughter, yelled in a high pitched voice, "What in the bloody hell were you trying to do, kill me?" Once Misty had settled down enough to talk she answered.

"No I just wanted to see how high you would jump." Ash, completely bewildered, gaped at her for a moment then asked in the same squeaky voice, "What, may I ask, possessed you to do that?"

"Well your mom told me to tell you that dinner was ready, and that we've finally got our schedules for the year."

"Well did you have to scare me? I mean couldn't you have just tapped my shoulder or announced your presence or something civilized like that and not scare me?" he asked angrily. Misty faked a look of deep thought and then said in a very sweet voice, "No."

Just as Ash was about to respond, they heard his mothers voice call from inside the house. "DINNER!"

Misty walked into the house with Ash following close behind. He didn't know what it was about her, but ever since he had met her it had been nearly impossible to stay angry with her. He also couldn't help but notice how she had filled out in all the right places over the years. She was now a beautiful young woman and damn did she have a nice body.

However it wasn't just her body that Ash loved. Her personality also intrigued him. He couldn't get enough of it. She was smart, funny, talented, and, when she wanted to, she could be deadly serious.

Even though he continually denied it, he knew that he loved her. Her orange/red hair in it's usual ponytail, and her blue/green eyes , didn't help with Ash's staring either.

As they sat down at the table, Delia Ketchum set up the placemats and utensils and then handed them their schedules. Brock Slate, the final resident of the Ketchum household, was out of high school and in his second year of college, where he was studying Medicine, brought the food to the table.

"So who do you guys have this year?" Brock asked as he set the food down and proceeded to pour drinks. Ash looked down at his schedule and let out an audible groan.

"I have Ms. Migraine for math during 1st and 2nd period and then for advisory..again! Brock laughed so hard that he almost spilled the drinks he was handing out.

"Oh man I had Ms. Migraine and boy is she a pain. I fell asleep in her class, and left with a migraine everyday. God was she boring." Misty looked at her schedule as well. "No I have the same thing..again!" Ash now curious about her schedule asked, "Really, who do you have for ELA?"

"I have Mr. Llewop, Mr. R. Llewop. What kind of name is Llewop anyway?" she asked as an afterthought.

"Don't know, but I had him for ELA as well and he's a real fun guy. He's a good teacher, you'll like him." said Brock as he sat down at the table.

"Do you have him for 3rd and 4th?" asked Ash. Misty nodded and showed him her schedule. As he went down the list he read out the names of the teachers and the periods.

"Hmm.. 5th period Social Studies Mr. Shu, 6th period lunch, 7th period Science Mr. S. Snape, 8th period Choir Rennat/Notrom/Selleugra, P.E. 8th period with Mr. T/Mr.Schwarzenegger, hmm those are odd names, and finally Home Ec. 10th with Mr. Lowell/Mr.Vegeta."

"Wow!" said Brock who had finished eating and was now picking up the dishes. "You guys have the most oddly named teachers I've ever heard of, not to mention you guys have all the same classes."

"Uh-oh, look at the time!" said Delia Ketchum. "You two are getting up early tomorrow for your first day of school. You should get to bed now. Brock and I will take care of the dishes, and don't forget to take showers in the morning!"

As Ash and Misty climbed up the staircase, they saw that it had started raining. It was very odd but both of them thought that the weather was reflecting their feelings. They were sad they had to go back to school, so sad in fact that they themselves were on the brink of tears.

"Summers over and it's back to school." said Misty sadly as she entered her room. Ash only answered with one word, "Shit."

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