I do not own anything from The Wizard of Oz or from Wickced Thank you so much for the wonderful reviews of my first fan fic (A Change In The Weather, also a Wicked fic.) They were very helpful. This one is about what is happening in the land of Oz after Elphaba "dies". This story is still in the works, so the entire thing is not up yet, though I plan to have many chapters. Let me know what you think of this story! Thank you!

Look To The Western Sky...

Chapter 1: Glinda

It was night, and there was rain pouring from the sky. Glinda was hurried along the slick cobblestone road by a thin, bony hand. As the crowd thinned, Glinda could see a carriage waiting for them.

"Quick Elphie, get in!" She climbed into the carriage, turning to help her friend up. But Elphaba was no where to be

seen. "Elphie? Elphie!" Glinda's heart caught in her throat as she saw her friend in the middle of the crowd, the rain pelting her emerald green skn.The look that Elphie gave her chilled her to the very bone.

"Go...I can't come with you,...you have to do this on your own."

"Elphaba? What do you mean...surely you won't...leave?" But her friend said nothing, turning her face up into the downpour. "Elphie please...don't go...you can't just leave me here all alone!" Glinda heard a great roaring of the wind, and the air grew cold. Suddenly a huge funnel picked the carriage and Glinda up, swirling them higher and higher. Glinda heard Elphaba scream, and could see green smoke rising from where her friend had been standing.

"Elphie! Elphaba!" The darkness of the funnel could obscured Glinda's view, making everything a great, black nothing.

Glinda's eyes snapped open, she was sitting up, her arms outstreached in front of her. Glinda breathed a sigh of relief.

"It was only a dream." Then why does it still hurt so much? Glinda climbed out of bed, wiping the tears from her eyes.

Every month for six months after Elphaba died Glinda had that same dream. No matter what remedies she tried, the dream

would always be there.

Glinda lit a candle and went to the window, her thoughts heavy. She hadn't actually been there when it had happened. Elphaba had told her to hide, so she had. But Elphaba's scream as she was melted still reached her ears, and had never gone away. Glinda hated the nights when she had the nightmare. All the old feelings always came rushing back. The feeling that there was nothing she could do, she felt complete helplessness.

After Elphaba had melted, and the Wizard had left, Glinda hadn't known what do with herself. The citizens of Oz wanted her to govern them. Glinda had taken the job, but she had no idea how to run all of Oz. She never did take a fancy to politics, that had been Elphaba's specialty. Even though Elphaba seemed to sense a conspiracy in every event, she had a knack for thinking all the political sides of an argument through. Glinda wasn't sure how long she could continue pretending like she knew what she was doing.

Glinda also wasn't sure how she was going to keep up the charade of celebrating Elphaba's death. Whenever she talked with someone on the street, they would bring up the melting. Glinda would smile, and put on her bubbly air, but inside she felt as if her heart were breaking in two. The only time that she could truly mourn for her friend was at night, before she went to sleep. She had kept the small green bottle that Elphaba had cherished so and put it under pillow. Every night she would look at it, thinking of her friend.

Now, with her mind too worked up to sleep, she went to a handsome oak chest in the corner, rifling underneath all her gowns and bodicies. Carefully she drew out the thick, elaborate book hidden there, The Grimmerie. Glinda lit a small candle, and sat on the ledge by her window. She had tried time and time again to decipher what the ancient book said, but its words were still a mystery to her. Glinda opened the book, willing herself to finally, be able to make out something, anything inside its pages. The words on the thin paper seemed to rearrange themselves as Glinda looked at them, they floated, twirled, made new words, the changed again, so Glinda could never be sure of what it said. Glinda had never fully understood how Elphaba could read anything within the Grimmerie. She reasoned that it was because the Wizard was her father, she had blood of both the Wizard's world, and of Oz. Glinda had heard once that the Grimmerie had come from the Wizard's world, so it made sense that Elphaba had been able to read a little of it.

"Elphie...why, why did you have to be so darn brave? You could have escaped, found somewhere else to go, gotten away from all this. You didn't have to stay...you didn't have to..." Glinda's throat closed up as the tears filled her eyes again. She had never told anyone, but Elphaba had been her best friend, she had always been truthful to Glinda, she had never lied to Glinda to make her feel better, but always was simply real, the first real friend that Glinda had ever had. Her heart greived, knowing that she would never see Elphaba again.

With a sigh, Glinda snapped the Grimmerie shut, she wasn't going to get any further tonight then she had last night. After hiding it back in the chest, Glinda blew out the candle, heading back to bed. She always felt exhausted after the nightmare, as though a great weight were being pressed down upon her, and the tiredness would always seem to come very suddenly, without warning. As the rain continued to fall, Glinda tried not to think of her dream, and imagined what Elphaba would be doing right now, if she had lived.