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After the battle with Direl, things began to change in Oz. Glinda and Boq returned to the Emerald City, a plan in mind. They unlocked the huge room that had been the Wizard's throne room, and searched it. Dozens of books, charts, maps and papers were found, some in the Wizard's handwriting, many of the newer documents were in a different script.

Glinda announced to the people of Oz the Wizard's true intentions, using the documents she had found and her own experiences with the Wizard as evidence against him. The people were unsure what to believe. Many refused to listen to what Glinda was saying, not daring to believe the Wizard could have been anything less than wonderful.

Through the months that passed, Glinda continued to speak out, lifting the bans on Animals and doing all she could so that the truth was finally revealed. Boq was by her every step of the way. Glinda began to realize just how smart Boq really was, and was grateful to have him with her.

Almost a year since the battle began, and Glinda had not heard anything of Elphaba and Fiyero. She knew that Elphaba had been right about Oz still being dangerous for her, but that didn't stop Glinda from missing her. But at least this time Glinda knew she was alive, and that maybe someday, if all of their hard work paid off, Elphaba could come out of hiding.

Glinda had the castle of Kiamo Ko restored, clearing away the debris and replacing the books and furniture that had been ruined in Direl's raid. The tower room was Glinda's special project. She had everything specially made, a new telescope, tables, new chart paper and graph sheets, books on different stars and planets, spells and Animals, everything that she knew Elphaba might someday use.

In a green glass vase by the window, Glinda had put a bouquet of pink roses, mixed with a special flower that came from the north, its petals a deep emerald green. Glinda refilled the vase nearly every two weeks, when the flowers began to wilt. One evening, just as the sun was beginning to set, Glinda opened the door to the tower room, fresh flowers in hand, when she saw something lying on the table. Glinda put the flowers aside, her hand going to her moth as she saw what it was.

On the surface of the table, lay a large, frilly pink flower. It was actually a pin, used as a hair decoration. Glinda remembered the night when she had tried to show Elphaba how to be popular, she had put that flower in the green girl's hair. Glinda remembered Elphaba's face as she looked at herself in the mirror that night, could see the tears threatening to spill from her eyes as Glinda announced that she was beautiful.

Glinda reached out her hand and touched the pin, a small sigh escaping her. Then she saw the piece of parchment that was lying neatly folded underneath the hair pin. Glinda slowly unfolded the paper, knowing already who it was from. As she read the message, Glinda felt tears start rolling down her cheeks, a small smile playing across her face. She clutched the paper in her hand as she moved to the window, staring out at the forest bathed in the light of the sunset.

Somewhere near the edges of that forest, another figure stood looking up at the window of Kiamo Ko. She pulled her hood from her face, her eyes fixed on the small, pink figure standing by the window. She smiled to herself, knowing that her message had been received.

Elphaba had not seen Oz since that day by the lake, she had to get away, not just because of the dangers still lurking there, but because of what had been revealed about herself the day of the battle.

At night sometimes she dreamed that the Wizard was there, trying to get her to agree to his scheme. Other times it would simply be his voice, drifting to her through blackness,

I am a sentimental man...who always longed to be...a father...

Elphaba wondered constantly if he had known, if he had realized that he set the entire city of Oz hunting for his own daughter. He had known about Direl...but Elphaba shook her head, forbidding herself to dwell on thoughts of the past. She may never truly know anything about her father...but she was glad that she understood more of her powers, and herself.

Every time she looked at Fiyero, caught him gazing at his hands as he still did sometimes, she would wonder about what exactly had happened as she Glinda chanted the spell from the Grimmerie. Sometimes Glinda's question would came back to her...and she couldn't help but wonder why she hadn't been changed. But then she would tell herself that she had always been green, Boq and Fiyero were transformed because they were not naturally a man of tin or a man of straw. She sighed lightly, looking back up at Glinda in the window.

"Fiyero...if I wasn't...if I had been changed by that spell...would you...would you think I was beautiful."

"Elphaba" the came up beside her, kissing her forehead, "I already think you're beautiful, I have for quite some time...don't tell me that you're not" he added as she opened her mouth to speak.

"It's like you said that day, green is who you are. I can't see you any other way."

Elphaba smiled up at him, kissing him lightly and taking his hand as they turned to walk back towards the heart of the forest.

"Thank you...I love you Yero my hero"

"And I love you, Elphaba Thropp."

Just before they came out of sight of the castle, Elphaba looked back one last time, smiling as she pictured her friend, still looking out of the window, her note clutched in her hand.

"Goodbye Glinda, we'll be together again...I promise."

As Elphaba turned away and pulled her hood up, a familiar grin spread across her face, her mind picturing the words printed on the small piece of paper that Glinda held.

Defy Gravity

The End

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