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"Harry. You need to take us to our Darks now," Ryou said compellingly, also out of character.

Chapter Twenty-Five: To Fight

They were a force of destruction; the apocalypse made corporeal, embodied chaos. They were ravaging creatures that have been chained down for ages upon ages and were suddenly let loose. They are able to use logic but once frenzied they lose all sense. Yet, somehow, the four titans put together what could vaguely be called a plan. Mallos was first to move into action. A chilling black mist rolled rapidly over the entirety of Hogwarts grounds. Whispering cackles surrounded all the supposed defenders, blinding them in darkness so complete that their Lumos had no effect.

Arcane acted next. A single howl pierced through the hissing darkness. Moments later, tens of howls answered, making all those who heard it shiver. Wolves, werewolves, dogs tore into the darkness. A screech shredded through the howls that was responded with similar screeches and the flapping of wings. Before long there were screams, human screams, of fear and pain. Frantically cried curses and hexes were heard but without light to guide their movements most were bypassed entirely by the attacking creatures.

Rafe and Illyria didn't come in immediately, not wanting to provide the mortals their needed light and spoil the fun. They didn't wait too long, though, because if they did, Mallos and Arcane would be able to finish them all off without Rafe and Illyria have a chance to play. That wouldn't be at all fair.

Illyria sided with Mallos, who was summoning storm clouds to help block out the sun even more than his own blackness did. With Illyria's help, lightning shot from the clouds to the ground, blasting mortals off their feet and away from their over-glorified twigs. Illyria snorted. She and Rafe had to attack the castle itself and bring it down, but that didn't mean they couldn't damage a few mounds of flesh here and there.

Rafe was busy spewing balls of flame at Hogwarts. Just as Illyria be doing, Rafe thought angrily. Illyria and Rafe, having the most destructive elements under their control, were supposed to be focusing their energy on destroying the castle. Why the snake-man would care about a pile of over-glorified stones was beyond him, but if it gave Rafe the opportunity to test his abilities after going such a long time without using him, he wasn't going to complain. Not too much, anyway. Rafe glowered. Why weren't the stupid rocks melting?

Arcane and Mallos were having fun toying with the mortals. Most of the pathetic things were already blind with panic. It was such a human reaction, to panic when light is taken away, to freeze when there was danger. Some of the mortals actually showed some backbone (or stupidity, thought Rafe) and stood their ground to fight back. The spells and curses had little effect but any incantation spoken left residual magic in the air. Even if the spells didn't work, the magical residue builds up enough to make it difficult for creatures like himself and Illyria to move. Most of Arcane's creatures had a tolerance to it and so did Mallos' magic.

"Illyria!" Rafe's voice sizzled through the air. Illyria's skeletal body jerked to look at Rafe. Ice blue and glowing red met and clashed. Rafe continued. "The castle. Quickly. I don't want to be here much longer."

Illyria scowled furiously. A bolt of lightning flashed towards the castle, followed by three more in quick succession. Rafe and Illyria worked on the stones that built the castle. The stones became weathered and charred.

Rafe was bored and, by the looks of it, so was Illyria. Destruction was fun but not if no one was screaming. Oh, there were screams but those were caused by Arcane and Mallos.

The denizens of Hogwarts had no idea what they would be up against. Instant blindness by a black, incoming fog that moved quicker than any natural fog could ever move, and then came the howls that spoke of bloodlust and hunger. The flapping of wings and scrabbling of claws were clearly audible over the sudden deafness of everything else. Each individual was choking in the darkness on their own, completely cut off from everyone else.

Most of them reacted quickly. If it weren't for the darkness-induced deafness, shouts of "Protego!" would've been heard. It repelled most of the flying birds of prey from overhead and some of the weaker wolves from ahead. A well aimed "Stupefy!" took care of the larger predators. Some students weren't so quick on their defenses. Howls of bloodlust and triumph usually surrounded those unfortunate few.

However, those who survived Arcane's fearsome beasts had to face something worse: their shadows. Pulling up from the ground itself, their shadows stood to face them, invulnerable to any attack, being made out of mist until they made their move, then they felt like solid ice. But the worst part was the kiss. Relatives of a dementor, one of the students though. Sucking up all the warmth, drowning the single flame of hope in ice and shadow—it was horrible. It left them catatonic.

It gave Mallos and Arcane a sense of twisted joy. The humans may not be able to hear their fellows, but their every sound was piercingly clear to the four titans.

And how they loved it.

"How do you plan on getting us to Hogwarts?" Malik asked. Harry and Draco froze. They glanced at each other nervously. They couldn't Apparate. The maze was confusing and time consuming. The only reason they managed to get out of it was because of the floating gray light. They had no guarantee it would be there to guide again.

"You don't have a way to take us back?" Ryou snipped. Kira and Yugi remained silent.

"We came here through the vanishing cabinet in the Room of Requiremnts. We thought it would take us directly to you so we had planned on taking you back the way we came," Harry explained.

"We didn't know we would have to go through a bewitched tunnel that would lead us to a seemingly never ending maze that had a hidden exit. I don't think we're able to take you back the way we arrived," Draco finished somberly.

The group didn't speak. Malik's eyes flashed suddenly. He turned sharply to Kira.

"How strongly connected is the magic we as Lights have to that of our Darks?" he asked. Kira blinked.

"Oh, inseparable. Nothing can separate our magic from our Darks' magic. Not even death. I mean, the only reason Teana managed to do it was because she didn't really kill us. She sent us into a limbo that was unreachable for any sort of magic. Yugi was a different case. He wasn't sent into limbo but, by then, it didn't matter because the amount of Dark energy greatly surpassed the amount of Light energy," Kira explained quickly.

"Can we somehow use that bond to our advantage? To transport us to where our Darks are?" Malik asked fervently.

"I suppose…I mean, by all logic, it should be possible but I don't think it's ever been done before by a Light. Our magic is passive, hardly of any practical use." Kira stated.

Malik grinned. "True, but we don't have only Light magic on our side," he said, looking at Yugi. Yugi grabbed the shadow cloak from around his shoulders.

"My cloak would work best, wouldn't it? It can cover all of us and whoever's in contact with it should be transported. But how would we make it join with Yami?" Yugi said curiously.

"The same way Kira's ring disappeared," Malik said.

"We don't have any curse to counteract it with," Ryou said.

"True, but we have these!" Malik pulled out his wand. "I don't know about you guys, but I hardly use mine outside of class and considering Hogwarts is on the verge of being destroyed as we speak, I think classes are the least of our worries. Besides, Professor Zhira said that any type of wizardry reacts badly with our kind of magic. She even recommended us not to use our wands because its core would hinder us. How would it react with pure Wild magic? Without the wood in-between?"

Harry and Draco found themselves covered by a large shadow that surrounded the Lights also. Draco's eyes widened.

"Wait! We have no proof that this will work," he cried.

"We don't have a choice," Ryou murmured.

A muffled "I hate Gryffindors!" was heard before three wands snapped followed by an implosion. There was nothing left in the space the young wizards and witch were standing.

Voldemort was, by no means, an easy man to please. The worst part was that nothing was hidden from his red, snake-like eyes. Lucius knew the moment he helped his son would be probably the last moment he'd be able to enjoy life. The screech of pure fury that resonated throughout the Riddle Manor provided no consolation.

Voldemort trusted Nagini more than he trusted any human. She was to inform him of any change in the Lights. Having the Lights suddenly not there was a very big change. He, however weak he was, had the strength necessary to transport himself to the manor and check the room himself, before summoning Lucius, the human who was in charge of guarding the Lights.

"Explain!" the barely-human wizard hissed. Lucius gave a low bow.

"It seems they escaped, my Lord," Lucius murmured calmly. A curse sent the pale-haired man flying across the room.

"Do not pretend to patronize me, Luciuss," Voldemort sneered, drawing out the sharp "s" sound in the Malfoy's name.

"Of course, my Lord," Lucius coughed out as he dragged himself off of the dusty floor. "It is entirely my fault." Lucius paused and dared to do what few men would think of attempting. He lifted his face and stared Voldemort straight in the eyes. Lucius felt fear drench him but did not waver. "I believe you lost my loyalty the day you murdered my wife. You won my betrayal the day you threatened my son. You, my Lord, are no longer in control of the Malfoy name."

With that said, he clutched his snake-head cane, closed his eyes—and vanished.

Sirius watched as his lover groaned in pain, clutching Sirius' hand so tightly he thought it would break. Sirius thought he would cry. He couldn't do anything to ease Remus' pain. Nothing at all. A sudden howl tore through the grounds, a howl from the cell before him echoing it. Sirius winced as the hand in his own spasmed. Sirius let go and drew away. His Remus was gone and he had a promise to keep. A wolf rammed itself against the bars of the cell. An enormous black dog snarled viciously, fur bristled.

The wolf growled, swiping at the dog who responded with a bite. The wolf yelped and pulled back for a moment before ramming itself against the bars again. The wolf had to escape. He had to answer Arcane's call. So many humans…he had to help Arcane get rid of the filth. The black dog was prowling in front of the wolf's cage, watching him guardedly. This dog…the wolf did not want to harm this dog but if the dog got in his way…

Arcane's word was law.

Dumbledore, McGonagall, and Flitwick were doing their best to keep Hogwarts standing. Zhira had, before losing herself completely to her magic, given these three an incantation that would lace the castle's defenses with the earth's natural magic. The earth's magic was connected with Light and Dark magic, and was most effective against them. The rest of the professors were also given the incantation but they had to be dispatched to protect the students. Each professor was roaming the halls for any of Arcane's creatures and any of Mallos' shadows.

They were surprised to find skeletal bolts of lightning to be bouncing through the halls, closely followed by humanoid forms made of fire. Each destroying whatever objects they could. The walls may be reinforced but none of the objects inside the castle were.

The professors had cast the incantation around the areas where the younger students were hidden. They were safe for now even if the professors weren't.

The world came to a standstill, it seemed. The titans withdrew themselves for no apparent reason. The living were left stunned by the sudden changes, glancing quickly around them for more danger. Arcane let out an inhumane yell.


The survivors didn't know who the elemental was yelling at but slowly they felt a sense of peace overcome them. Striding across the battle field was a small group of students no older than themselves, but the battle-weary children knew these were their saviors. After all, Harry Potter has never failed them before and surely the four glowing young ones that followed him were important to their victory in battle.


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