It was a beautiful morning. Robin was checking the mail, Raven and Starfire were meditating, and B.B. and Cy were arguing about what type of pizza to have for dinner.

"Dude, why do you even plan dinner IN THE MORNING?" the green changeling hollered, waving his small arms wildly in the air.

"Come on, man, I'm only planning it, not"

"Hey, Titans, come here!" Robin exclaimed, loud enough for the meditating girls to hear him. The two came running into the room.

"Robin, I told you to wait until eight!" Raven argued aggravated.

"Settle down, Rae, look at this!" He handed her a piece of paper that read,

'You've been invited to the Jump City annual race on September 4th!


The mayor

P.S., Starfire, Beast Boy, Raven, no flying allowed, and Robin, DON'T use the glider.'

"Sweet! A race!" Cyborg grinned widely. "…Wait a sec… How are Rae and Star supposed to race if they don't have vehicles!"

"Dude, you're right!" Beast Boy agreed. "You recently fixed the B-Ped and of course, you have the T-car, and Robin has the R-Cycle, but what about THEM!"

"Rae can ride with me in the T-Car!"

"And Star and I can race on the R-Cycle!"

"YEAH!" Beast Boy jumped excitedly.

"Titans, get prepared!" Robin ordered. At the Boy Wonder's command, the Titans obeyed like dogs being told to fetch a stick.