A Chilly Helloween (Alpha Verse part 1)

By William Gilmor A.K.A. Freddyfrmelmst

With Help from White WereWolf.

Disclaimer: I don't own the Characters of Buffy Xander or any of the characters from the TV show movies or books that are used in this series a Full list of the Crosses will be listed at the end of the series.

Xander was pissed not only had the Troll of Sunnydale High shanghaied him, Buff and Willow to take children trick or treating but Buffy and Willow were gushing over a dress that would be perfect for Buffy to wear for Angel and the topper a little kid just grabbed the last of the toy guns stopping his plans for a solider costume.

"May I be of assistance?" came a British voice from behind him shaking him out of his brooding.

"Geez don't sneak up on people like that man. It can get you killed in this town." Hissed Xander.

"My Utmost apologies young man I am Ethan owner of this shop can I help you find anything?"

"I don't think so sir I was planning as going as a solider because I have the Fatigues already at home. Just needed the gun but now that's history. I only have 5 dollars to spend so I doubt you have a full costume that cheap."

"Well young man I can't say that I do but I'll make you a deal you tell all your friends you got your costume here and I'll let you take any costume you like for 5 dollars. I even have a few in the back that I haven't put out I believe they were used in a making a movie called Mortal Kombat if you would like to look thru them"

"Mortal Kombat? Now that has possibilities." Xander said as he rubbed his hands together at his luck.

Soon the young demon hunter was on his way home with a new Sub-Zero costumed that had been used in the movie and it would look good. He was also the only character Xander could beat Mortal Kombat at the arcade.

Soon Xander was standing in the Summers' living room waiting for his girls. As Buffy descended he saw a princess. As Willow followed Xander smirked as Willow stood there in a sheet that said boo.

Xander stood before them and bowed "Lady Buffy Duchess of Buffdoina if not for Willow's glorious use of it under that sheet I would have renounced spandex for you."

Buffy froze at the fact Xander knew about the outfit she had picked out for Willow.

Under the sheet Willow blushed so much her face matched her hair color.

"How did you know about that Xander?" asked Buffy still in shock.

"Because I know my Wills Buffy and I think I should tell you Wills as he walked over and pulled the sheet off you don't need something like this to get my attention." With that he leaned down and kissed her on the lips. Willow went glassy eyed as Xander kissed her.

"Xander why did you do that?" ask a shocked Buffy.

"Because Buff I felt that it was finally the right time to do it." With a smirk on his face he turned to Willow and said "Wills I know that this seems sudden but ever since that night in the park I haven't been able to sleep with out dreaming about you and I want to ask you if you'll go out with my on a real date tomorrow night?"

Willow's face spilt into a grin so wide it threaten to spilt her face as she nodded so fast it look like she gave herself whiplash.

Willow hugged Xander close as she kissed him with all the love and passion she had pent up over the last 11 years. As the pair kissed neither one saw the flashes go off as Joyce took a few Polaroid of this special moment.

"Well ladies we have children to escort around town so let's be off."

Said Xander as he put his arm around Willow she slipped the sheet back over the outfit and he put on his mask. The new couple and the Slayer headed off not know that tonight will change there lives forever.

As Ethan cast his spell the Scoobies soon found themselves in a world of trouble. The spell hit Sunnydale like a freight train as the town found itself besieged my monsters and villains alike the town saw heroes and villains fighting to the death they saw demons rise and fall and in the middle of it all they found a ninja with the power to control ice a noble woman and a pissed off ghost running for the School library.

"Giles need some help here." Cried Willow as she ran into the library wall followed closely by Sub-Zero and Lady Buffy who used the door.

"What the bloody hell?" cried Giles as it hit him that he saw Willow walk thru a wall.

"Well Watcher something apparently has turned people into their costumes as the ghost here told me." Coolly spoke the ice powered ninja.

Giles looked at Xander and was shocked that his normally brown colored eyes were now Ice Blue.

Giles was in shock in what he saw in his children Buffy the slayer reduced to a meek mouse of a girl afraid of her shadow. Xander the joker of there group a deadly assassin who projected an aura of ice around him. And Willow the book worm showing her leadership skills.

"…..At Ethan's shop it's new in town."

"What was that name Willow?" asked Giles as the name of an old enemy shocked him from his thoughts.

"The Owner said his name was Ethan Rayne."

Giles eyes flared with the fire of Ripper as he shouted for them to stay in the library as he ran out the door.

Quietly the Scoobies waited for there mentor to return a wind swept up in the Library as a hole opened in the floor and from that hole came a laugh that froze Sub-Zero in place it was the laugh of a man he thought dead the Laugh of the man who he blamed for his brother's death a man named Shang Tsung. From the former lair of the Master rose Warren Meers due to Ethan's spell he was now Shang Tsung. "Ahh a wondering Soul most fortunate I am in need of a little life energy after having drained that portal below I shall be invincible and Kahn will bow before me." He turned to the red head ghost and said "Your Soul is mine." With those words he raised his hand and absorbed Willow with out a second thought killing her.

The Sight of this snapped the spell that was holding Xander. With a cry of rage that had never been seen on the Hellmouth the once ninja Sub-Zero was once again Xander Harris who leapt on the Soul Stealer and began to punch and beat him as tears filled his eyes. All the while screaming "Give her back, give me back my Willow." As Xander snapped Warren's neck the spell was broken. As the magic washed over him he passed out as he pulled Warren's skull from his body.

As the Darkness around him faded he heard a voice it was Buffy explaining to Giles what had happened. That tonight he had finally told Willow that he loved her. That Warren had stolen her soul and killed her that he had snapped and beaten Warren to death before ripping his Head off.

Xander felt sick as he heard Buffy crying as she retold the tale of Willow's death at the hands of Warren Meers. He then heard Giles tell how this whole mess was Ethan Rayne's fault then and there Xander made up his mind if it took every day of life he had and then some Ethan Rayne would die by his hand. As quietly as he could Xander slipped from the room. He headed to Ethan's shop he found in the back was a slip of paper with the name Oroko Saki and travel directions to New York City. Xander smiled he had a lead. Rifling thru the store he found a suitcase full of cash. It seemed that was the money he took in over last few days in the shop. With the money and name in hand Xander headed home. As soon as he got there Xander was greeted by a pissed of man his father. "Where the hell have you been Boy? Asked the Drunk.

"Fuck off you old drunk I'm leaving once I pack a few things." Snarled his son.

The Drunk was shock at the tone and the wording of his son's reply and it pissed him off. The Drunk to a swing at the boy only to find the boy ready for him his punch was caught in mid-throw and the boy proceed to crush his hand.

"Look Dad I have had the worst night imaginable the woman I love was murdered and I am going to hunt down the bastard responsible and rip his heart and eat it so stay out of my way or I'll make you wish you were never born understand ?"

Tony Harris pissed his pants at the sight of the blue fire in his son's eyes. The drunk just nodded his head and Xander let his father go barely noticing the ice that covered his father's hand. Xander smiled as he felt the ice well inside of him part of Sub-Zero was still with him and he would use it to make Rayne pay for what happened to Willow.

Packing some clothes and personal items in to a bag. Xander sat down and wrote a letter to Buffy and Giles sealed it and stood up to leave when on his desk he saw something that brought a tear to his eye. It was a broken Yellow Crayon. Gently putting the crayon into his chest pocket Xander head to the garage and pulled a tarp off of a BMW racing bike his old man won in a poker game a few years back. About the only thing he ever won. Xander kick started the bike and headed to Buffy's house to leave the letter.

Joyce Summers was straightening up the house waiting for Buffy to get home she had told her mom that she was staying at Willow's after the Trick or Treating last night.

The ringing door bell shocked her from her cleaning. Opening the door she found Xander standing there a letter in hand. "Hi Mrs. S I'm sorry but I'm on my way out of town something has come up so I was wondering if you could give this to Buffy when you see her." "Sure Xander oh here this is for you." As Joyce took the letter she handed him the picture she took of him and Willow last night. Xander smiled at the image before putting in the pocket that held the crayon and hugged Joyce before saying "See you when I see you Joyce." With that Xander walked down the walk mounted the bike and speed out of Sunnydale as fast as it would take him.

Joyce was worried about Xander she thought that he seemed like he was gonna break down when he saw the picture she took. The letter seemed to increase her worry as the young man she knew would've found Buffy and given it to her. Her fear getting the best of her she tore open the letter open and began reading it.

Dear Buffy Giles and Joyce

I'm sorry to tell you about this in a letter but if I told you this in person you'd try and stop and I won't let that happen. As you know my Willow is dead I killed the man who killed her but now I want the man who started it Ethan Rayne. I found a lead on where he was going in the shop when I went back there and check it for any sign of him. I found it so this it to let you know happened to me. I'm sorry that this happened and I'm sorry that I can't be for you now. I hope that someday you'll forgive me for what I've done and what I'm going to do. I love you all. Watch out for one another.

Your friend

Xander L. Harris

The tears rolled down her face as Joyce finished the letter. She was crying so hard she never heard Buffy or Giles come in. Buffy saw her mother crying and rushed over to her. 'Mom what's wrong?" asked Buffy fearing the worst. All Joyce could do is cry harder as she handed Buffy the letter.

Buffy and Giles read the letter Buffy started crying and grabbed her mother and hugged her close having lost both her best friends in less then a day. Giles just looked out the Window touching the glass with unshed tears in his eyes.

"God speed Son be safe. Ethan god help you because nothing will stop him from getting to you bastard and you are as good as dead so don't stop running ever.