The Ice Knight sees the Old World.

By William Gilmor

Xander was tired some how Ethan had learned off Xander's quest for his death and was running scared. He also took sadistic pleasure in leaving little trinkets behind for him where ever he stayed each item held a magic power, nothing major a ring that let him understand all spoken and written Languages as English. As well as let him speak what ever someone else was speaking, A knife that when asked a persons name and spun would stop in the direct that person was. A bracer for the knife that hid in on his arm and made the knife undetectable and at Ethan's latest flophouse a small scroll that when you said find me showed you a map of the area. Xander dutifully collected all these gifts, as it seemed Ethan was daring him to catch him a Challenge Xander intended to see thru to the bitter end.

Xand blinked as the bright lights of Las Vegas hit his eyes.

He was tired Ethan had been crisscrossing the western states back tracking over and over in an attempt to throw Xander off his trail.

His powerful racing bike pulled to a stop in a small Motel parking lot. "I need some sleep," the road weary ninja moaned as he walked into the office.

Xander walked over to the counter where he found a teenaged girl sleeping at the counter. Xander rang the bell on the counter startling her awake a ghost of a small smile crossed his face the first time that had happened since Halloween when Willow agreed to be his girlfriend.

"I need a room for the night." The ice in his voice not showing the weariness he felt. The counter girl smiled at the young man as he handed her some money for the room. She couldn't help but notice how handsome he was but what struck her the most was his icy blue eyes that contained a huge sadness as he walked to his room the clerk leaned over the counter to check him out as he walked away. "Damn was that a prime cut of beef," giggled the clerk as she turn back to a book on the count a book titled The Ninja and the Amazon Princess a Xena Novel. The Clerk did a double take as she saw the cover Showing Gabrielle looking up at an armored man with love in her eyes as the man looked away with great sadness is his. "Is that him?" the clerk asked as she looked from the book across the lot to where the young man was entering his room. Looking again at the man her eyes went wide as he looked back and she saw that the man on her book was the very man across the way.

As Xander's head hit the pillow in his room he fell drifted back to the night he and almost kissed in the park in each time the dream played in his mind he and Willow kissed and each time instead of a Vampire pulling him a way Ethan and Warren pull her away as she cries out "Help me my Love!" only to vanish as soon as he can make a move.

Each time the dream came Xander only awakes and fills with more resolve.

Xander awoke with his resolve firm. As he headed to the Strip to see if he could find any sign of Ethan. Xander stopped his bike in front of a large gathering of people.

Walking thru the crowd Xander came upon a murder site being worked on the Police.

Xander looked over at the body and he saw something he immediately wished he didn't. Vampire Bite marks.

"So they are here too." Mumbled Xander as he turned away.

Xander was stopped by a man wearing a Vegas PD vest and Hat.

"And just what did you mean by that Sir?" asked the man.

"Nothing that concerns you." Growled Xander as he turn to walk away.

Xander turned to find a Younger man standing there his hand on his weapon.

"I believe Grissom asked you a question young man."

"Fuck off Cowboy I am no mood to deal with you."

Xander brushed past the Young man only to have him grab his shoulder.

Xander spun around and dropped the Young man as cries of "Nick" came out of Grissom and the woman standing next to him.

Xander spun and saw the woman draw her side arm. Xander let loose with and Ice blast freezing her Gun and hand in place at her hip.

"Chill out lady." Snarled Xander as he took off running.

Using the ninja tricks Sub Zero left him to melt into the shadows.

Xander had to hold his breath and not laugh as he watched the crime scene techs try to figure out how he had frozen the woman's gun and hand to her hip.

Xander walked to his bike keeping close to the shadows.

As he mounted the bike he did a quick check to make sure no one was around before riding off.

Back at the crime scene the medics were looking over a bruised Nick Stokes and a frozen Catherine Willows as Grissom examined her hand.

"Ok Catherine I think your good. your hand is just incased in ice not frozen and I gotta wonder how the hell he did that."

Catherine who sat under a heavy blanket as hot water soaked the ice gave him a dirty look as she shivered.

Xander headed back to his hotel room to wait for night to fall so he could track Ethan.

Xander shadowed into the hotel room he noticed a Blue and Gold Medal on his bed.

"Ethan." Snarled Xander. But as he picked up the medal he recognized it. It was from the cartoon Gargoyles it was the Phoenix Gate. Xander moved to drop it. But it was to late.

The Phoenix fires engulfed him and he was thrown thru time.

Xander 's eyes refocused and he found himself in a forest and it was daytime.

Realizing what happened Xander let out a feral scream unlike anything before it.


Xander was pissed. "I'll find my way home then I will kill him so slowly someone reading War and Peace will be done before I am." Thought Xander.

Xander looked around an picked a direction and started walking.

High above a pair of Gods looked down on Xander as he walked.

"Father are you sure this is a good idea?"

"My dear Athena in order to survive what is coming we need someone to guide Xena to her redemption. This young man has suffered much and he can connect to her, as others cannot. Had I not interfered the young man would have been trapped outside of time forever because of that Chaos mage."

"This can't end well." Mused Athena as she watched her Father watch Xander.

Xander had been walking for about an hour when he heard the sounds of a horse.

Climbing up a tree Xander hid and watched as a woman in Armor dug a small hole and stripped herself of her armor and weapons before dropping them in the hole.

Both of them froze at the sounds of more people coming towards them.

The pair watched as a group of people were rounded together and a badly dressed moron with a horsehair headdress spoke.

"We can do this one of two ways. One you give us the girls and you can all go back to your little hovels. Or two we hack you all into little pieces and take the girls anyway."

Laughed the man.

This pissed Xander off. Securing his mask Xander dropped from the tree in front of the man. "Option 3 none of the above." Xander snarled as he drove a palm strike into the man's chest throwing him off his feet.

Xena watched as this masked man in blue stood up for the villagers she had never heard of anything like this before.

"Get him." Screamed the man Xander knocked down. The men charged Xander only to freeze in their tracks literally as Xander unleashed Sub Zero's powers.

"The Iceman Cometh." Smirked Xander as the odds went from 20 to 1 to five on 1.

Xena smiled a bit at the joke.

Seeing a man sneaking behind him with a dagger. Xena gave her War cry as she flipped over the half frozen goons and slammed into the man.

Xander looked at her and nodded. "Thanks of the assist." The remaining men tried to make a grab for the girls.

Xander and Xena attacking the five and making short work of them.

"Don't move." Xander and Xena spun around and saw the Horsehair man holding a girl with a knife to her throat.

Xander looks at the man and the knife. "Let her go and I'll let you live." Spoke Xander in a dead voice.

"I'll cut her throat. I mean it."

Xander extended his hand as if to say hold on. With a flick of his wrist his Dagger shot out of the bracer and buried itself in the man's hand making him drop his knife.

Xander walked over to him and help the girl up. "You all right?" he asked the girl looked into his eyes and instantly fell in love. "Yes." She whispered

Xander turned to the man and pulled his blade from his hand.

Xena walked to the screaming man and saw he bore the mark of Drago.

"Your Drago's man. Tell him Xena sends her regards."

The man ran away along with any man able.

"Thank you both so much. I'm Gabrielle." Offer the former hostage.

"It's what I do." Spoke Xander as he started to walk off.

Xena stopped him with a hand on his shoulder.

"Could you use some company?" she asked amazed at herself for asking.

"If you like." Xander stated unsure if this would be a good idea.

An older man from the group of Villagers steps out. "Please before you go come to our Village. You saved our daughter at least let us make a meal for you in thanks."

"Alright I just want you to know I didn't do this for thanks or reward I did it because it was the right thing to do." Stated Xander.

Xena was amazed. Only Hercules did stuff like that. Maybe this man could teach her how to do the right thing.

Xander started walking away with the Elder and the group of people Xena uncovered her armor and weapons Gabrielle watched as Xander moved away hypnotized by the movements of his body.

Xena smiled as she walked up next to the girl. "Forget it Kiddo he is out of your league."

Xena continued toward the village.

Gab looked at Xena's retreating back. "We'll see." She smiled as she ran to catch up with the masked man in blue.

Xander sat against a tree watching the people of the town begin preparing for a feast in his and Xena's honor.

"Mind if I join you?" asked Xena as she sat down.

"Not my tree so feel free." Answered Xander.

Xena looked over toward where they were setting up for the meal. "I think you had an admirer in that girl you saved." Smiled Xena as she nodded toward Gabrielle.

"She won't if she knew me." Responded Xander as he removed his mask.

Xena was shocked this masked Warrior was only a young man but the brilliant blue eyes showed a knowledge of pain equal to her own.

'He's cute.' Thought Xena as she watched him get up and help the villagers prepare the meal.

Gabrielle stopped watched as Xander removed mask and she had her breath taken from her as she saw he face and saw how sad he looked. He looked like he needed someone to talk to.

Xander looked down at the brush at the edge of the forest and focused on the rustling in the woods. Something was out there.

Xander moved his hand behind his back and flicked his wrist letting his dagger drop from his bracer.

Grasping the dagger Xander focused his thoughts and senses at what was in front of him waiting for an attack he knew was coming.

Just as Gabrielle walked next to him and moved to touch his shoulder Xander surged forward as a wolf leap from the woods.

The dagger in Xander's hand piercing its heart before it could attack.

"Anyone need a Wolf pelt?" yelled Xander as he cleaned his dagger.