Author's note: Well, while I didn't find Cursed to be as horrible as most people. Not the best movie, but I liked it ok, except for the ending, which I despised. So, since I found it to be OOC for Jake, I did come up with a reason that made sense to me for his character changing at the end. And then 15minuteficlets updated with a new word, and it inspired me to write a ficlet with my rationalization of the ending. So spoilers abound, hope you enjoy, reviews are much loved. And the word was "vitriol."

Disclaimer: I don't own, people. It belongs to Wes Craven, the guy who wrote the script, Miramax, Dimension, and anybody else. Just playing with the characters. Don't sue me. Savvy?


Ellie writhed on the floor in front of him. He knew she was aware of everything around her, yet only registering one thing - the pain inside of her. She was fighting, making it hurt more, the fear in her revolting the wolf inside him, the wolf inside her no doubt. Her weakness was smothering the wolf.

Stop thinking that way. Help her. Help her. Hurt her. Hurt her to help her.

Jake's thought process slowly turned more and more cruel and twisted, animalistic. The wolf was taking over his mind since he refused it his body for the moment.

He started speaking, hurting her with words, hitting her, talking down to her. His tone was like acid, vitriolic, it wasn't bark, it was bite. He hurt her, the change nearly took over, he could see it in her eyes.

Yes. Yes. Mate. My mate. Come out of that skin. Break the girl down and roar at me, howl with me.

Jake knew that he shouldn't be doing this to Ellie. He loved Ellie. But the wolf didn't. The wolf had known she could be a good mate. But the wolf had wanted one of his own. Jake had refused for so long. He wasn't sure when she could handle it, when he could handle it.

In the end, it hadn't been up to either of them. The wolf thanked that dead bitch for one thing and one thing only - and that was the biggest mistake she ever made.

Ellie was still fighting, was fighting back. She refused to give in, but she used what little ahd slipped through to hurt him. She was trying to hurt him, to stop him.

Fine. If the scared, little girl wants to stay weak and human, fine. She'll die a human. I'll smother the life out of her until only the wolf is left, and then I'll claim what's mine. I'll have my mate. I'll get rid of the weak girl, that scared little girl. She can be Little Red Riding Hood, smothered by one Big Bad Wolf to release the one inside her.

Jake was long gone into the wolf's desires and ramblings. The full moon pulled at the wolf, weakened the human. His control was slipping, worn through by Joanie earlier, worn through by the desire for Ellie, the wolf's desire for the mate it had longed for.

You can't stop it, Ellie. I won't let you stop it.