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Author's Note: This is my first SH fic. Wasn't meant to be, but… that's how it turned out. Got something longer in the works, but for now here's a short bit.


It wasn't right, is what his mother and father would emphatically tell him. It was perverted. They would sit him down and lecture about the disgusting practice. It wasn't just the mere fact that he did it, they would tell him, but the frequency to which he would give in to the compulsion. He had to stop. And as good parents, they would hinder him at every opportunity.

"James!" Frank would shout, pounding on the bathroom door when it had been shut for too long. "You better not be doing what I think you're doing in there!"

And there would be a sudden shuffling sound, and the sink would be turned on. "I'll be out in a minute!" the young man would hurriedly reply. The guilt in his voice was far too easy to recognize, though, and as soon as he stepped out of the bathroom in humiliation he would receive another speech.

It just seemed so natural to him. James couldn't help it. He used to think it was the same for everyone. But his parents insisted that no one had a passion for it similar to his; they would go so far as to say that absolutely no one else had such revolting inclinations. He didn't believe them at first, but he certainly wasn't going to ask anyone else about intimate acts performed in solitude. So eventually he learned to subdue his greatest yearning, if only to please his mother and father. Personally, he could never find anything wrong with it. It was pleasurable. What was wrong with that?

Everything was wrong with it, would be the frustrated reply. And if he refused to stop his frequent bathroom activities, severe punishment would be implemented.

So he gave in to his parents. He managed to get through an amazing number of years without yielding to his youthful inclinations. But it was difficult. There were an uncountable number of times in the bathroom that he would find the great need almost too great to ignore. He would clench and unclench his hand, his breathing would come quickly, and he would bite his lip. In the end, though, he managed to refuse his heavy want. Usually after these periods of near-surrender he would go in search of Mary.

He had once tried to talk about it with Mary. He thought he could talk to her about anything. As he spoke, however, he could see the unease on her face and knew that her feelings on the subject were the same as those of his parents. So he had laughed, and tried to brush it off as a joke.

And seeing that his wife, whom he loved more than anything, did not approve, he continued to repress his disgraceful urges.

But under the pressure of Silent Hill and all its madness, who wouldn't resort to old habits for at least some semblance of joy? It didn't matter how wrong it was, especially in this situation. James pushed all outside influences away and submitted to his desire.

He shoved his hand into the toilet.

Only people who have played the game will get the joke.


I fear that it was all too obvious or too odd and gave it away, though. Let me know, dear reviewers.