Chapter 1:

Morning had come. The sun was shining, no clouds in the sky at all, and it was the first day of summer vacation. What could be better than such great weather on the first day of the longest vacation you get from school?

Spending the perfect day with your friends. Kagome Higurashi thought.

Kagome was a 15-year-old girl who had just finished junior high and was now ready for her first year of high school-even if it was three months away. Her hair was black and flowed across her shoulders and down was about mid length. Her eyes were a pretty chocolate brown, and she had an almost perfect figure to boot.

She got out of her bed, and walked over to her window, stretching as she took in the beautiful sight of the morning. She let out a small yawn as she stretched her arms above her head. Then she soon relax, letting her arms fall to her sides. What to do? Kagome thought as she walked over to her wardobe and took out a pair of denim short shorts and a black haltar top that showed her belly button. Then she walked out of her room, went downstairs, passing by the kitchen where her mother and brother and grandfather were just finishing breakfast.

"Mom! I'm going to visit Miroku and Hojo!" Kagome exclaimed as she walked out the door.

"OK Kagome!" Mrs. Higurashi yelled back before she heard the front door shut, meaning that Kagome was gone.

Kagome walked down the street, taking in the summer air. Miroku's house was about a half a mile from Kagome's. She had been friends with him forever, ever since they were little and going to pre-school together. And Hojo was bound to be there too. He was always there. Hojo almost never at his won house. He was always somewhere, usually hanging out with Miroku. That's why Kagome was going straight to Miroku's house, passing Hojo's house completely.

At Miroku's House...

Miroku had a huge house. His father was rich, so they had a lot. The house was three stories and had so many rooms and and passage ways in it that there was always something to do. Everytime Kagome came here, there was never boredum, not even when they couldn't go out anywhere. But Kagome knew that Miroku wasn't in the house. She could hear both Miroku and Hojo in the backyard, and it sounded like they were rough housing, from the sound of the screaming they were doing. So Kagome went straight passed the front door and opened the door to the gate, where she saw a huge Rot Whiler running towards her with its toungue hanging out of its mouth.

"Hey Hige!" Kagome exclaimed as she patted the dog on the head before going farther into the backyard to see both Miroku and Hojo wrestling. Miroku had tackled Hojo and had Hojo pinned down while Hojo was slowly but surely pushing Miroku off of him. But then Kagome slowly-and unnoticed- walked up behind them and then jumped on top of Miroku, tackling both boys.

"Kagome!" Hojo yelled as best he could, but it wasn't very loud because he had the wind knocked out of him when Kagome landed on him and Miroku. "Get off!"

Kagome got up while laughing, while Miroku got up, rubbing his back and Hojo stayed on the ground trying to catch his breath. Then Miroku looked at Kagome. "What did you do that for?"

"Don't know." Kagome replied as she smirked at them. That's when she noticed the devilish looks on both Hojo and Miroku, and Kagome started to run through the woods that was behind Miroku's house, heading for her hiding place where Miroku nor Hojo were ever able to find her at. "You won't catch me!" Kagome called back to Hojo and Miroku with laughter in her voice. Then she stopped. She heard something. What was it?

Miroku and Hojo had caught up to Kagome and saw her just standing still. "What is it Kagome?" Hojo asked as he and Miroku walked up behind Kagome, who was trying to figure out what she was hearing. She looked at the guys.

"Do you hear that?" Kagome asked them.

Miroku and Hojo listened.

It was music. It sounded like the music from a carosel, but there were no fairs or anything for miles. So why did they hear the music here, in the middle of the woods?

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