Chapter 3:

Kagome had calmed down after their run in with Inuyasha in the woods. Now she was at the mall with Miroku and Hojo, sitting in the food court sipping on her milkshake non-stop. She had finished half of it already without stopping and she didn't have the slightest trace of brain-freeze.

"Kagome?" Hojo asked.

Kagome looked at him, she still sucking on her milkshake.

"You're about halfway through that milkshake." He told her.

Kagome stopped sucking on hte straw and looked down into the cup to see that Hojo was right. She had been so wrapped up in the nad thoghts she was having about beating the crap out of Inuyasha that she didn't realize how much of her milkshake was gone. Then she held her head in her hand. Now she was getting brain-freeze. "Owww..." She moaned as she held her head.

"Brain-freeze?" Miroku asked, taking a sip of his Pepsi.

"Yeah." Kagome said as she nodded. She looked at the movie theatre. "Hey!" She exclaimed, a bright smile suddenly appearing on her face. "Do you guys wanna see a movie?" She asked.

"What do you wanna see?" Hojo asked.

"How about that new Pokemon movie?" Kagome asked. "Pokemon 2000?" She asked.

"Pokemon?" Miroku asked. "Isn't that a kids show?"

"Yeah. But I watch it all the time." Kagome said. Then her eyes got very dewy looking. "Please Miroku?" She begged.

"Fine." Miroku sighed. "I pay for you Kagome." Miroku said as he stood up.

"Thanks Miroku!" Kagome said as she hugged him and kissed him on the cheek.

Then the three went into the movies, going to watch Pokemon 2000.

After the Movie...

"That was such a good movie." Kagome said as she strectched.

"" Hojo said.

Kagome laughed. "I thought it was cool." Kagome said. "And Pikachu was sooooooooo cute." She squealed as she jumped around in the parking lot.

"Whatever." Miroku said. "I didn't think it was too bad. I've seen worse." He said, then he pulled out his car keys. "Do you need a ride home Kagome?" He asked.

"Yeah." Kagome said.

"Come on then." Miroku said. "See-ya tommorrow Hojo!" He called to Hojo.

"Bye guys!" Hojo called as he walked to his car.

"Bye Hojo!" Kagome called as she blew a kiss to him.

"Yeah, yeah." Hojo said.

Then Kagome and Miroku got in the car and Miroku put the keys in the car, turned them, but the car wouldn't start. "Shit." Miroku cursed.

"What?" Kagome asked.

"The danm car won't start." Miroku said as he leaned back in his seat. Then he pulled out his cell phone. "I'm gonna call for a tow truck. You're not in anyrush to get home, right?"

"I can wait." Kagome said.

Then Miroku held up the phone to his head. "Hi." He said. "Yeah, umm... My car won't start. I need a tow truck to come get us." He said into the phone. "I'm sitting outside of the Tokyo Mall. Twenty minutes? Yeah. That's fine. Thank you." Then he hung up the phone. He looked at Kagome. "Their sending someone."

"OK." Kagome said, then she leaned back in her seat.

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