Chapter 1

Damn she'd been working for WWE now for nearly 3 years. She loved being the Travel Assistant...Basically her job was to make sure all the wrestlers had their hotel and car rental reservations in order for every town. Well all the wrestlers for the Smackdown roster that is.

Kira walked into the arena...As she walked in she felt the air conditioning hit her, and her waist length chestnut hair was still wet from the shower she just took at the hotel. Kira thought great...Just great, she'd gonna get pneumonia. Stephanie McMahon walked by and said, "Hey Kira...How was your vacation?" Kira said, "It was so great." Steph said, "Right on...You look nice and tanned girl...Damn...Maybe we should make you a diva."

Kira said, "Please...I have enough to do without trying to pose half naked." Stephanie laughed and said, "We missed you...There's a meeting in about 10 minutes...Go drop your backpack and grab some coffee." Kira laughed and said, "Do I really look like I need some coffee that bad?" Steph said, "No, I've been friends with you long enough to know, when you get that look in your eye, you haven't had your coffee today yet."

Kira laughed and said, "Yes Miss. McMahon." Steph giggled and said, "Well Mrs. Levesque in a couple of months." Kira smiled broadly and said, "How is Paul?" Steph laughed and said, "Miserable on Raw without me...See you in 10." Kira nodded as she looked around the back of the arena.

Kira sat her bag on the floor as she fell back on the ground and stared at the ceiling. Her knees were bent towards the she closed her eyes...when she re-opened her eyes there was a tenny shoe over face. Just from the bottom of the shoe she knew who it was.

Kira yelled, "DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT CENA!" She could hear John laughing his ass off as he removed his foot and went over to her side and squatted down next to her. John's blue eyes sparkled as he said, "What'ca doing on the floor woman? You just got back from vacation and you're already slackin'."

Kira gave John the finger as his mouth came down over her middle finger that was waving at him in the air and his teeth clamped down around her finger...not hard, but at first he licked the tip of her finger and then closed his lips around it.

Kira made a face and wiped her hand on his jean shorts. John said, "I see they already have the air conditioner on...and you like a dork, have wet hair again." Kira rolled over onto her side and propped her head up on her hand as John sat next to her and rested his elbows on his knees...and said, "So how was look a little darker."

Kira smirked and said, "You shoould see the body parts I got nice and tanned now." John raised his eye brows and said, "Well, if that's an invitation, I accept." John moved around onto his knees and pushed Kira over onto her back as he lifted her t-shirt and admired her nicely toned abs as he leaned down with much protesting from Kira and blew raspberries on her toned stomach. And smirked as she died laughing on the cement floor of the arena. They had been friends long enough to know where all their ticklish spots were.

John rolled back into a squatting position and said, "C'mon were gonna be late for the meeting." Kira sat up and smacked his arm and said, "Yea, well you play dirty." John said, "That's just me...C'mon beautiful, let me help you up."

John held out his hand and pulled Kira up to her feet and Handed her backpack to her as they went their separate ways and then met up back in front of the meeting room, John handed her a cup of Mocha coffee with a little hazelnut, like she liked and she kissed his cheek as she looped her arm through his and they walked into the meeting room.

How do you tell your best friend you're in love with him? Especially when every thing has the potential for failure and falling down around your head...