…Till Death Does Us Part Chapter IV (The Conclusion) – Part 12/12
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Saturday December 31

Rabb Farm

Belleville, Pennsylvania

7:23 PM

Harm stood in his father's bedroom and carefully looked at the image staring back at him from the mirror. He was wearing jeans and a white wool pullover that his mother had given him for Christmas. He smiled and thought that this was perfect.

"Daddy?" Ty said from the bed.

Harm turned around and moved to the bed to talk to his son. "Yeah, Ty."

"You and Mommy get married," Ty said.

Harm looked at his watch. "In about seven minutes, Ty. What's wrong?"

Ty smiled and shook his head. "I help Mommy."

Harm smiled. "Yes, you help Mommy walk to me at the fireplace. Right?"

"Right." Ty grinned. "And I hold rings?"

Harm smiled again at the soft white pillow that was on his son's lap. He carefully looked at the two gold bands that were securely tied to the pillow. "Right."

There was a knock at the door and it slowly opened. "You decent, son?" Frank asked.

"Sure am, Frank," Harm responded.

Frank walked into the room. "Granpa." Ty smiled when he saw his grandfather.

"Hey, Ty, I think your mommy needs you," Frank told the boy.

"Okay," Ty said and got off the bed. He made sure he took his pillow with him and rushed out the door.

"How do you feel?" Frank asked Harm once Ty was out of the room.

"Good." Harm lied. "A little nervous."

Frank laughed. "I'm sure you are a little nervous. It's not every day you get to marry your wife for the second time."

Harm joined him in the joke. "True, but this time we're doing it on purpose."

"That you are, Son."

"Frank, thanks for being here with me and Mac through everything we've gone through," Harm told his stepfather.

"I couldn't imagine being anywhere else," Frank said and walked back to the door. "What do you say we get you married?"

Harm stood up from the bed and walked over to his stepfather. "Sounds like a great idea, Frank."

Then the two men slowly walked down to the living room. When Harm walked into the room he was greeted to a very pleasant surrounding. In the corner of the room was the Christmas tree with its lights on, giving the room a soft glow. There were a few lit candles on the mantel of the fireplace, which reflected off the pictures there. Harm looked carefully at the picture in the center, it was of his father. Between the candle light and the tree's light reflecting off of it looked like his father's face was floating in the picture.

Harm gently touched the frame and whispered, "I'm glad you're here, Dad."

The minister walked over to Harm. "Ready, son?"

Harm smiled at the elderly minister. "Yes, Sir, I am."

They both took their places with Sarah, Trish and Frank standing off to the side as they watched the scene in front of them. Harm's breath caught in his throat as he watched Mac slowly walk into the room with her hand being held by her son. She was wearing a simple light blue dress with a simple white sweater over it. Harm would later learn that the dress was the same one that Sarah Winerman wore when she became Sarah Rabb.

Ty smiled as he carefully brought his mother to his father. Once Harm and Mac were standing across from each other they mouthed 'I love you' to each other and gave their complete attention to the minister and his words of love, hope, and the sacred commitment of marriage.

Harm and Mac were holding hands with their rings securely placed back where they belonged. The minister placed his hand on their joined hands. He looked at Harm with a smile and asked the question that Harm was ready to answer. "Do you Harmon take Sarah to be your wedded wife?"

"I do." Harm smiled as he looked at his wife.

The minister nodded and turned to Mac. "Do you Sarah take Harmon to be your wedded husband?"

"I do," Mac said as a tear fell down her cheek. Harm smiled and wiped the tear away with his free hand and then took his hand and joined it with Mac's free one.

The minister looked at the small but happy family members. "As a joining of their lives together, Harmon and Sarah have decided to say their final vows together." He paused and looked at the couple. "Do you both promise to honor, cherish, and love each other?"

"We do," Harm and Mac said.

"Till death do you part?" The minister asked.

"Till death does us part," Harm and Mac told him and their family with completely and total honesty in their hearts and souls.

The minister smiled. "It is by the grace of god and the commonwealth of Pennsylvania that I pronounce you man and wife. Harmon, you may kiss your bride."

Harm grinned at Mac. He gently leaned forward and their lips met in the sweetest kiss. When their kiss broke, their family was applauding them in happiness.

Sunday January 1

12:05 AM

Harm pulled Mac closer to him as they both looked at the starlight that filled the night sky. "I love you," Harm whispered in her ear as they lay in the bed.

"I love you," Mac sighed back as she snuggled into his arms.

Harm looked towards the corner of the room where a small bed held their son. "We have a great family."

"We do." Mac smiled.

"I honestly don't think there is another family that is as happy as we are right now," Harm told Mac as he kissed her temple and rested his head next to hers on the pillow.

"Yeah, and I think Erin is very happy, too," Mac told him in a calm voice.

"Erin?" Harm asked, not understanding what Mac was talking about.

"Erin ... Rabb ...?" Mac said as her hands moved down to her stomach.

"We're pregnant?" Harm asked as he looked at his wife in her white nightgown.

"Yes." Mac smiled.

"When?" Harm asked.

Mac grinned. "Your late birthday gift. Do you like it?"

Harm chuckled and touched her belly. "I love it, but how do you know it's a girl?"

"Just a hunch," Mac said before meeting her husband's lips in a kiss of true love.

A love that would test what ever time and life gave them. From this moment, 'till the moment that death does them part. Their love will always be there.


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