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This was originally written as an epilogue to The Day, but it worked better by itself.



When Ryoma was woken at 1am by a really sad rendition of 'Mary had a Little Lamb', it took him 5 minutes to shut the damn thing up. It took him a further 2 minutes to wake up enough to realise it was a phone and that he needed to put it to his ear.

" 'ello"

"Ryoma" His name was purred across the line. Ryoma stared blankly at his ceiling. That was NOT Fuji's voice on the other end of the phone.

"Can I come over a play?" Ok, so it was Fuji's voice. It didn't mean he had to put up with whatever the tensai wanted.

"Fuji, it's the middle of the night. You can not come over!"

"Saa, Ryoma, you shouldn't say no the birthday boy."

"You have no birthday this year. Now LET ME SLEEP!" It was quiet for a few moments and Ryoma regretted his harsh tone.

"I'll see you in 6 hours Fuji"

"Mmm. Ok." Fuji's voice was too quiet and Ryoma could feel his disappointment.

"Night. Happy Birthday Syusuke."

"You sure I can't come over?"

Ryoma didn't bother to reply, hanging up the phone and throwing it across the room.

Fuji's Damned Birthday


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