Danny was walking about the busy Fair that was in town. Danny and Sam were going alone, as for Tucker, he was off with Valerie. Danny and Sam didn't call it a date, just a fun night out with their friend. They were walking around, doing nothing really, when all of the sudden, Danny was grabbed…

5 Years Later…

(Sam's Point of view) I was watching the news everyday, hoping for some sign of my friend to have been found. We were 14 at the time, and now being 19, I should be in college. I wasn't though, I was thinking of my friend with each passing day. I lived alone now, my parents had given me 3 million dollars to live my life on, and I had used it to buy a small house, that was painted in a dark purple on the outside. On the inside, it was totally black. I never even bought any furniture, or did anything with the house. There was just a TV, computer, chair, desk, and a bed. Of coarse, I had a bridge too, but I meant all of that was in the one room, the room I stayed in forever. What was the computer for? Looking up stuff on kidnappers. For that whole five years, I did everything I could to try and find him. Even if he wasn't alive, I wanted to know what had happened.

Tucker thought I had turned into a total nut, and after about 2 years of me acting like this, I soon didn't have any friends. Tucker was hanging out with other people that he somehow managed to become friends with, and I was alone. Of coarse, Tucker was concerned about me, even after our friendship had ended, since after all, we were still friends, just not as close as we used to be. This might have been because Tucker didn't want a thing to do with my obsession over finding him, but I think that really, Danny was the only one holding us to close together anyhow.

I wanted to know what Danny looked like now, I wanted to know how he acted. What if he was just as crazy? He might be dead though for all I know, or either, he could be locked up somewhere, dyeing. This was the problem, was I had no idea where he was, or even who the kidnapper was. The signs I had set up of Danny missing were worn away by the weather, and I didn't bother to put new ones up, because I knew for a fact that he didn't look the same. It was on the news for about a year about Danny gone missing, and now it was a thing of the past. People didn't care anymore, he was just one person in this world anyhow. Now the only people caring, was me and his family. Tucker wherever he was today, I think he was also thinking about Danny every night. Although Danny might have gone missing, and Tucker had no hope of finding him, I still think that Tucker too thought about him all the time, just not like I do.

I was on the Internet, looking at kidnapped kids. One new kid, from Casper high, was kidnapped last week, and there wasn't a trace to be left of evidence, and it was from the same fair. I needed to know about this kid! It had to be the same person, it had to be! Just then, I heard my phone ring. Yeah, I had a phone too, I rarely used it, but it was there.


"Sam, hey, it's Tucker," a familiar voice stated.

"TUCKER! I haven't talked to you in so long!"

"Well, I just thought I would call you up and tell you, that I am going to college to be a investigator. I am doing this, for you Sam. You have been so… weird since then, and I figured if I got the job, then I could help you find him."

"Really? That is so sweet of you Tucker!"

"Yeah, I just figured you might need some help… If you are still looking for him. If you aren't, well then, good for you!"

"Tucker, I am still looking for him, and you know I am! Guess what? There was some other kid kidnapped from here, and I am going to look into it. Seems to be a lot like Danny's case."

"But Sam, I think that whoever took Danny, knew about his powers. And if they didn't, then Danny could have made an easy escape."

"You have a point, but who knows, maybe they knew about his powers, but they take normal kids to?"

"Yeah, I guess you are right. I am guessing though, that you are out of luck as for Danny. For one, don't you think that if someone kidnaps someone, and has them for 5 years, they wouldn't keep them alive?"

"There is no telling Tucker, but I am still wondering what happened to him!"

"Well, I gotta get going," Tucker said, and then hung up without letting Sam reply.

Just then, the phone rang again.

"What now Tucker?" Sam asked impatiently.

"I have what you are looking for," Someone with a deep voice said.

"What are you talking about?"
"You know what I am talking about… what else have you been looking for?"

"Danny…" She said,

"Yeah, that is who I am talking about!"

"Is he still alive? Please tell me he is alive!"