I didn't know if sneaking in was such a good idea, because if I was caught, there was no telling what would happen to me. I knew for sure Tucker wasn't on my side, so I couldn't be expecting him to not care. He would probably just call the cops on me, and then I would either pay a fee, or who knows what. I knew there was a chance in me being caught, but I had to take the chances for Danny. Rather he was alive or not, I knew something had happened to him, and all I wanted to do was prove to him that I would care about him alive or not.

I didn't know how I was going to sneak in with him home, but I knew there had to be a way. Even though I was taking serious chances, right now I really didn't care. All I cared about was stopping what was going on, and finding out if Tucker had Danny hidden somewhere in his house. Maybe I was wrong, maybe Tucker was becoming a doctor, and he was just telling me all that stuff to make me feel better, but for some reason, something didn't seem right. Tucker was my friend, and the only one remaining, but he was the perfect person to have stolen Danny. Why would you steal your friend? I have no idea, but the question is more of, why would you be that sick to steal your own friend. Whoever it was knew about his powers though, and the only way they did, was either because it was Tucker, or because Tucker had told someone. Tucker was the perfect person, because it wouldn't seem normal for a friend to steal a friend, and it would make the perfect person.

It was about 10:00 when I decided to leave the house. It was late enough for me to leave, I was guessing, so I was ready to head over there. Once I had gotten there, there weren't any lights on in the house, so the coast was clear, or at least I thought so. I went to the back of the house, and there was an open window. I popped the screen out as quietly as possible, and I snuck into the house. I had taken my shoes off outside, so that you couldn't hear them hitting the tile that I was stepping on now. Once I had reached the carpet, it was warm compared to the ice cold tiles. I wasn't wearing socks since I hadn't thought about slipping them on before I left.

I went and looked to make sure there wasn't anyone around, and it looked clear. The house was quiet, and you could hear the floor creak with every step I took. I was afraid someone was going to catch me, so I would stand still for a few seconds after I made any noises to make sure there wasn't anyone else moving around, and then I continued forward. I soon found myself in the hall that was a mystery. I looked into one of the rooms, and Tucker was lying in there asleep. I quickly moved away from that door.

I then looked in another room, in which had a huge map in it, I was curious, and went in there. It said Danny's locations in the one corner, and then there was certain dates placed all over it. I looked at it, and seen April 07, 2005 on one of the places. It was in Ohio. I didn't know anyone from there. Did Tucker? It was directions for Danny's transports, which meant he was still alive! April seventh was the last date they had moved him though. He was in Ohio right now, and the next place he was going wasn't until June 16, 2005. He was going to be there for a long time. I ripped off the part where he was at now, so that I could see if it was possible for me to find him. I did this as quiet as possible, and then I turned around because it felt as though I was being watched. I could hear myself breathing deeply, and my heart beating, afraid that I was going to get caught. When I turned around, it seemed as though there was a glance of someone moving, but if Tucker caught me in here, then wouldn't he have stopped me?

I left that room, and looked to see if there was anyone around, but there wasn't. When I passed Tucker's room, he was still lying in his bed sleeping. I was relieved that no one had spotted me, I must have just been being paranoid.

I continued to walk towards the window, and when I had gotten there, the window was closed, and the screen was back in place. That scared me, and I screamed, but caught myself, and then stood still. Someone knew I was in the house, and someone knew I knew where Danny was, but why weren't they stopping me? They could have stopped me, I was fully opened, and I wasn't strong. Everyone knew I wasn't strong since I never exercised, and the only reason I was skinny, is because I hardly ate anything. I was actually way under weight, and the doctors always thought I was going to die from starvation. I couldn't die though, because I had things I needed to do in life.

I turned around, and headed for the door, and managed to get out that way. Once I was outside, I went home as fast as possible. When I had gotten home, I took out that piece of map, and looked at it closer. It was in Aurora Ohio. I had never heard of that place before, but I was ready to try and get there. I wouldn't bring anything with me, because I'm just not that way. I never bring things with me when I go to places because I am afraid of loosing stuff, and I didn't have that much stuff as it is. The only things I had in my house pretty much, was the 38 pictures of Danny hanging up all over the place, and the furniture and stuff. There was nothing there, I didn't live a normal life.

I called up a Taxi, since I didn't drive either. It was going to cost some money to travel to Ohio from here, but I didn't really care. I wasn't poor or anything. The Taxi showed up in about 10 minutes, and I hoped in.

"All the way to Ohio, huh? Whatcha doing over there?"

"I need to go do some stuff, why does it matter to you?"

"Just wondering. Why don't you drive there?"

"I don't drive."

He glanced at me, closed his eyes, and then opened them again.

"You are that girl from off of TV that they were talking about for so long! The one that was looking for her friend! Are you still looking for him?"

"Yes, why?"

"Just wondering, I think it is an amazing thing what you are doing for him."


"So, your name is Sam Manson, right?"

"Yeah, how can you remember that?"

"Because, I thought you were so amazing, that I kept all the newspapers with you in them!"

"Wow. You are the first person that hasn't called me nuts."

"Well, you are worse than his own mother, she gave up a while ago, but you just keep on going."

"Yeah, I had a thing for him, and we were friends since I could remember."

"That is sweet of you to do all of this for him! I can't believe no one had done anything about it."


"The cops and stuff, on the news, it was talking about them not doing anything about it."

"Wait a minute, they weren't doing anything?"

"No, you didn't watch the news?"

"No, I was caught up in trying to find him, I didn't pay attention to the news then. The cops said they had done everything they could though! They lied to me!"

"Are you telling the truth?"

"Yeah…" I realized then, that something was really wrong. The cops didn't want me to check the caller ID, and they weren't doing anything, and they never liked me coming in there to check files or anything. They never wanted me to get close to them trying to find him, but that is because they didn't want me to know that they weren't really doing anything for him! Why were they doing that though? Why to Danny out of all people?

"Umm, turn around, I don't think I want to go anymore." I told him, because now I was thinking that maybe they were leading me in the wrong direction. Someone was watching me last night, but they didn't want to say anything. This had to have meant that was part of their plans. They wanted to lead me in the wrong direction. Maybe Tucker had someone in his house with him. Maybe someone was making sure I broke in to find out about Danny. Tucker made it seem as though I shouldn't go there, but he did that because he knew I would go back there since I figured he was hiding something important.

"Ok, why do you want to head back?"

"I would rather not tell people about anything anymore." I said this, because it seems as though I can't trust anyone. Everyone seems to not be honest, and for some reason, I wouldn't even trust my own family. No one I can trust, besides Danny's family, because they can't steal their own kid, and I know they wouldn't be in on it, Mrs. Fenton was so sad about what had happened.

We had gotten back fairly fast, because we didn't go very far.

"Thanks for the ride, and the information!"

"Yep, no problem, good luck!"

I didn't respond, I just closed the door, and headed towards my house. I didn't know what to look for now, I was right back where I had started. I knew more than I had known before though, but it really wasn't enough to locate him. For all I know, everyone could be in on it.