Title: First Word

Spoilers: None

Rating: Erm...G

Pairings: Kate/Gibbs

Author's Notes: So I just randomly got this idea in English, and had to wait all day to get home and write it! While I don't like the ending very much, I just really liked the plot-line, and this is the first complete Kibbs fluff fic I've written, so I decided to post it! Hope you enjoy, please review with your thoughts!


Tony grinned as he looked over at the young brunette boy, crawling on the floor, in an attempt to get to a table across the room. He laughed and went to go pick him up and help him in his endeavor. "I'm not your dad little man. It's me, your uncle Tony!"

The little boy looked up at him curiously. Tony laughed and thought out loud, "You definitely go that look from your mom didn't you Tommy?" The little boy's blue eyes sparkled, and he turned towards the coffee table again, his small chubby hands reaching for something on it. "Dada!"

He laughed when he saw what he imagined the little boy was reaching for. Just to make sure, he set the boy down gently next to the table, and watched carefully as he pulled himself up. It took him a few seconds to find his balance, and when he did, he reached for a white cardboard cup. Once it was securely in his hands, he plopped down on the floor, and turned to Tony.

"Dada!" He said proudly, holding out the DC Beans cup to his 'Uncle' Tony.

Tony laughed, and called out to the boy's parents. "Hey Boss, Kate? I think you need to see this!" He said, picking up the son of his boss and his wife.

Kate and Gibbs came into the room, and Tony just grinned, turning to their son while walking up to them. "Tell your mom and dad what you just told your Uncle Tony, Tommy." He said, smiling.

The little boy's eyes had lit up when he saw his parents enter the room, and a large grin spread across his face. He shook the coffee cup gently, and cooed, "Dada!"

Gibbs laughed heartily, taking his son into his arms. Kate giggled, ruffling the little boy's soft brown hair. "Oh Gibbs, if this isn't proof that you're addicted to coffee, then I don't know what is." She said, taking the empty coffee cup from her son's hands.

"He knows his daddy, don't you Tommy?" Gibbs said, still laughing. The little boy giggled and clapped his hands.

Tony smiled, and watched the happy family rejoice over their son's first word and felt honored to be a part of this family moment.

Author's Notes: Please review and tell me what you thought, I hope that you enjoyed it! A big thanks to my beta redcherry11!