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6th Shot: Easy

Tonic knocked lightly on the double doors to her daughter's room, opening one of the great oak panels and stepping inside at the sound of her acknowledgement. "You did very well tonight. Je suis fière, ma amoure.Well done." Alizé smiled at her, turning around on the bed, letting the simple white linen of her nightdress gather around her body.

"Mère...merci. I'm happy you're pleased."

"It's not that I'm looking to be pleased, ma petite fleur." She reached over and took the hairbrush from the dresser, sitting on the bed beside her and turning her around so that she could run the bristles through and detangle the cornsilk strands. "Tu attends depuis combien de temps pour ça garçon?" Her mother questioned, without changing her tone.

"Qui?" Alizé swallowed.

"Comment est le garçon?"

"Pourquoi?" Her mother smiled at her.

"You can't tell me you weren't enjoying yourself."

Alizé smiled lightly, rising and going to the mirror. "He is rather witty…and he's good-looking, and kind." Running her fingers through her hair, she sat at the vanity, her eyes on her mother's reflection. "But he is far too nice to be tolerated in your presence for too long, my dear manipulative mother." She dropped her gaze to the silver comb on the table. "Bonne nuit, mère."

The bright sunlight of Sungria beat down on them as they walked through the crowded streets, laughing at some of the performers amidst their conversation. Vendors greeted Alizé as if she were family, and they even met a few ex-Stardust performers. "I can understand why you want to leave, but…won't you miss all of this?"

Alizé smiled. "Somewhat, yes. But I would gladly leave it all behind to be my own person." She looked over at him, looking up at a graffiti mural someone had taken it upon themselves to paint on the brickwork of a building. "I don't want everything handed to me. I want to work for it, no matter what it takes. People dream of the easy life when they don't have it…but for some people who do, it's Hell."

"You know…if you can't be given something…or you're having it kept from you, you should just steal it, Alizé."

"Y-you can just call me Elize, you know." She looked down a bit, grinning. "I never really liked the name Alizé much." He smiled at her, nodding.

"I kinda like Elize better, too."

"Hey…where's your friend, Kir?"

"Where he always is. Chasing women. Besides, I don't think he'd leave you alone for very long, and it wouldn't give us much time to plan." He gave her another grin.


"How we're getting you out of here, of course."

"You mean you'll help me!"

"Of course I'll help you!"

She jumped up and hugged him, speaking rapid French. "Ah, merci, merci, merci ! Je ne sais pas je vous rembourserai jamais, Jing! " He started laughing at her.

"Calm down, calm down. Now…how will we do it?"

"…you're not going to pretend to kill me are you? Because I don't think I die very well."

"…you probably do, but no. I was thinking…maybe a staged kidnapping. We can get you out of Sungria, take a few pictures of you tied up, send them in at random." He looked her in the eyes. "You will have to tell them eventually, you know."

"I know…and I probably will, once I'm confident that I can stand on my own."

"Good girl." Jing patted her lightly. "Now. You should go home and pack your things. I'll probably come for you tonight. Don't forget to scream when we break the window."

"…Je suis fière, ma amoure…" – "…I am proud, my love…" Though I'm almost sure I gave the wrong form of 'my' in both this and the next bit of French.

"Mère…merci…" – "Mother…thank you…"

"…ma petite fleur." – "…my little flower."

"Tu attends depuis combien de temps pour ça garçon?" – "How long have you been waiting for that boy?"

"Qui?" … "Comment est le garçon?" … "Pourquoi?" – "Who?" … "What is the boy like?" … "Why?"

"Bonne nuit, mère." – "Goodnight, mother."

"Ah, merci, merci, merci ! Je ne sais pas je vous rembourserai jamais! " – "Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you! I don't know how I'll ever repay you!"

Author's Notes: Ahaha, what a lame comeback. XD I know I should have made it longer, just for not updating in so long. But school is…killing me as far as time is concerned. I seem to get done early in my Web Design class, so I'll try and get some writing done in there whenever I can. I'm getting somewhat better with my French, and since I'll be traveling to France and Italy this summer, it'll come in handy! One of my friends is almost fluent in Italian, so we'll be okay. (Even though she hardly speaks French…I found a use for myself!)