What Would Happen

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Kate walked into the bar; not really knowing what she was looking for, but knew she would know when she found it. She had just broken up with her newest boyfriend, Rob. She thought that it was getting too personal, he was getting too serious. And she didn't want serious. She wanted something fun, something that could take her mind off her slowly growing feelings that she shouldn't be having for her boss.

She sat down and ordered a gin and tonic, and picked up a napkin that was sitting on the bar, and began ripping it into small strips. Suddenly, the hairs on her neck stood up, and her spine suddenly straightened. She turned slowly towards the door, confirming what she already subconsciously knew.

Gibbs walked through the door to the local bar, not really sure why he was here. He usually would go home, grab some bourbon, and work on his boat until he fell asleep. But he passed by the bar, and found himself turning into the parking lot. And then he saw her car, and knew why he was being drawn to the parking lot.

He spotted her the minute that he walked through the door, the cream t-shirt she had worn that day stood out among the smoke-filled background of the bar. He watched as she straightened, and slowly turned towards the door. Their eyes locked, and Gibbs was drowning in all that was Caitlin Todd.

She found him immediately, his silver hair seeming to sparkle in the dusky light. His electric blue eyes burned into her, and she smiled softly as he began walking towards her. He took the seat next to her, and she was paralyzed. He was sitting close to her, closer than he needed to, and she could feel his heat emanating from him.

She turned to him, trying to start a conversation, but all words died on her lips when her eyes met his.

'Electricity, eye to eye
Hey don't I know you
I can't speak
Stripped my senses
On the spot
I've never been defenseless
I can't even make sense of this
You speak and I don't hear a word'

Gibbs spoke up first, putting an end to the almost uncomfortable silence between them. "Bad day Kate?" He asked, motioning to the gin and tonic.

She nodded. "Broke up with my boyfriend." She said, hitting herself mentally the minute the words were out of her mouth. Her boss didn't need to know every detail of her personal life. Although with Tony around, he usually knew whenever she had a new boyfriend, and what had happened with the old one.

She turned back to her drink, when she felt a soft hand on her shoulder. She looked over at it resting on her shoulder, and smiled as the rough hand gently squeezed her. "You okay?" He asked, genuinely concerned.

Kate nodded, and grinned as she didn't feel his hand go away. "He was getting too serious, and I didn't want serious. It was my decision." She said softly, stirring her drink with a small straw.

She looked over at him, and found her mind wandering into unknown territory. She watched his lips moving, and wondered what they would feel like pressed up against hers. His hand was gone now, but the heat from it remained, burning her. What would it feel like, pressed up against him, between him and his boat, she found herself wondering. She continued watching his lips, and finally realized that they had stopped moving. She looked up at him, and found him looking at her questioningly. Crap, what did he just ask her?

'What would happen if we kissed
Would your tongue slip past my lips
Would you run away, would you stay
Or would I melt into you
Mouth to mouth, lust to lust
Spontaneously combust'

Gibbs was watching Kate amusedly, waiting for an answer to his question. He was talking about a case, and had asked her if she thought they should go interview the sister tomorrow. She was staring at him, and as if someone had flicked on a light switch, her eyes came alive, and began looking around frantically, as if searching for an answer. "I'm sorry, what did you say Gibbs?"

Gibbs grinned, and resisted the urge to laugh at the younger agent. "I asked you if you thought we should interview the sister tomorrow."

Kate nodded, desperately trying to get her mind out of the cloud that it was in. "Yeah, that's a good idea." She said absently. She watched as Gibbs unconsciously licked his lips, and inwardly groaned. 'Don't think about your boss that way Todd! It's not like he's asking you to ravish him on the barstool, is he now?' Kate smirked, her thoughts now wandering on to that scenario.

Gibbs grinned as he saw Kate space out again, and turned to the bartender to order a beer. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw a man approaching where he and Kate were sitting, and immediately bristled. He recognized the look in the man's eyes, and didn't like it one bit. He looked over at Kate, who was seemingly oblivious to the whole thing. He decided to take matters into his own hands, and got up from his seat.

Kate looked up at him, startled. "Would you like to dance Katie?" He asked in a low voice that he knew had a good effect on women. He didn't realize what he had called her until it was done with, and he just hoped that she wouldn't hurt him.

Kate smiled, and hopped off her barstool. "Sure." She said softly. She began walking towards the dance floor when she felt his hand come to rest on the small of her back. She smiled and continued out to the floor.

Gibbs resisted the urge to smirk at the man who was heading towards them, and looked over at Kate. He put his hand on the small of her back, hoping to make it clear to this man that she was his. He wondered what Kate would think of him being so possessive, but then decided it didn't matter. As long as he didn't ever let her into his thoughts, it didn't matter what happened inside his head.

A song with a slow sultry beat began playing, and Kate smiled at the look on Gibbs' face. It seemed as if he was confused as to how you danced to a song like this. Kate picked up his hands, and placed them on her hips, hoping he wouldn't shoot her for being so forward. She then looped her arms around his neck, and began swaying against him, encouraging him to do the same.

Gibbs still looked flustered, and Kate laughed, soft and seductive. "You were the one that wanted to dance to this song Gibbs." She was warring with herself, wondering where this sudden bravery was coming from. She was openly flirting with her boss, her boss that obviously had no interest in her.

That's what she thought anyway, until she felt Gibbs begin to mimic her motions, and rub against her. 'Oh God.' Kate thought. 'How the hell am I going to see this man the same at work?'

'The room is spinning out of control
Act like you didn't notice
Brushed my hand'

Forbidden fruit
Ring on my finger
You're such a moral, moral man
You throw it away, no question
Will I pretend I'm innocent'

He'll admit it; he wasn't completely sure what he had gotten into when this song started playing. He hadn't completely thought out the actions of asking her to dance, such as, actually having to dance with Caitlin Todd. 'Note to self. Think through actions that could potentially embarrass you in public.' Gibbs thought to himself.

He smiled when she grabbed his hands, and placed them on her hips. He was proud of her, seeing her be so assertive with him; it showed that she wasn't intimidated by him anymore. 'Which is a good thing.' Gibbs thought to himself, as his fingers flexed against the soft material of her pants.

As she began moving against him, he bit his lip, and tried to focus on anything but the movement of her body against his, but found it very difficult. He unconsciously began moving with her, the alluring feel of her finally taking over the 'Hands off' section of his brain that he had placed her in.

He looked down at Kate, and saw her as a woman, no longer as his subordinate. And he was a damn lucky man to have such a beautiful woman in his arms. He noticed that her head was down, determined to look anywhere but up at him. He needed to change that.

She shivered as she felt one of his hands leave her hip, and begin stroking her arm. She looked up at him curiously, and was greeted by tumultuous blue eyes, and a soft grin that completely melted her bones. Now that he had her attention, his hand dropped down back to her hip, and gently pulled her closer to him.

He was worried for a minute when she looked up at him and didn't do anything, but then she gently smiled, and he was pleased. She was his and no man, not DiNozzo, or Rob, or that man now sitting dejectedly back with his friends, could change that. They continued to dance, and Gibbs took time to really examine Kate. He realized, somewhere in the back of his mind, that she probably found it strange her boss was staring at her, but it didn't seem to bother her.

He stared into her eyes for a while, falling deeper and deeper into them. His glance grazed over her nose and cheeks, and rested on her lips. They were partially open, and she made a little gasping noise as his thumb came up and gently brushed across them. She took another step towards him; all the while keeping up the now steady motion of their hips, and now a ray of light couldn't get between them.

He was entranced by her lips. They were full and soft, and she didn't have on any lipstick, as it had all worn off. And all he could think about was tasting them, finally kissing Kate.'What would happen if we kissed
Would your tongue slip past my lips
Would you run away, would you stay
Or would I melt into you
Mouth to mouth, lust to lust
Spontaneously combust'

Kate looked up at Gibbs with hooded eyes, the brown orbs conveying everything that she felt. It seems as if the lyrics to the song had just kicked in, and she realized that they fit perfectly with what she was feeling. What would it be like kissing Jethro Gibbs? She imagined that he'd taste like coffee, and something forbidden that her blood craved. She taunted him, by licking her top lip slowly.

Gibbs' eyes turned a dark, dangerous shade of blue as he gazed down at Kate. The little voice in his head that always told him that this attraction to Kate was wrong was beginning to fade, replaced by a darker voice, telling him to take what he wanted. And right now, Gibbs wanted Caitlin Todd. And as much as that little voice scolded him, he found that he couldn't turn away from her, even if he wanted to.

'I struggle with myself again
Quickly the walls are crumbling
Don't know if I can turn away'

'What would happen if we kissed
Would your tongue slip past my lips
Would you run away, would you stay
Or would I melt into you
Mouth to mouth, lust to lust
Spontaneously combust'

The song ended, but the couple on the dance floor didn't notice. They were no longer co-workers, a boss and his subordinate, but they were two people who were about to give into their deepest, most secret desires. Kate's face was upturned, and her eyes fluttered shut, waiting for him to descend upon her.

Slowly, agonizingly slow, Gibbs tilted his head down, and brushed his lips against hers. Her fingers tangled in his hair, pulling him down, and keeping him where she needed him. The kiss started out a soft exploration, but soon succumbed to the tension that had been between them since they met. Mouths opened, tongues dueled, and soft moans filled the air around them. Gibbs brought one hand from her waist around to the small of her back, and the other came up to her cheek, stroking gently.

Their lungs finally begged for oxygen, and they reluctantly broke apart. Both were breathing in uneven gasps, and had yet to make a move to step away from the other. Gibbs grinned as he looked down at Kate, with her swollen lips, her flushed cheeks, and her chest heaving, gasping for air. He had made her gasp for air, and he was strangely proud.

"Wow Gibbs…" She finally choked out, rather proud that she got two syllables out. She looked at him dazedly, and smiled softly. "I thought that you said romance between agents never works Gibbs." Kate said, recalling his words to her, what seems like forever ago.

"One kiss doesn't constitute as a romance Kate." Gibbs said, his voice rough from their kiss. Kate looked down, swallowing back her disappointment in hearing him say this. Gibbs knew immediately what she was thinking, that he didn't want this with her. "And besides, a romance and a relationship are two very different things Katie."

She looked up, her eyes giving away her confusion. "What?" It's the only thing she can think of to say.

"A romance is more of an affair Kate. A fling. A relationship on the other hand, is something serious. Something that means a lot to both people involved." He bends his head slightly, just enough to graze her lips with his. "I want a relationship with you Agent Todd. If you're willing, that is."

Kate smiled, big and happy, and nodded, burying her face in his neck. "I want a relationship with you too Gibbs." She breathed against his skin. She pulled back, concern suddenly in her eyes. "But what about NCIS?"

Gibbs shrugged. "We can date, as long as we keep it out of the office. If we go further," Gibbs paused, waiting to see Kate's reaction to this. She just nodded, her eyes sparkling with something that he had never quite been able to identify. "If we go further than dating, than I'm sure that we could work something out. I can't work forever anyway." He said.

Kate just shook her head and laughed. "I can't imagine NCIS without you Gibbs."

He just laughed, something that Kate wasn't exactly familiar with coming from Gibbs. "For God's sakes Kate, I love you, call me Jethro already." Kate's eyes widened with his admission, and she just stared up at him.

Gibbs stopped all movement, and looked down at her. A soft smile began to appear on her face, and his fears started to ease. "I love you too…Jethro." Gibbs smiled back at her, fully, and happily.

They kissed briefly, indulging in their newly divulged feelings. Gibbs, once again, broke it off, and glanced down at Kate. "Come out to dinner with me Katie." It was more of a plead than an order or a demand.

Kate just smiled and nodded. She took Gibbs' hand and led him back to the bar to pick up her coat. She put down a few bills for her drinks, and turned back to Gibbs, still smiling happily. "Let's go."

They walked out of the bar together, and went to Gibbs' car, deciding that they could pick up Kate's car later. Kate settled herself in the passenger seat, and looked over at the man next to her. She had always wondered what would happen if they kissed, and now, she finally knew. And she had to say, she was pretty happy with the results.

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