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Note: Takes place about a year after first chapter

Today just might have been the happiest day in Jethro Gibbs' life, he finds himself thinking as he looks down at the woman tucked into his side. Granted, he's done this four times now, but this time feels different. Special. Which is a good thing, since he's pretty sure that Kate would kick his ass if it wasn't forever.

He hears her laugh, and smiles down at her again. They're talking with Tony and his date, Christie, who he had been dating for a surprisingly long time. Maybe the team was growing up.

Abby and McGee sauntered on up to the group, Abby still in her custom made black maid of honor dress. "Congrats you guys!" Abby said happily, hugging Kate fiercely. Kate just laughed and returned Abby's hug full force. When they let each other go, Abby turned to Gibbs seriously. "If you break her heart, they will never find your body." She said, a serious expression on her face. She then turned to Kate and said, "If you break his heart, they will never find your body." The group just laughed.

"I wasn't planning on it." They said in unison.

Just then the DJ came over the sound system. "We'd now like for the happy couple to come out on the dance floor for their first dance 'What Would Happen' by Meredith Brooks! Put your hands together for Mr. and Mrs. Jethro Gibbs!"

Kate looked up at Gibbs, and laughed, taking his hand and dragging him out onto the dance floor. She smiled up at him as the song started playing the familiar beat that their bodies instinctively slipped into. "Everyone's going to wonder about this song Gibbs."

He just smiled, and nuzzled her neck slightly. "Let them wonder."

Tony glanced at Ducky, and then over to the happy couple on the floor. He began to listen to the lyrics to the song, and began to chuckle. "Kind of a strange song for a first dance, don't you think Ducky?"

He nodded. "I believe that it might have something to do with their past Anthony. But you're right; it is a rather odd song for a wedding."

Kate and Gibbs didn't notice their families and co-workers curious stares though, since they were in a world of their own. "I love you Jethro." Kate whispered against her husband's neck. She pulled back slightly and smiled up at him.

"I love you too Katie." He said, smiling bigger and brighter than she had ever seen. "And I promise you that this is forever."

Kate laughed lightly. "And I'm supposed to take the word of a man that's been married three times? How many times did you tell them that?"

Gibbs smiled back, and lightly kissed her. "Never did. I never felt this way with any of my other wives Kate, as horrible as that sounds." He said, looking lovingly into her eyes. "I never had the desire to have children, until I met you Katie." He whispered.

Kate looked up at him, surprised. "What……do you mean….you'd want to?" She asked, truly surprised. He nodded silently, and just looked down at her, gauging her reaction to this. "When?"

Something danced in Gibbs' eyes that Kate had seen just a few times before. She grinned when she realized what it was. Gibbs was feeling playful. "Well, tonight looks pretty good to me." Kate just giggled, and laid her head against his shoulder, indulging in the feel of his arms around her. "I just hope that I can be a good husband and father." Gibbs said quietly.

Kate looked up at him, and held his gaze. "Gibbs, will you ever walk out on me, or any children that we may have?" She asked. He shook his head 'no' fiercely. "Will you ever cheat on me?" Again, he shook his head no. "Will you ever hurt our children or me?"

"Oh God no Katie." He said, dropping a kiss on her head.

She smiled up at him. "Then you're going to be a wonderful father…and husband." She said. "I understand how you get with cases Gibbs. I've worked with you for five years now. I may worry about you, but I understand that that's just how you operate." She said.

Gibbs smiled, and lightly kissed her. "How was I ever lucky enough to find you Caitlin Todd?"

"Gibbs." She said, grinning. He cocked his head to the side, obviously confused, and looked down at her. "I'm not Caitlin Todd anymore…I'm Caitlin Gibbs, remember?" Gibbs smiled and laughed, and Kate joined in. "And I think that the fates just wanted you to take your time. Had to find the right girl to keep you in line." She said, smirking.

Gibbs laughed and dropped another kiss on the top of her head. "I suppose so Katie."

The song ended, and the couple separated slightly, as their guests applauded. They looked at each other and smiled, and went off to go socialize. Gibbs felt a bit of apprehension when they approached Kate's parents. He had met them before, but he wasn't sure how they would react to him now that their little girl was his wife.

Michael Todd stood next to his wife Angela, and turned to the happy couple as they approached. He enveloped his daughter in a large hug, and turned to Gibbs, his hand outstretched. "Welcome to the family Jethro." He said, as Gibbs shook his hand.

Kate and her mother started to talk to Ducky, leaving Gibbs and Kate's father to themselves. Gibbs shifted back and forth, looking over at his father-in-law, waiting for him to speak. "You know, when Kate first told me that she had fallen in love with her boss, I thought she was crazy." Michael said.

Gibbs wasn't completely sure where this was going, and therefore kept his mouth shut. "I kept on trying to dissuade her, telling her that it wasn't a good idea to get involved with you." Gibbs almost laughed, remembering when he had basically told her the same thing. Michael turned to Gibbs, a small smile on his face. "But you're a good man Jethro. I trust you to take care of my little girl."

Gibbs smiled, and nodded. "I'll protect her with my life, and love her as long as I live, Sir."

Michael laughed, and clapped Gibbs on the back. "You're my son-in-law Jethro, call me Michael." Just then Kate and her mother came back up, and Kate greeted Gibbs with a kiss on the cheek.

"Tony wants cake, so he subtly asked me if we could cut it now." She said, laughingly.

Gibbs smiled down at his wife, and nodded. He then turned to Michael, nodding his goodbyes. Michael responded in kind, and turned to his wife who had found yet another person to socialize with.

Gibbs and Kate walked up hand in hand to the table where the cake was. The DJ asked for everyone's attention, and soon everyone was focused on the couple. They laughed as they both grabbed the knife handle. "Bet you're a pro at this now, huh?" Kate said jokingly.

Gibbs laughed. "I suppose you could say that."

Soon there were two small pieces of cake lying on the plate that someone had laid out for them. Kate picked up the small piece, and brought her hand up to Gibbs' mouth. "Open wide Jethro." She said softly, looking up into his eyes. He smiled down at her, and obligingly opened up his mouth. She stuck the piece into his mouth and he chewed carefully, never taking his eyes off hers.

Kate smiled as she spotted a small spot of frosting that had come off on his lip. She leaned in slowly, and gently kissed off the section of the white confection. Gibbs didn't realize that he had had frosting on his face, but responded happily when Kate kissed him, hooking his arms around her waist.

Kate laughed when they pulled back. "You had frosting on your face." She said simply.

"Well thank you for removing it Katie." Gibbs said, joining in her laughter. He then picked up the remaining piece of cake, and brought it up to Kate's mouth, which was already open, and popped it inside.

A playful groan came from the crowd of guests. "Oh come on, no cake in the face? I thought this was a wedding!"

The crowd laughed, and Kate and Gibbs shook their head as they located Tony amongst the guests. Kate mock-glared at him and said, "You want me to shove cake in your face DiNozzo?" Tony just grinned and laughed. He turned to Christie to say something, when suddenly he felt something hit the side of his face.

Tony looked up at the couple, trying to determine which one did it. Kate just giggled, trying to hide her amused smile behind her hand. Gibbs stood next to her, with a trademark smirk on his face. "Boss…!" Tony whined. Everyone began laughing, Kate and Gibbs were laughing the hardest as Tony wiped the small piece of cake off his cheek.

"Come on Tony, you said that you wanted cake in the face!" Kate said between her bursts of laughter.

After the cake, everyone got back on the dance floor, preparing to dance the night away. Gibbs took Kate into his arms for the second time that night, and happily snuggled into his chest. Gibbs grinned and looked down at her. "You look beautiful today Katie. I've seen four women come down the aisle towards me in my life, but you were the only one that looked like an angel." He said quietly.

Kate looked up and him and returned his grin. "I've caused the great Agent Gibbs to go poetic? I really must be something special."

Gibbs nodded, and brushed his lips with hers. "You are Katie-girl. You are."

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