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"Just five more minutes," groaned Harry, his eyes fluttered open, the whole room around him in a blur. He felt his way around the end table next to his bed, his

hand landing on his glasses. After putting them on, he glanced over towards the window next to his bed. Outside, heavy rains poured and the sky was as black as his school robes.

Grumbling, he slowly got dressed, and took a quick look in the mirror. His hair looked worse than normal, and he had dark circles under his eyes. Harry sighed

and looked around the room, everyone else in the dormitory was still asleep, "Must be the weather." He thought.

It was especially quiet in the dormitory this morning, usually he was the last one awake, and was so used to all the noise of his fellow classmates. The only thing

he heard now were the sounds of Ron snoring. He made his way over to Ron's bed and gave him a shove, "Ron, Ron its time to get up." Ron snorted a few

times and his eyes flew open, "We dont have classes today remember? They canceled all classes due to the weather. It's supposed to get worse. Go back to

bed Harry." Harry scratched his head, "Are you sure? I didnt hear anything about that." Ron rolled his eyes, he gave Harry that leave-me-alone-I-want-too-sleep

look, "Did you notice why everyone else was still sleeping?" he said pointing to the others in the room. "Oh," said Harry, "I was wondering why...sorry Ron."

Ron nodded and laid his head back down, a few seconds later he started snoring again.

Harry changed into a pair of jeans and a t shirt and made his way downstairs to the common room. He figured he'd get a headstart on whatever homework he

had so he didnt have to do it later. The wind blew fiercly outside, rain pounded on the windows, and the thunder was starting, and getting louder by the minute.

Harry's stomach started to grumble, he tried to ignore it and finish his work, but the hunger pangs got worse. "Your doing homework now?" Harry turned his

head and saw Ron coming down the stairs, "We probably wont have classes tommorow either." Harry shrugged, "I just want to get it over with. But now I'm

getting hungry." He put his potions book down on the table next to him. Ron nodded, "Yeah me too."

The two made their way down to the Great Hall, where a few other students were sitting eating their late breakfast. "Where is everyone this morning?" said

Harry, making his way too their usual table. Ron laughed, "Sleeping. Which is what I could be doing right now, but after you woke me up I was only able to

sleep for about another 10 minutes." Harry smiled, "Sorry Ron," he said grabbing an apple.

Just as he went to bite into it, he heard someone that he didnt particularly want to run into that morning. "Well if it isnt Weasle-bee and Potter." Harry turned his

head slightly and out of the corner of his eye he spotted Draco Malfoy, Crabbe and Goyle, leering over him. Harry looked at Ron and rolled his eyes, "Shove off

Malfoy," he said taking a bite out of his apple. "Looks like someone is in a bad mood today," Draco hissed, "Where's your girlfriend?" he sneered at Ron. Ron

turned to face him, "Don't you have anything better to do than bother us? Are you really that desperate for attention?"

A quiet laugh escaped Harry's lips and he almost choked on his apple, "Good one Ron." he thought. Draco's face turned bright red with anger, "I'm not

desperate for attention," he said clenching his fists, "And if we werent in school right now I'd show you a thing or two about attention."

Ron stood up, his face two inches from Draco's, "Is that a threat?" he clenched his fists tightly, his knuckles turning white. Harry put his hand on Ron's arm, "He's

not worth it Ron, he's not worth it at all." Ron unclenched his fists, and sat back

down. Malfoy sneered, "Right. That's exactly what I thought," he looked at Crabbe and Goyle and nodded towards a table, "Let's go."

As they walked away, he turned his head back and looked at Harry, his expression softened and his gray eyes studied Harry's features. Realizing what he

was doing he shook his head, gave Harry a twisted smile and continued towards the table. Harry still confused about what had just happened continued to stare at

Draco, "Harry," said Ron, "Harry...what are you staring at? And what was that

all about? It was like he wasnt his evil self for about two seconds." Harry shook his head, "I dont know," he smiled at Ron, "it's probably nothing"

Late that afternoon, it was still dark as ever outside, and the rain hadn't let up either. Harry and Ron were in the common room snuggled deep inside their

blankets, working on their homework. Just as Harry was about to ask Ron to quiz him on his potions questions, he heard faint snoring, and to Harry's dismay,

Ron was asleep in the chair. Harry smiled and shook his head, he got up from his chair, and fixed Ron's blanket around him, "Good night Ron."

As Harry made his way downstairs to the Great Hall, he spotted Draco walking in his direction. Harry thought about turning around and going the other way, but

Draco had already spotted him. Harry looked down at his feet hoping not to make eye contact, "Hello Potter." hissed Draco. Harry looked up, "What is it

now? Bored and have nothing else better to do?" Draco looked taken aback, "No," he hissed, "Cant even make conversation without you jumping down my

throat." Harry rolled his eyes, "I wasnt jumping down your throat. I'm not in the mood for your nonsense right now." Draco's red lips curled into a smile, "I wasnt

going too. I dont feel like it right now," he came closer to Harry, "Besides, there's better things than talking." His hand brushed against Harry's. "Um, Malfoy what

exactly are you trying to do?" said Harry, sticking his hands in his pockets, slowly walking backwards trying to get away.

Draco came in closer, and Harry found himself sandwiched between the castle wall and Draco. "Your so clueless you know?" said Draco, his face an inch away

from Harry's. Harry could feel Draco's warm breath dancing across his skin, and he shuddered. What exactly was Malfoy trying to do? Harry's mind was racing

and his heart was thumping so fast, he was sure it was going to explode. Draco ran his long fingers across Harry's pale cheeks. "God Potter," he whispered,

"You honestly have no idea." A devlish grin formed on Draco's ruby lips, and he pulled back, and swept away down the hall.

Harry laid his hand over his heart, it was beating very hard. He tried to take in a deep breath but no air would come. Harry could feel his hands going numb, and

his stomach started to tighten. He leaned up against the wall, trying to get some sort of support. He spotted a couple first year Ravenclaws staring at him

nervously, "please..." he gasped, "please help me. Please...I cant...I c-cant...breathe..." His stomach tightened up again, making it hard for him to get

even the tiniest bit of air. Harry's whole body went numb and his knees began to tremble. He collapsed to the floor, still gasping for air, while everything around him went black.

"Harry? Harry? Look Hermione he's waking up"
"Shh Ron! Let him sleep"

Harry's eyes fluttered open and he spotted his two best friends standing over him. Ron's lips curled into a wide grin, "Harry your awake"

Harry reached for his glasses and sat up, he blinked a few times and realized he was in the hospital wing. "What happened to me?"

"You had a panic attack Harry. Then you sort of - passed out." said Hermione, sitting down on the corner of Harry's bed.

"Panic attack?" said Harry, "But I couldnt breathe"

"Well that's what happens," said Hermione, "You get so worked up, you actually think your suffocating but your not. And you end up taking in too much air, and

your hands go numb, and your stomach tightens. Sometimes you can actually think your having a heart attack...It's usually stress induced"

Ron nodded, "And seeing as how there's so much work that we've got coming up ahead of us this year, it's no wonder you had one. Hell, I'm surprised I didnt

have one yet." Harry shook his head, "You dont want to have one. I actually thought I was going to die for a few seconds."

Hermione laid her hand on Harry's, "There's no way you would have died. Your perfectly healthy." Her lips formed a small smile, and Harry smiled back. But

deep inside he knew something was wrong, why did he react that way after Malfoy had touched him? What was Malfoy up too anyway?

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