The Dreaded Dance Floor

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Chapter one: The List

Kagome went through the well, she was excited as she reread the now crumpled piece of paper that she held in her hand. I can't wait to show this to everyone! She thought excitedly.

As she jumped out of the well she immediately spotted InuYasha leaning against a tree, with a look of irritation on his face. He was also twitching impatiently. Great, he's cranky. She sighed to herself. Nonetheless she maintained the happy, hiper mood.

"What took you so long!" Shouted Inuyasha, "And why do you look so happy?" he added apprehensively. Usually when Kagome was this ecstatic, something was deadly wrong, well, for him anyway.

"Well…" Kagome started, hardly able to contain her excitement. "I SIGNED US ALL UP FOR DANCE CLASSES!" She ended up bursting out.

"WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?" was Inuyasha's not so surprising reaction.

"Aw, come on!" Kagome said, disappointed at his outburst. "It'll be so fun! International dance culture week is coming up and there will be this dance competition, and I figured it would do us some good to get some exercise and a social life!"

"NO WAY!" spat Inuyasha. "I'm NOT gonna make a fool of myself, dancin' is for sissies!" He crossed his arms and pouted.

Kagome felt the anger surge through her, but she still managed to notice how cute Inuyasha looked when he pouted.

"Anyways, the others will never agree to it!" Inuyasha added confidently.


"Wow, Kagome-chan, what a great idea, I'd love to try!" exclaimed Sango.

"I agree, Kagome-sama, it will be a great opportunity to grope-I mean get to know new people." Stated Miroku.

Shippou was squealing and jumping up and down happily. "YayYayYayYay!"

Kagome beamed at their reactions. Inuyasha was positively twitching on the ground with shock.

"See, Inuyasha, I TOLD you it would be good!" said Kagome smugly.

Inuyasha merely spluttered, words didn't come out from the shock he had just received. Dance classes? Me?

"I signed everyone up, see?" Kagome waved a crumpled piece of paper around that contained a list of all their names that had been accepted into the dance academy.

"Give me that!" Inuyasha snarled, snatching the list from her.

His eyes skimmed the piece of paper quickly. He very slowly lowered the list from his face. He was pale and sweaty.

"What's wrong Inuyasha?" Miroku inquired.

"Kagome wasn't kidding when she said she signed everyone up…" Inuyasha said shakily.

"What do you mean?" asked Sango. Inuyasha gulped.

"Sesshoumaru's on this list…" Inuyasha followed the names with his claw, "…and Naraku…and Kikyo…and KOGA…" he continued, "Every bloody one is on this damn list!" he shouted.

" Let me see." Miroku said, taking the list. "Sesshoumaru, Naraku, Kikyo, Koga, Ayame, Kohaku, Hakudoushi, Kagura, Kanna,…Kagome…why did you list everyone's names?" Miroku exclaimed.

"well…I think I may have been smoking something or eaten something with lots of sugar that day." Kagome replied nervously.

"YOU STUPID WENCH! How in the hell are we gonna get them to take damn dance classes?" Screeched Inuyasha.

Kagome clenched her fists tightly and cried, "OSUWARI!"


"Teme…" growled Inuyasha, as he tried to get up from the ground.

"Don't be so RUDE! I just thought it would be fun, you know, a break from looking for jewel shards and fighting demons!" shouted Kagome.

The two continued arguing, until Sango broke them up and tried to calm them down.

Kagome and Inuyasha were out of breath and just kept staring at each other, eyes narrowed.

"Look," began Sango "there's no need to fight over this." She turned to face Inuyasha, "Inuyasha, shutup and listen to Kagome for once, she only wants for all of us to enjoy ourselves. Besides, she's right about us needing a break." Sango told him. Kagome smiled smugly. Sango then turned to face Kagome,

"Kagome, listen to Inuyasha as well, how are we going to get every one to come with us and even more so, to take dance classes?" Sango asked.

This time it was Inuyasha who seemed smug. "Yeah, wench how are you gonna do that?"

But to every one's surprise, Kagome grinned evilly,

"I've got it all worked out…"

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