Mrs Higurashi cried when she saw everyone off at the well. She gave out tearful advice to each and every one of them and wished them all luck.

When they had arrived at the Higurashi Shrine, she had been there to welcome them again into her home and graciously offered them breakfast, not that Naraku wanted any since he was still feeling slightly queasy from the bus trip. Mrs Higurashi had very kindly provided him with a herbal tea to settle his stomach.

Shippou had been there to greet them also, along with Kirara, Kohaku (much to Sango's relief), Kanna and Hakudoushi. The two incarnations had run to their creator and latched themselves onto his midsection earning an 'aww' from Kagome's mother. Kagura had merely snorted, completely aware that they were just trying to kiss up to him and get him on their side. After breakfast, Mrs Higurashi had presented them with brand new clothes, thinking they were going to stay a while longer. This had answered Sango's query on the whereabouts of her brother as she discovered he had merely accompanied Souta and Kagome's grandpa to a so called 'mall' in order to purchase clothes for everyone.

When Mrs Higurashi had learnt they weren't planning on staying any longer she reluctantly entered the house to keep the clothes in a safe place "Just in case you come back." She had said with a sniff. She'd mentioned to Kagome that both trophies were standing on the shelf in the living room, since Sesshoumaru simply refused to carry it around in the feudal era.

After the sad goodbyes Mrs Higurashi wiped her eyes on her apron and stood back. Everyone looked at Naraku expectantly. He raised his eyebrows.

"Er…what are you staring at?"

Sesshoumaru was the one to enlighten him. "You need to give us the shards in order to pass through the well. Fool." He muttered.

"Oh! Of course." Naraku rummaged through the many folds of his hakama until he plucked out the sparkling, almost fully formed orb. He handed out the shards and narrowed his eyes at everyone. "And I want them back…got it?" he threatened.

His answer was a rumble of muttering and grumbles from everyone else and a reluctant 'fine' from Inuyasha.

So with a sparkling shard in their palms, one by one they began leaping into the Bone Eaters Well and were enveloped by a bluish light before disappearing altogether to the feudal age. Kagome was the last to leave and just as she prepared to leap into the well she took a last look at her mother and blew her a kiss.

Mrs Higurashi wiped away a tear and sighed as her daughter vanished five hundred years into the past. She would miss them all, especially that charming young man Naraku. Personally, she hadn't the faintest idea why he was her daughter's mortal enemy, they all should just have a long talk to straighten out their differences and they would all be happy and get along. She began walking to the front door but paused halfway to look behind her. She smiled softly.

"They'll be back."

OooOooOooOoo Three months later OooOooOooOoo


A powerful blast of energy ripped through the ground only to dissipate against Naraku's barrier which seemed to be growing ever stronger with the constant attacks.

"Inuyasha! Don't use that technique against him anymore! His barrier's consuming it!" yelled Kagome as she shot another sacred arrow at the enemy.

"Keh! You don't need to tell me! BAKURYUUHAAAAAAA!" Inuyasha roared, four potent cyclones bursting from the Tessaiga and hitting Naraku's barrier head on. Inuyasha shielded his face from the dust particles blowing his way. As the dirt clouds parted Inuyasha snarled, seeing Naraku alive and in one piece, laughing his head off.

"Hm, hm, hm…you really think that ancient technique will suffice?" he sneered.

Inuyasha's grip tightened on the Tessaiga. "Grrrraaarrr!" he yelled and he took off in Naraku's direction to see if a good slice from his sword would bring the demon down.

"Inuyasha! Don't be foolish!" Cried Miroku, as he fought off one of Naraku's many slimy tentacles. He couldn't use his Kazaana thanks to the presence of more than fifty poisonous insects and his scrolls didn't appear to have any effect on the limbs that were threatening to wrap around him. One disgusting arm found its way around his neck and began to squeeze, but thankfully Sango spotted it and destroyed it with one slash from her boomerang. Miroku fell to the ground coughing. He raised his head.

"Sango, you have saved my life …please do anything you wish of me." He breathed. Sango turned bright red as hundreds of images whizzed passed her mind's eye. She shook her head forcefully.

"It's fine Houshi-sama." She said firmly. Miroku nodded, feeling just the teeniest bit disappointed.

Inuyasha tore towards Naraku, his Tessaiga raised. He failed to see the smirk on Naraku's face but Kagome, on the other hand didn't miss it.

"Inuyashaaaa! Stop!" she screamed, throwing down her bow and arrow and darting in his direction. Shippou cried for her to come back but she ignored him.

Naraku spotted the young miko as she tried to catch up with Inuyasha and he scowled. She will not ruin this plan, he thought angrily and sent a flailing tentacle after her. She screamed as it wrapped itself tightly around her waist and she fought against it in vain when it lifted her clean off the ground.

"KAGOMEEEE!" Inuyasha yelled, skidding on the spot and lowering his sword. Naraku glowered at him, Attack me damnit! Attack the barrier!

Inuyasha sprinted to her and began wildly hacking at the thick wriggling tentacle but Naraku wasn't going to allow any of this, he raised the arm out of Inuyasha's reach and no matter how high the hanyou leapt Naraku was always one step ahead of him and pulled it away to the side. Inuyasha was beginning to feel frantic and Kagome was getting motion sickness but Naraku merely laughed in their faces. Miroku and Sango watched helplessly from the sidelines and Shippou wailed loudly, seeing his 'mother' being tossed around like a rag doll in the enemy's clutches.

Naraku laughed mercilessly at Inuyasha's frenzied attempts to free the young miko, even if his plan was being delayed for a moment it was still wholly satisfying to watch them struggle like butterflies in a net.

Kagome ceased her screaming and covered her mouth with her hand. She could feel her breakfast, as meagre as it was, surge up leaving a burning sensation in the back of her throat. I'm gonna be sick! She cried mentally.

But soon Naraku got bored of his little game and he threw Kagome to the ground roughly. Inuyasha gasped and was immediately at her side.

"Ooooh…" Kagome groaned, rubbing her backside, which was what had broken her fall, and covered her mouth again with her other hand. Inuyasha bent down to examine her for any serious injuries she may have sustained. Naraku was still laughing like a maniac, his tentacles waving around crazily.

"Kagome, are you okay?"

Kagome swallowed the acid that had risen up in her throat and placed a hand on her stomach. She slowly and shakily stood up, nodding her head. "Yes, I'm fine, though that was worse than any rollercoaster I've ever been on!".

"Moohoohahahaha-eh? Roller what?" asked Naraku curiously.

Kagome stared at him with her jaw hanging open almost to the ground. She glanced at Inuyasha for help but he also looked like he needed an explanation. She sighed. As Sango, Miroku and Shippou approached, she began clarifying the exact functions of a rollercoaster, theme parks, rides and the likes and her descriptions of each one were met by thoughtful nods and sounds of approval.

Naraku lowered his barrier and pulled the tentacles back into his body with a nasty squelching sound. He took a few steps closer to the inutachi.

"I would like to experience one of these 'roller coasters'." He said, rubbing his smooth chin with his hand. Kagome was quick to put him off the idea.

"No, no, no, you wouldn't like it! They go upside down, round and round, making you really sick and stuff. It'll be terrible." She explained hastily. Naraku though back on the trips inside the minibus three months before and couldn't help agreeing with her.

"Okay, so I can't ride one." He mumbled morosely. Kagome sighed with relief. However, Naraku's features brightened.

"But I still want to see one!"

This time both Inuyasha and Kagome groaned and slapped their foreheads. Inuyasha growled and turned to Kagome.

"If you hadn't mentioned the damn thing, we wouldn't be in this mess!"

"Well I can't do anything about it now, so let's deal with it!"

Miroku and Sango exchanged glances. Inuyasha neared his face to Kagome's and bared his fangs.

"We? You screwed up, woman!"





"OSUWARIIIIIIIII!" Kagome screamed. Inuyasha smashed headfirst into the ground and lay there motionless until the spell wore off. Naraku snorted with laughter but discontinued it when he felt the miko's burning glower threaten to set him aflame.

Kagome flounced off to grab her bow and arrow.

Inuyasha grunted as he lifted his face from the dirt. "So what are gonna do then!" he yelled, his voice slightly muffled.

Kagome glared at him and swung her arrows around her shoulder. "Isn't it obvious?"

She stomped towards him. Miroku and Sango stepped back cautiously.

"We're going back to my time!" she hissed.


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