Wolf of the Blue Moon

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Chapter One: The Moon

"Inuyasha! Sit, boy!" Kagome screached, listening to his 'oomf', "Inuyasha, stop picking on poor Shippo!"

"Not like he didn't deserve it, " Inuyasha grumbled hopping on top of a tall tree. They had just stopped for the night when Shippo had said that Inuyasha had better tell Kagome how he truly felt and soon because the jewel was almost complete. Needless to say, Inuyasha didn't like that.

Kagome could hear the two bickering and just sighed, looking up at the full moon. Suddenly she felt an enormous pain in her stomach and it was running across her body. Kagome gasped loudly. Fortunately, Inuyasha hear her.

"Kagome? What's wrong?" Inuyasha asked cutting off Shippo's insult. He jumped down just in time for Kagome's scream.

'There is just so much pain' Kagome thought shakily. She barely noticed Inuyasha, Shippo, Sango, and Miroku yelling at her, asking what's wrong. Suddenly, the pain stopped, but she felt different. Kagome couldn't tell what it was. All she knew was that she had to leave.

'Too many people. Not enough room'

Kagome scrambled to stand up. Then, she ran.

'Have to find water. Gotta find water'

She could sense the demon half-breed behind her and the humans behind him.

Finally, she reached a hot spring and just jumped in, getting utterly drenched. Inuyasha and the others were standing outside the water's edges. Inuyasha motioned the to quiet down.

"She's starting to smell weird. Like a demon," Inuyasha said quietly. Suddenly, they heard Kagome scream and then, howl at the moon.

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Inuyasha: Why should they? Crazy human.

I'm not crazy, I'm different.

Sango: I have to agree with him. You are crazy. You sat me next to the LECHER!

I'm sorry. It was either you or Kagome, and if it was Kagome-

Sango: (slap) HENTAI!

(acts like nothing happened) we'd have Diced Miroku ala Inuyasha. We all know how protective he is of her.

Inuyasha: Of course I'm protective. She's our shard collector and it's her fault we have to collect them to begin with.

Kagome: What do you mean I'm just a shard collector? And if you killed the dumb bird in the start we wouldn't need to collect shards AT ALL!

Inuyasha: My fault? You're the one-

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