Wolf of the Blue Moon

Chapter Seven: Questions

"It's none of your business anyway!" Kagome screached.

"Actually, it is. As Lord of the Western Lands and older brother to Inuyasha, it's my duty to know if you've consumated your matehood."

Inuyasha grumbled treacherously about people who became brotherly at inoppurtune times.

"Yes," he answered his older brother.

"Inuyasha? Kagome?" Shippo asked, still confused.

"Yes, Shippo?" Kagome said kindly.

"What does con-su-ma-ted mean? And where do babies come from?"

"Uhhhh" everyone's eyes widened before...

"I gotta go get water!" Sango yelled before dashing out the door.

"I'll just...go help her!" Moriku grinned before running off as well.

Rin simply said they'd get firewood before dragging Sesshomaru off regardless of his pleas to see his little brother suffer.

"Why won't anyone answer my question?" Shippo asked innocently.

"Uhhh, Shippo," Kagome started," Maybe you should ask that again later."

"Yeah. In like 300 years." Inuyasha muttered loudly.

"Okay. So does this make Kagome my new mommy?

"Why don't you ask that 300 years after the first question, runt" Inuyasha grinned

"Yasha! How rude! We can actually answer that one!" Kagome turned around and kneeled to face Shippo, "Do you want me to be your mother?"

"Yes," Shippo answered, "Oh yes! I like you a lot. You'll make a great mommy. Does that make Inuyasha my dad?"

"Whatever. If that's what you want" Inuyasha grumbled but on the inside was joyous. 'A pup. I have a pup with Kagome'

"Yey! I have parents again!"

Later everyone came back to the small yet comfy cottage andthey all sat down to talk when Inuyasha asked a very good question.

"Sesshomaru, before, when we first got here, you said Kaomge was an only child and that her mom was an angel demon. Doesn't she have Souta, her little brother, and her mother back in the future?"

"Yes, Lady Kagome. I have been wondering that as well" Miroku said profoundly.

"Have not" Shippo muttered with Sango nodding behind him.

Miroku just grinned sheepishly.

"Actually, I was adopted" Kaogme answered.

"Huh?" Everyone asked, not having known that futuristic word.

"It means that my real parents gave me to other people so that they could raise me. My biological parents gave me to Mom, Dad and Grandpa. Then a couple years laterMom and Dadhad Souta"

"What's bi-o-log-ic-al?" Inuyasha asked

"It means her birth parents," Sesshomaru answered.

"How do you know?" Inuyasha growled, jealous at the fact that his older brother knew and understood more about his mate than he did.

Sesshomaru just raised an eyebrow mockingly, "Because I, unlike you, little brother, have a brain"

"WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY?" Inuyasha growled

"Stop it, you two!" Kagome yelled, calming them both down.

Suddenly they all heard a loud thumpthump, thumpthump, thumpthu-

"Fuck, this is scary" Kagome whispered huddling into Inuyasha's haori, feeling the comforting touch of his arm around her tiny waist.

They heard a loud creak as the door swung open to reveal a horrifying sight.


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