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He wore a mask that no one could see,

not even I could spot the monster behind it

Monsters do not always are not always


I've learned that they do not have to be

Mentally unstable for them to be

what they are

He wore a mask, and I admit it

Was an exceptional one

His mask was one without cracks

He showed not the slightest hint of

What he really was

That's why I was so deceived

He drew me in so easily with his amiable


But I now know that was

Nothing but a charade

It was Kitazawa's intent,

(Intentionally or unintentionally)

To put up a false front

Yet, whether his motives were sincere

Or not

The point is they were still twisted.

He hid his true self behind that mask

He smiled glibly at Eri

And my dear young brother in-law

Thought he'd found a friend

And older brother whom he could

Look up to

But we were both wrong

It goes to show you

Anyone can be deceived

And that sometimes

People where masks

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