Author's Note

Hello. It's been awhile. I am sorry for the delay it's taking to update this story. Things happened and I got distracted from this story. Still, no excuses on my part so I'm taking this chance to make an apology for the long wait. I've been using the past half a year to revamp the whole STL series which has been uploaded before now. Meaning, there are major changes in several past chapters. It's probably a good idea to reread it as there are certain major changes in the storyline, but the basic plot is still unchanged so no worries if you choose not to reread. The reason for the whole re-editing of the story is because there are several points in the story which clash from one chapter to another, due to mistakes on my part. But now, after re-editing, STL is a whole lot better in my opinion so do give it one more try if you have the time. All in all, I'm really sorry for the long wait. But now that I'm back, I hope the next update won't take as long. The new chapter is already in the works so please, bear with me for a little while longer. I've said before that I would never discontinue this fic and I'm not going to go back on my word. Thanks to everyone who's still with me even until now. So now, I'm announcing the launch of STL version 2. Hopefully, it's even better than before. If there STILL are mistakes, don't hesitate to tell me.Please enjoy.

Yours Truly,

Resha Hime

Extra Note : This author's note will be replaced with Chapter 11 when it is ready. And also, I'm in need of a beta-reader for this fic. Someone to stop me from making severe mistakes in the coming chapters, and also someone to force me to work on the fic when I get too lazy (hehe). Do get back to me if anyone's interested. Thank you!