I just got this idea while watching one of my favorite movies, "The Mask." So I figured, "this would make a good fanfic." But trust me when I say this, do NOT go see "Son of the Mask." I didn't even see it, and I can already tell ya it SUCKS! Anyway, this story takes place when Danny and Tucker are 15. Sam's birthday is in this one! And like the fake movie script, just for kicks, this too will have a soundtrack. And (there's a lot of "and's" in this) Danny will find out a little bit more about Sam in this fic. OK, disclaimer. Show these guys what I don't own.

Disclaimer: (Definition: 1) a statement of disapproval. 2) Dissownal 3) a statement made to save one's own ass.) I don't own DP or The Mask. But if I did… oh JOY!


The PhantoMASK

Chapter one

The Worst Day Ever (what else is new?)

(Danny's POV)

It started just a week before Sam's birthday. And I did NOT know what to get her. All guys have been in this situation sometime or another. But not specifically the one I was in. I admit it: I have a crush on Sam. What is with you people butting into my life like this? Anyway, I needed to get her something special. I was thinking about this through the entire span of the first half of school.

At lunch, Sam was a little late to sitting down. This gave Tucker the ample amount of time to talk to me.

"Danny," he said, "I've solved all your depression problems."

"Thanks," I said, "but I don't take Zoloft."

"NO!" he yelled. "I can tell that you're lonely and you need someone. So tonight, I am taking you to the deepest terrain of the urban jungle."

"Tell me more Bwana."

He pulled out two tickets.

"I got us both tickets into the new teen club, The Exorcist, tonight. There you will find a girl and your problems will be over."

He knew I had a crush on Sam. He just LOVED to screw around with my head.

"Let me guess," I said, "you just want me to find a girl so that I'll make Sam jealous so that I'll end up admitting my feelings to her."

"Yeah." he said with a smile on his face, not knowing anything about his often stupidity. "Why?"

"You really are just a simple creature, aren't you?" I asked. "Alright, I'll go. BUT, not a word to Sam about it."

"Absafrigginlutley" he said. We shook on the deal, and it was set.

Sam suddenly came in the room. I suddenly became nervous. You see, I was completely over the whole "Paullina" phase of my life. I was over Paullina entirely. The bad news was, I was now in what we like to call, the "falling-for-your-best-friend" phase. And that dear reader is the hardest phase any 15 year old could ever go through.

The rest of the day was sort of a "blur". By "blur", I mean, "too busy thinking about Sam to realize that I was even IN school, much less a building." I had to pick up my scooter at a repair shop, so I couldn't walk home with my friends. Well, at least ONE of them, anyway. Sam offered to walk home with me. The repair shop was on her route home.

The repair shop, I have to say, was one of the most disgusting looking places I have ever seen. Picture a small city dump was just placed inside a building, add two sleazy owners, and you basically have where I was now. But it was the only place in town that would serve teenagers, so I didn't complain…much.

After I paid the money, Sam and I walked home. Well, not exactly walked. I've been tinkering with my scooter, and I added my own features to it. It now had a side body for guests. And guess who the guest was?

After I dropped Sam off, I headed home. I had to pick out what the hell I was gonna wear tonight at the club. I picked out my signature outfit and headed off.

So that night, I took my scooter to the club. The outside of it was kinda creepy. It looked all run down and in blood red letters, the lights said: "The Exorcist". Sam would've liked to come here. Anyway, the crowd was huge. There were people actually threatening other people with baseball bats just trying to get in.

"Must be good." I said to no one in particular.

I then spotted Tucker in the front of the line.

"Hey Tucker!" I yelled, trying to get his attention. "Tuck!"

But he wasn't listening. He showed the bouncer up front his ticket and he went in.

I then made my way to the front of the line.

"Ticket?" the bouncer asked of me.

"Actually," I said, "my friend is in there. So if you could just…"

"No way pal." the bouncer said, holding a hand in front of the door.


Without another word spoken, the bouncer lifted me up in the air and threw me out. I landed with a hard thump on the road. I got up walking back to my scooter at the bike rack. Well, this has turned out to be a bad night. Little did I know that it was gonna get worse.

While I was riding down the bridge over the ocean, my scooter broke down. First the engine stopped. Then, the brakes wouldn't work. Finally, the whole thing just sorta collapsed.

That friggin' repair guy. I thought to myself.

I then walked over to the edge of the bridge and rested my arms on the side rail. Then, as if to make things worse, it started to rain.

Great. I thought. Juuuuuusssst great!

I was about to walk home when I suddenly caught a glimpse of someone who looked like he was just floatin' along the lake. Only, he wasn't moving.

"Hey!" I yelled at the guy. But he didn't move. This was my cue. I suddenly went into ghost mode and flew down there.

"Hang on!" I said. "I know CPR!" I then flew into the water and grabbed the man. Only one problem: it wasn't a man. It wasn't even a person, or a living thing. It was just some old trash and a stained piece of underwear (A/N: even I admit that that was pretty sick.) that someone must've thrown out.

"Perfect!" I said. "I got wet, dirty, AND stinky for nothing!" I was about to turn back when I saw something else in the water. I picked it up and examined it. It was a green wooden mask. And for some strange reason, it had a shine to it. I was about to put it on when… BEEP BEEP BEEP! My watch went off. It was 9:50.

"Aw CRAP!" I yelled. "I'm gonna miss my curfew!" Yes I know. A 15 year old with a 10:00 curfew is pretty lame, but there are some pretty weird people out on the streets this late at night. Not to mention ghosts. I flew home, with the mask in hand.

Just before 10:00, I flew inside my room and changed back. Right then, my dad walked in the room.

"Danny?" he asked. "How'd you get in here?"

"I… uh… came through the window ladder." I stuttered.

"OK, good enough for me." he said. "Oh and Danny, take a shower son. It smells like you were in the ocean." And with that, he walked out.

I was a pretty lucky guy. I had two parents who were both complete geniuses and oblivious idiots at the same time.

I then took a shower and put on my pajamas. I then looked the mask. It looked like some old mask out of some history book. I then picked it up, about to put it on. Suddenly, the mask sucked itself onto my face. I quickly pulled it off my face.

"Yeah, right" I said.

I then, very slowly, raised the mask up to my face. It then literally glued itself to my face. I then felt a gigantic surge of energy surge through me. I tried pulling the mask off, but its power was too strong. I then span around, and around, and around in a giant whirlwind of energy, lightning, and demented sounded laughter. The wind caused pictures to fly off the walls, my lamp to be knocked off the side table, and my bed covers to be almost flung off. I then abruptly stopped.

In the mirror, I saw an almost-as-tall-as-me figure with messed up black hair, bright green eyes, a long blue jacket, a gray shirt with a black Jack Skellington symbol on the side, brown pants with red and white stripes down the middle, blue and white sneakers, and, get this, the figure had a bright green face. I didn't know what to say or think except…


WOW! That dear readers, was the longest chapter I have ever written for a story. It took almost two weeks to really think up and type up an introduction! Well, please read and review. Oh and if you're wondering about the wardrobe, that's what I wear. Deal with it.