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Randy awoke the next morning and looked around the room. Where was Maria? He dressed as quick as he could with his injuries and stepped outside. He looked around and noticed that one of the cars that had been there the previous day was gone. He looked up when he heard two people talking in Spanish and saw Maria's grandparents standing behind the main house.

"Damn it Maria where are you?" Randy thought.

He'd wanted Maria to take him to the airport. He still needed to get her address, her phone number, her email. Anything that could ensure that he could keep in contact with her. He sighed when her grandfather approached him with a paper in his hand.

"Maria no esta." He said. "Ella si fue por Chicago."

Randy had no idea what the old man was saying. Maria, Chicago, something. He opened the paper he handed Randy and read it.

"Dearest Randy,

I had to leave I don't know that I could have said goodbye to you at the airport. My grandfather has all your flight information and will make sure you get to the airport on time. Hope you feel better and hope you catch Eric. I'll never forget you.



Randy sighed and put the paper in his pocket. He felt like hitting something. How could she leave like this. Without saying goodbye. Without even wondering how he felt. He felt a hand touch his shoulder and looked up to see her grandfather pointing toward the Toyota.

"Es tiempo." He said. "Nos. Ben aqui."

Randy just shook his head. He was so frustrated. How could she leave him with people who had no idea what he was thinking? Feeling? He followed along as the old man drug him toward the car and drove down the bumpy road, presumably to the airport.

Randy grabbed his passport from his small bag Maria had gone back to retrieve from the plane and showed it to the woman at the gate.

"Solo usted?" The woman asked. Again Randy had no idea.

"Si." The man answered for him.

He said stuff to Randy for five minutes in Spanish. Randy felt his head begin to pound. Between Maria leaving and the language barrier he'd had about enough for one day.

"It's time." A woman's voice said.

He turned around hoping to see Maria standing there. Instead he saw a short old Spanish woman, taking boarding passes. He sadly gave her his and boarded the plane.

As the plane took off he knew he'd never be able to find Maria. Chicago was a huge city. He'd have to start at the paper but that was the only lead he had. He knew nothing else about her.

The End

Don't worry I'll write a sequel.