Chapter One

Harry Potter was once again at the Dursley home for
the summer holidays. They mostly ignored him, which
only prompted all the guilty feelings to surface once
more. He did help with the chores but the Dursleys
preferred him in his room.

However, as miserable as he was, he didn't want to go
any where else either. Grimmauld Place was Sirius'
home and it would be too hard to return there. The
Burrow, while happy and full of life, would be too
overwhelming he thought. Especially with Mrs Weasley's
tendency to mollycoddle too much.

With nothing else to do, Harry had taken to studying
more. Within the first week he had finished all his
homework assignments and quickly moved on to rereading
his school books. Once he had exhausted his
collection, he wrote to the headmaster for permission
to acquire new books for the year. Within a few hours
he had his answer.

Dear Harry,

Someone will come pick you up tomorrow at 10:00am.
Please have everything ready to go. After you have
finished your shopping, you will be spending the rest
of the holidays with someone trusted.

Headmaster Dumbledore

Harry was curious as to who he would be staying with
but didn't reply to the letter. After he put the
letter with the others, he quickly began packing his
trunk. When he was done, he went to tell the Dursleys
the good news.

The next day Harry woke up early and got himself ready
to go. After eating breakfast, Harry brought his trunk
to the living room, then he had nothing else to do but

At exactly 10:00 am the doorbell rang. "Boy! Get the
door!" Aunt Petunia shouted. "Get them inside. We
don't want the neighbors to see!" she hissed once
Harry was at her side.

Harry opened the door and smiled at the man on the
other side. "Professor Lupin," he greeted, ushering
the man inside.

"Hello, Harry. Please call me Remus. I am not your
professor anymore."

"Yes sir. Are you taking me to Diagon Alley? Am I
staying with you?"

Remus chuckled at the fire storm of questions. "Yes
I'm taking you shopping but no you're not staying with
me," Remus answered. Harry nodded and sighed. Remus
watched concerned but didn't question the boy.

Harry lifted one end of his trunk and looked toward
the older man. "I'm all packed so we can go whenever
you're ready."

"Alright let's head out then," Remus said, rubbing his
hands together. "Good day, Mrs Dursleys," Remus said,
turning toward the woman. "Harry will not be returning
this summer and possibly not next summer either. It is
yet to be decided."

"Yes of course. Bye Harry."

"Bye," Harry said as he followed Remus out the door.

When the duo reached an alley a block away from the
house, Remus pulled out a portkey made out of an old
sock. Harry flinched at the unexpected reach but
composed himself quickly and laid a hand on the

Remus whispered the password, "candy", and they soon
found themselves in the deserted Diagon Alley.

"Why is it so dead?" Harry asked.

"People are getting more afraid of Voldemort's
attacks, Harry. Plus the Ministry's cautioning
everyone to stay at home whenever possible."

"Oh. Well let's get this over with then. Where to

"Lets stop at Gringotts first, then we'll go to the
book shop, Madam Malkin's, and then the apothecary.
How does that sound?"

Harry nodded. "Sounds good to me." With that the two
wizards headed to Gringotts Bank. Harry was led to his
vault and he withdrew a bag full of Galleons to cover
what he needed. Next was the book shop. Remus and
Harry walked in and quickly separated. Remus browsed
the Defense books while Harry quickly got the books
that were on his list. He also found several good
Defense books. While he was browsing he saw an old
bookcase tucked away in a corner. Looking through the
books he quickly saw one that caught his eye. "Medical
Potions." Plucking the book from the shelf, Harry
walked to the front and met Remus there and payed for
his purchases.

Once back out in the alley, Harry was strucked by how
serious everyone was now. Those people who were out
and about were dressed in black cloaks with the hoods
up and had their heads down as they walked. While it
was nice to have no one notice him, it was depressing
having everyone in such a state of gloom. This feeling
began to suffocate him and he quickly walked to Madam
Malkin's, causing Remus to tail after him in an effort
to keep up.

Madam Malkin's greeted them cheerfully and measured
Harry for his new robes. While he got the standard
three sets of black robes for school, he also picked
up two sets of day wear robes, one in emerald green,
and another in midnight blue. He was also fitted with
a warm black cloak.

The last place they stopped was the apothecary. They
were greeted by someone Harry wasn't expecting.
Professor Snape.

"Took you long enough," he sneered.

"Sorry. Harry wanted some extra books."

"Well get what you need here and then we're leaving.
What are you waiting for?" the man barked when Harry

"Nothing, sir." Harry moved around Snape and grabbed
the 6th year potion kit. He still didn't know if he
got an O on his Potions Owl or not but he figured it
wouldn't hurt to work on some potions on his own. He
would have liked to look around a bit more but it was
obvious that Snape was in a hurry. Besides, he
figured, if he needed anything else he could always go
to the apothecary in Hogsmeade.

Once they were done, the trio walked to the Leaky
Cauldron and ordered lunch. It was while they were
eating that Remus brought up what Harry had been
thinking all afternoon.

"Harry, I'm sure that you are wondering why Professor
Snape is here."

"Yes, I am wondering why you are both here actually."

"Well I'm here because the headmaster thought it would
be easier on you if I was the one to take you
shopping. Professor Snape is here because he is the
one that you will be staying with," Remus said slowly,
obviously dreading the boy's response.


"Potter! I am as unhappy about this as you are but
unfortunately Dumbledore has given us little choice in
the matter. So stop complaining or the rest of the
summer will be even worse then your dreading. Now, I
suggest you hurry up and finish eating because we need
to be going."

"Fine," Harry said, slamming his napkin on his plate.
"Let's go. I'm not hungry anymore."

Once back in the alley, Snape turned toward Harry. "Do
you have everything you need?"

"Yes, for now." Harry answered vaguely.

"What do you mean "for now"? I'm not bringing you back
here because you forgot something," the man sneered.

"Well, could we stop at the candy shop? I'd like to
stock up."

"Fine. Anything else?"

"No, sir."

"Harry, do you need parchment or quills?" Remus asked,
stepping into the conversation.

"No, I should have enough. But if I did need more I
can always go to Hogsmeade and get some."

"Potter. we're not going to be at Hogwarts until
September. And I don't think the first Hogsmeade trip
is until October. You might as well get everything you
think you might need for the new term."

"Fine sir." Harry answered.

Harry bought the necessary items that he felt he would
need. When finished he and Snape said their goodbyes
to Remus before taking a portkey to their new designation.

Thanks to my beta. :D