The Gift

Chapter 9: The Capture

Sensual strength, warm, moist and seductive captured the softness of Emma's mouth and demanded nothing less than her complete surrender. She could feel herself being lost in the absolute mastery of the kiss, feel herself yielding what she had never completely yielded before, and the smallest sounds of panic'd alarm escaped the former White Queen; tiny desperate whimpers that only served to excite Storm's already heated blood. Ruthlessly the darker woman deepened the kiss, her fingers curling in the damp, champagne blonde paleness of the telepath's hair with a deliberate cruelty. Emma's weak, instinctive struggle was like spiced wine, intoxicating… her mouth was like heated honey. Ororo's kiss grew more intimately possessive as she felt the other woman tremble against her, the full length of their bodies pressed so close together she could feel the frantic racing of Emma's heartbeat.

Something hungry and dark stirred in Storm's soul, a waking panther shadow that purred at the tender vulnerability of the prey in its grasp… It was only with an iron exercise of will power that she managed to pull herself away, to step back and leave Emma, her breathing ragged and pale blue eyes wide and staring, to cling to the edge of the bath for support.

"The boots, Emma. Take them off, or I will take them off for you." There words came out harshly, almost in a growl, and the silver blue of Ororo's eyes was fever bright.

Part of her wanted the telepath to refuse, to make it necessary to fight her, forcefully subdue her, take her… Heat blossomed through Storm and her lips parted to let softly panting breath escape. Some small, distant part of her was shocked at the feral turn of her thoughts, the animalistic urgency that ran through the core of her being. But it was a very small part indeed, and easily drowned out by the new excitement that was flooding her. For so long Storm had kept her deeper, darker passions caged. Her time in the underground mutant arenas had cracked that cage, and let loose the fierce thing that lived in her heart of hearts. Thankfully, for the peace of mind of her fellow X-men if nothing else, those less acceptable passions mostly slept unless given dire provocation. Unfortunately for the one time White Queen, her mere existence was now proving to be all the provocation needed.

Unsteady hands fumbled in the bath water, finding and releasing the catches so the ruined white leather boots could be peeled open. Emma got them each half way undone, but faltered when she realized to strip them completely off, she'd have to risk sinking beneath the surface of the warm bath water. It was too soon… the memory of drowning too fresh and terrible in her mind.

"I…" Her voice trailed off uneasily, sure that her hesitation would be taken as defiance, when for once it was not. She felt strangely weak, and for the first time in a very long while, self conscious to the point of being…

She'd wavered in her indecision too long, and Ororo had closed the distance between them once more, her dark hands startling against the white leather even through the shifting, steam kissed bath waters. Storm's slender, strong hands were surprisingly gentle as the weather witch worked each boot off while Emma braced herself against the upper edge of the bathing pool to keep her balance. As the last boot came off with a firm tug, at last leaving the blonde completely stripped of her Hellfire regalia. Emma shivered despite the warmth of water. Never had she felt so completely bare. It was more than the being naked, which she'd long ago learned to ruthlessly disregard. Somehow she felt exposed in more than just her skin. A thread of fear pulled sharp and bright through her entire being as she finally recognized the trembling feeling that suffused her as something like… shy excitement. Dammit… she turned away and tried to summon up the familiar shielding emotion of simmering antagonism that had served her so well for so long… she wasn't some dewy teenager awaiting her first ravishment…

She started suddenly, as the warm silky strength of Storm's arms slid around her from behind, and the telepath's traitor body tingled with pleasure to be held in so sweet and inescapable an embrace. Emma looked up, over her shoulder and into the other woman's face with a wary watchfulness. The silver blue eyes watched back, exotic cat like eyes that staring at her with beautiful, terrifying predator intensity.

"You didn't give me a good hunt." The husky foreign lilt of Africa in her voice was as lovely and lulling as the words were alarming, "I was wanting to bring you down in the jungle. I wanted to run you down and drag you screaming and struggling to the ground, then do things to you that would make you weep and cry out in earnest. How should I punish you for disappointing me so?"

Twin starbursts of fear and heat flooded through Emma as Storm dragged the smooth, manicured edges of her nails slowly down the damp, tender valley between the telepath's full breasts in an unsettling caress. The bathing pool water reached just high enough to lap at the dark fingertips that stoked the sweet under swell before they idly captured a pink, turgid tip and pinched just to the point of bearable pain. Emma jerked in surprise, but then tried to hold still as beneath the surface of the bath water, Storm's other hand played over the curve of her hip and slid lazily along the sensitive border where Emma's toned yet still tender tummy ended and the slight sloping curve of her sex began.

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