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Ok I think most know the drill but let's get the legal stuff out of the way first anyway: The author does not own the rights to the characters, symbols, or references contained herein, they are each property of their respective companies and associates. The author in no way claims said characters, symbols or references and is also in no way receiving any form of payment from the story herein.
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Most of the names are made up you can use them if you like. Not quite a poem but close enough that I decided to put it under here. Not bad for a half hours work.

Song of a Sword

I hammered it out, oiled it, folded it many times against itself on my anvil, all the time reciting the names of every great warrior I had known or could think of.
Brian Jacques (Mossflower)

The mountain of the fire lizard was burning. It burned so brightly that creatures from lands untold could see the great beacon far out to sea.

Inside the great forge chamber, far away from the song of the seabirds, another song was taking place. The song of metal apon feiry red metal, each note more singing than the last

I can see your bravery little warrior, you shall indeed do great things.

"Lord Brocktree, Urthrun the Gripper, Spearlady Gorse"

I can feel your kindness little warrior, your heart shall set others free.

"Bluestripe the Wild, Ceneruler, Kefar the Wise."

I have seen your destiny little warrior, you shall keep your vows.

"Broadstripe the healer, Elmrunner the swift, Groson the Mighty."

I have seen the future little warrior, you shall inspire greatness

"Dandin, Matthias, Mattimeo."

I have seen you little warrior, and am proud to call you friend.