Author's Note: This is not a story about Abigail or Hannibal; this a Drake fic. If you like Abi and or Hannibal, don't read this. It's not about them.



Sunset painted the city with deep orange, red and darkest blue; like a fire that burned across the city.

With the night shadows sinking deep into the streets, the predators of the darkness emerged.

High above the streets; reclined in a leather chair was a lone man. He sat watching the last of the sun fade; his eyes moved to the rooftops as the glowing disc vanished.

He could see the ones on the street emerging. His eyes narrowed with disgust; they weren't worthy to call them selves his descendants.

Turning away from the scene, he absently grabbed a folder off the desk top. It held two photos and two sheets of paper.

The first photo was a college aged girl; she was standing beside artifact. It was a large metal case with carvings all over the front of it. She stood with one arm around the top of it like it was a friend.

The sheet of information with the photo said her name was Kaida Jones. She was a third year archeology student at the local university. She was in advanced classes and a semester away from graduating with a degree.

The paper made note of her exceptional intelligence and her skill with ancient languages. There was a note near the bottom to keep her under observation.

He didn't bother to look at the second photo. He was only interested in the first one.

Late night was long since passed, it was closer to morning. The apartment was wrapped in deep black shadows. The only sound was the ticking of a clock on the bedside table.

Kaida Jones rolled over for the thousandth time. She was not going to sleep tonight. Heaving a sigh she threw back the blankets and padded to the living room.

Clicking on the lamp next to the couch, she sat down. Her coffee table was covered in photos and hand scribbled notes.

Kai reached absently for the closets notes. She examined the conclusions and made a face at them. Gathering up all the notes she folded them in half and dropped them into the overflowing waist-basket.

Organizing the photos she put them in order and sat back.

Ever since making this discovery, her life had become too busy for her to handle.

No one had wanted her to even under go the dig; now it was all anyone could talk about.

Her team kept saying she should be happy. Kaida was one of the youngest people to ever make a discovery of this magnitude. Instead of feeling good about it, she felt worn out.

All they had found was a battered silver coffin, a few broken tablets and lots of sand. The coffin was inscribed with a language that matched the tablets; no one knew where the language came from. It seemed independent of every root known to man; like the language belonged to a separate people; a race that had hidden itself from view.

Kaida shook her head and glared at her notes. That's all she wrote about these days: The hypothesis that the coffin and tablets were from an extinct race. The problem was; nothing else made sense. No other theory could account for the findings.

She stood up and turned her back on the photos and overflowing paper work.

Grabbing her jacket, she left the apartment. The early morning made the air crisp and chilly. Kai welcomed the light coolness that wrapped around her. Her mind continued to run with ideas; it made her feel dizzy.

She found herself sitting; staring at a vast empty park. The softest of colors whispered of dawn. It was still a few hours off though.

"Would you mind if sat down?"

Kai looked to her left and blinked a few times. The man wasn't really good looking, really. But there was something sensual and captivating about him.


He sat and folded a long black coat around himself. "Lovely night."

"Morning, actually." Kai muttered and couldn't help but look at him.

He turned his head, meeting her eyes, she looked away. "Just finishing work?"

"No, insomnia."

"Ah, you're a night person."

She frowned at him, his gaze was magnetic. "It just means I can't sleep."

"Yes, but when do most people sleep? At night." He looked away from her, Kai felt her chest loosen. "Can I walk you home?"

She laughed suddenly, the offer was so old fashioned. "No, I don't think that's a good idea."

"Why not?" He looked at her again, she suddenly couldn't think of why it wasn't.

Kai forced an answer out, he smiled gently and her breath caught. The man stood up and bowed from the waist.

"Well perhaps we will meet again." He caught her eyes one last time and seemed to vanish before her.

Kai blinked and shook her head, "I really am going crazy."

It was late afternoon when Kaida finally entered the laboratory. She paused at the sight of the antique silver coffin. Blue lasers were washing over it, the lasers were part of a computer program trying to decipher the glyphs.

Her research partners glanced up; they looked as haggard as she did.

"What?" She asked absently.

The only other female flicked her eyes to the far right.

Kaida turned and groaned at the sight of the funding chairman and his assistant. "How long has he been here?"

"Since seven this morning, he's been asking for you every five minutes."

"Damn," Kaida clocked in and joined her team, "Any idea what he wants?"

"You," The man on her left said shortly, "He wants to talk to you about your report."

She sighed as the man's assistant marched over. "Miss Jones we have been waiting for you since seven this morning."

"I am terribly sorry Mr. Shaw, I had no idea you were stopping by. I would have been here to meet you otherwise."

He made a face at her, "We need a word with you."

"Of course."

Kaida followed the dweeb of a man into the closed off offices. The closing of the door was ominous as she sat down in front Mr. James Brooke.

"So glad you could join us, Miss Jones." He said coolly.

"What can I do for you, Mr. Brooke?"

He held up her last report, "We are not encouraged by your findings. This idea of a separate race of humans doesn't sit well with anyone. The theory of a hidden civilization this is not what I am paying you for."

Kai bit her tongue for a moment, "With all due respect, Mr. Brooke, this is part of research. You asked my team to find something that would make you famous. We did that."

"Yes, but this…" He tossed her report toward her, "This crazy talk is not helping."

"It is a simple theory, Mr. Brooke. Part of arechology is theory work. Trying to piece together the past to make sense of what we have today. It is part of our job to try and understand what we have found."

Mr. Brooke stood up, leaning on the desk with both arms. "If I wanted theories I'd go to a scientist."

Kai sighed, "The carbon dating we have used says this coffin is over 12,000 years old. That's older then most known civilizations. Someone put that coffin in that tomb, Mr. Brooke. That means there were people around at that time. The fact that we have no other evidence of their existence, leads my team to wonder what happened. We are simply trying to finish what we started."

Mr. Brooke looked pissed off for a few minutes. "What have you found?"

"I was just going to meet with my team to figure that out."

He glanced out at the waiting team, they were trying not to be obvious with their curiosity. He looked back at Kai.

"Know this Miss Jones. I am giving you three days, if I don't have something I like by then, I am withdrawing my support. You had better find a reason for me not to."

Kaida yawned as she finished another cup off coffee. Around her the team yawned and rubbed their faces. Cartons of empty and half-eaten Chinese food were scattered about.

They were sitting at one of the meeting tables. The lab was dark save for security lights. No one was really talking, there was nothing left to say.

"So that's it, we loose our funding."

Kaida glanced at the man to her left, "No Graham, we just have to find another way to present this."

"Present what!" Graham snapped, "We have an ancient coffin that we can't open, broken chunks of tablet and a shit load of theories." Graham stood up abruptly, stirring the others from their dazed states. "Brooke isn't going to accept the theory of vampires, he just won't."

Kai stared at him for a few minutes, "Alright, what do you suggest?"

"We call it off. This thing was a mistake to even attempt. I don't want to have loose my career over some crazy stunt."

"Stunt," She frowned at him, "What stunt?"

"Oh come on!" Graham yells, "There is no way this coffin was buried in the sand 12,000 years ago. They didn't have the forge capcity back then to make this thing."

"But vampires have strength, they could have hand made it." Kaida counters and holds up a random photo. "They could have buried it."

Graham holds up his hands, "Forget it, I am going to Jonathan Brooke and telling him about vampires. You really have lost your mind, Kaida. Everyone knows vampires are a myth."

She wanted to argue but no one would listen. Instead she threw down the picture and grabbed her coat.

"Fine, tell him what you want. But this is my dig. I started this, not Brooke. I will finish it."

Kaida left the laboratory and walked at a quick pace. The late evening was cool as she moved her way further into downtown. As she rounded a corner, Kaida became aware of someone following her. She paused and glanced over her shoulder. No one was there.

Hunching further in her coat she moved to continue; a hand reached out from no where and grabbed her. A second hand closed over her mouth, cutting off her scream. Another hand tore at her coat, while another one punched her. Something was pulled over her head, she couldn't see anything.

"Hurry it up, man!" A harsh whisper reached her ears.

Kaida fought as hard as she could, the hand that was hitting her got worse. She still fought.

"Hold the bitch still!"

"I'm trying, she's stronger then she looks."

"Come on, damn it."

"Hey, what the…."

Suddenly the hands stopped grabbing at her; there was a heavy stillness in the air, Kaida's breathing was heavy in her ears. One of the men screamed suddenly as something yanked him backwards. There was wet sound and the other men started to scream.

Kaida lay still just focusing on breathing until the screaming stopped. She heard something hit the ground and instinctively knew it was dangerous.

"Still can't sleep?"

The voice was vaguely familiar.

Kaida blinked rapidly as the cover over her head was removed. She stared up into dark brown eyes. The short dark hair looked trendy but old fashioned at the same time. His face was nicely shaped, although a bit on the square side.

He watched her intently, "You are bleeding."

Kaida knew he was right, she could feel it dripping along her skin. But she couldn't help but stare at him.

He stood up, she moved with him. It was only then that she realized, he had a hold of her right arm. His grip sent shivers down her arm and into her spine.

"Thanks," She finally was able to speak and it came out a whisper.

"Don't thank me for anything. You have something I want."

Kai instantly forgot about the shivers, "Which would be?"

"My coffin."

As Kai opened her mouth to speak, she blacked out. The last sight she saw was red eyes and fangs.