Title: Memory

Author: scullymulder1234

Summary: When Lois and Clark can't remember a second of the past seven years, can they find out what's happened?

Rating: PG-13 (for now)

Disclaimer: You think I'd be writing fan fiction if I owned Smallville? You gotta be kidding.

Spoilers: Season 4

Archive: Yeah, just contact me first.

Chapter 1 (Lois POV)

A faint ringing in my ear was slowly growing louder. What in the hell was it? Feeling defeated in more ways than one that fate wouldn't allow me to sleep, I opened my eyes to the tiniest slit possible. On Clark's bedside table was phone, which practically jumping out of its cradle. When had that gotten there? Figuring the person had been calling since who knows when, I answered it.

"'Lo?" Apparently not very well, though.

"Why in the Sam Hill didn't you call me last night? You were supposed to check in!" The phone was now a foot away from my ear, and my ear drum felt about to bust.

"Riiiight….who is this?" I asked putting the phone back to my ear before whisking it away again.

"Who is this? WHO IS THIS! It's your editor! You work for me!"

The phone was now an arm's length away, and I was giving it a stare that was sure to look insane.

"Uh……" I said into the phone, now at my ear, but poised to fling away again. "I think you have the wrong number."

As I flung the phone back into its cradle I heard screams of whatever emotion the guy was feeling at the time. I wasn't sympathetic. Glancing at the clock on Clark's nightstand, I saw it read 5:30. Yes, AM. I became even less unsympathetic.

I layed on that spot for another ten minutes trying desperately to get back to sleep before rolling over into something incredibly black. The moon had gone out, I decided, or I had gone spontaneously blind.

I put my hand up in front of my eyes, hoping that the latter was incorrect. I could see my hand. Obviously.

Wondering what it was, I peered over the edge of the…well, whatever it was. I saw a faint outline of what looked to be a…nose.

I squinted my eyes to see who it could possibly be when my brain put two and two together.

Who was the only person in this house to have black hair?

Clark Kent. Of course. Why wouldn't it be him? Then again, why would it?

I cringed and let my head fall to my chest, giving me an opening to notice yet another anomaly. I was naked; completely and utterly naked. I cringed yet again and looked to see whether Clark was in the same situation. Of course he was.

By this time I was surprising myself in not having a panic attack right then and there.

I quietly snuck off the bed and dressed in the clothes on the floor, and from the randomness of their positions (and that I woke up naked), I assumed that Clark and I had had sex. Wonderful. Smallville and me? I don't think so.

On my way out of the room, my hand on the door knob when the moon light glinted off of it; a ring. I raised it to my face. It was an honest to God marriage ring. My eyes flickered over to Smallville, who, by the way, was still asleep through all of this, and then back to the ring. Either I was married to him or having an affair with Smallville. I couldn't figure out which was worse.

The problem had become my most puzzling one at the present, Lucy included. I didn't have helluva a clue what was going on, I hated that. First, the phone call with that lunatic on the line, then waking up in the same bed as Smallville, and now this…

I sighed and resigned myself to figure it out later, but when I turned the door handle Clark's voice startled me.

"Lois? What are you doing down here and out of bed?"

I glanced at him before hiding my right hand. He (hopefully) had just woken up, and if he hadn't he played the part exceptionally. His hair was standing on end and he had an extremely tired, yet bewildered look on his face.

I fully turned to face him and said, "One, we're up in your room, and two, you're in it."

He looked down at himself, blushed, and pulled the sheet up higher on his body.

"Wh…What and I doing up here?"

I sighed. "If I knew that would I keep that from you?"

He paused for a moment, clearly thinking about it. "Yes."

"Look, Smallville, just 'cause I tease you doesn't mean I'm out to get you."

Clark stared. "Really?"

I rolled my eyes. "I thought we were friends, Clark."

He stared as if not believing that I knew his real name.

"Look, I'll go downstairs and make coffee. I know I need it and you definitely look like you do. So just get dressed and meet me down in the kitchen."

I was just at the top of the stairs when Clark came bounding out of his room with just his pants on, almost running into me and forcing me down the stairs.

"AH! What!" I asked gasping for breath.

"C'mere." He took my hand (which, by the way, was dripping with sweat from the adrenaline rush he just gave me) and dragged me into his room.

"Geez, Smallville, I didn't know you liked me this much."

Clark rolled his eyes at me and pointed to his calendar; that hadn't been there the night before either.

"What, I don't under –"

"Look at the calendar!"

I looked. It read –

"Why does the calendar read 2011 Lois? First I'm in my bed, when I'm supposed to be on the couch downstairs, and the way you were sneaking out, you woke up in the same way I did. And –" he reached down and grabbed my hand "–why do you have a wedding ring on your finger? Either we're married or having an affair. I can't figure out which is worse!"

I blinked. What was he, psychic?

"Listen, Smallville. You finish getting dressed, I'll make coffee and we'll find out what's going on, ok? Maybe your parents know something or maybe Chloe does. Ya never know."

He gave me a skeptical look, but after a beat I was on the receiving end of a conceded nod.

I started to exit the room when Clark's voice called me back.


"What now, Smallville?"

"You look different."


"No, I mean you look…older…more, no…less. You look less rough around the edges. You look…nice."

I stared. "Who are you and what have you done with Clark Kent?"

Clark rolled his eyes and scoffed. "Don't you take anything seriously?"

"'Course I do. Just not with you." I grinned and walked out.

A/N: So there it is...chapter one of Memory. I've been writing this during math class, so please forgive if it seems like I wrote this when my brain was mush. 'Cause it was. Algebra is a pain in the ass. Anywho, R&R please!