Chapter 8 (Clark POV)

It was our wedding. OUR wedding. Meaning that either Lois and I actually got married, or somebody had the power to manipulate our memories. Everyone we knew was there—Chloe, Bart, Lana, Pete, my mom and dad, Lucy and the General.

Well, almost everyone. Lex wasn't there. But considering the way that Chloe had acted towards his arrival at the hospital yesterday, I wasn't surprised.

Was this really only the second day of this fiasco? It all seemed so surreal.

Looking around me, I realized, really, for the first time, that I had no clue where Lois was.

My counterpart wasn't in the room yet, nor was my dad. I saw an eye appear for a quick moment behind the door, before it disappeared and the door eased shut. Finding nothing better to do, I walked towards the door; when I reached it, I opened it and slipped inside. I don't know why I 'slipped', however. They wouldn't have noticed I was there – 'they' never did. It was like I was living in a dream, or something – no, scratch that. It was like those shows that you saw when characters went under hypnosis.

The men in the room – my dad and myself – were sitting uncomfortably in our tuxedos; the chairs creaked with every slight movement of the body.

"Dad?" 'I' asked. "Why am I so nervous?"

Jonathan took a deep breath, collecting his breath before theorizing.

"I mean," 'I' continued, "I've been with Lois...Lois and I have been together for the past four years. We've lived together for the past five. I know her, dad, more intimately that most couples going into a relationship would. We traveled the world together – learned about my past together. We've done nothing apart since she saved my life. Dad…we even slept together when we weren't in a relationship."

At Jonathan's choked expression (and mine as well), my older counterpart rushed to explain. "No, Dad, I mean…just sleep -- Purely innocent. No sex involved. Probably, that's when Lana decided that I was a cheat, although she never specified. I just…we both found comfort in each other that we couldn't find in our significant others. It took us a year of living with failed relationships – and living together to see that maybe 'we' as a couple was even possible. And then…we transferred our classes to correspondence online and…just…went places. We found the three stones, deciphered the true meaning of Jor-El's message…hell, we got our college degrees together. I can't think of one thing, significant or not, that we have done apart. At first, it scared the both of us. Who has heard of a relationship where both people in a relationship need each other like a drug? Literally, dad. We were – are – addicted to each other. At first we were almost concerned. It can't be healthy, but…we talk a lot Lois and I. Just talk. We talk about everything – life in general, specific things, things that are troubling us…whatever we want to, really. We came to our own conclusion that maybe we just weren't comfortable with the rest of the world. So what if we copied each other? Dad, sometimes we were so in sync that our heartbeats are the same. We make a whole person; Lois is impatient, I'm patient. She's fierier that I am-- there's so many more traits that both of us have that to everyone else would make us unmanageable. But to each other…we're perfect. In my eyes, Lois has no faults. I know that's naïve of me, but…it's just how our relationship works. Now, if I think she's wrong in a decision, I'll express my feelings, but…dad, we've never gotten in a fight. Ever. And that scares me. Isn't it healthy for that to happen? But Lois and I we're so connected that it just…doesn't happen. But Lois and I have come to the conclusion, like I said earlier, that we're just…connected, and that we aren't comfortable with the rest of the world…but we're perfect with each other. There's no real way to describe what we have, actually. We're just so perfectly comfortable with our relationship, how we feel, and we both trust each other so inexplicably. I love her, Dad. So much that it can't be put into words. Which brings me back to my question – why am I nervous? We've been married – although not legally – by definition of the word for the past four years. Why am I so goddamn nervous?"

I was stunned. Is this what Lois and I were going to have? Was it even possible to be that connected with someone?

My counterpart took a deep breath before speaking again – "No, I'm not nervous. I don't know what this is, but it's not anything negative."

Pete ducked his head inside the room, "Jonathan, Martha wants you out here now."

The older version of myself stood up and started to follow Pete, but a voice stopped him. "Clark."

He turned around and faced my – our – dad. "Yeah?"

Jonathan placed a hand on Clark's shoulder. "Six years ago, when Lois came into our lives, Martha was so happy. She was convinced, despite all your bickering, that your soul mate was finally in your life, and that you would be happy. I, for one, thought that she was absolutely insane. But, maybe there were some things that your mother could see that I couldn't; the things both of you hid. Then, as soon as you seemed to form some sort of friendship, you were dating Lana. I, honestly, expected for you to marry her, as did most of Smallville at the time. It seemed that things kept happening so fast in your life – one minute you were dating Lana Lang, the next you were best friends with Lois, and then, finally, Lana and you had split up, leading Lois and you to your decision to leave. The next time we heard from you was a post card, and when Martha had gotten all excited (it seemed to me to be over nothing) and wouldn't tell me what, I was so incredibly confused. Then, we finally got a telephone call from you, after three years of postcards. You said you were getting married. I, at first, disapproved – after all, it seemed to me that it was on a whim. Nothing had been mentioned of this sort…ever. Your mother told me 'Nonsense. They've been living together for the past three years. It hasn't been on a whim at all.' I still wasn't convinced that you weren't – both you and Lois – completely out of your minds. But with your monologue a minute ago, I can truly see that you love her and that you would go to the lengths of the earth and back for her; that doesn't even begin to describe what you two have. You're a man now, Clark, and I'm proud of who you've become. You and Lois will have bad times, it's almost inevitable. But I have faith that you will be okay. Because if you aren't, then there's no hope for the rest of the world."

'I' smiled. "Thanks Dad."

Jonathan wrapped his son in a bear hug. "It sounds like I have to go talk to your mother. Will you be okay alone?"

"Yeah, now I will."

Clark grinned and jerked opened the door and let his dad walk through before closing it.

But I was glued to the spot, stunned. My father had actually approved of my love life? And…would Lois and I really have that? I thought I loved Lois now, but compared to what I might have with her in the future…well, it was safe to say that it was just a crush. In fact, it was eerily parallel to the feelings that I had (hopefully shared) for Lana.

My musings were interrupted by myself literally walking through me – a very strange experience, because I had no feeling of it at all. I spun on my heel and followed him (he went through yet another door and wandered a few halls) until he arrived at an entrance and knocked lightly.

The door was jerked open, followed by a double, "Clark!"

One Lois scurried out the door and latched on to my arm, while the other shrieked and ducked out of sight.

My Lois tugged on my arm, "Oh my GOD, Clark…it's a nightmare. She's…just…AHH! And look who she's getting married to!"

"Lois, that's me…"

"I know, that's the point!"

"Hey! What happened to our big long conversation? About the baby, you, and me? In the car?"

Lois laughed nervously. "That never happened."

"But Lois, we-"

She gave me a pointed look. "Never. Happened.""

I groaned in frustration. Some things would never change. "Whatever you say, Lois."

"Good. Anyway, like I was saying. It's completely disgusting. "

Lois' eyes bugged out as she turned back to our older pair. "Holy shit."

Okay, so maybe turning to see yourselves making out up against a door in the middle of who-knows-what church is a little traumatic, but I still think Lois would be a completely convincing actress – make millions and all that.

But then, maybe the idea of her and I like that is just completely and utterly revolting. Did I dream all of that? Because she actually liked the idea…I thought she had, anyway.

But then, I do recall Chloe telling me once that she tends to snub guys she likes…but…oh, hell, I don't know…this whole situation is just so damn confusing. I hate this type of stuff…not being able to find out what's happened to me…but, then again, most of my life is like that, so I don't know why I'm not used to it yet.

My eyes drifted from the floor back to our lip locked counterparts just as everything decided to turn white.


My eyes popped open to complete blackness. My arms were wrapped around…Lois. We were where we were when we fell asleep. I glanced to the clock – two AM.

Oh, boy…. it was a long time until morning. I wrapped my arms tighter around Lois and buried by head in her hair…she smelled good…and…


The next time I woke, Chloe was hovering over me. "Hey," she said in a hushed tone.

I blinked the blurriness away from my eyes. "Chloe? What's up?"

She immediately put her finger to her lips in the universal sign of 'Shush' and pointed a few feet away from my head. I followed her finger and my eyes rested on Lois, who was, unsurprisingly, still sleeping.

"I don't want to wake her. Change into some clean clothes, and come on down. There's someone here I want you to meet."

As Chloe softly walked out, I eased out of bed. Picking a random shirt out of my closet, I threw it on. I cast one last look at Lois to make sure she was comfortable before leaving my room. The only light on in the house was the kitchen, I noticed as I trotted down the stairs; a glance outside told me it couldn't be before six o'clock.

Upon entering the kitchen, soft voices ceased, and Chloe got up from her seat at the island. "Clark, this is Kitty Faulkner, from S.T.A.R. Labs in Metropolis. I've called her in to help solve why you can't remember anything of the past few years."

I cast Chloe a sharp glance – after all, it wasn't the fact of remembering, but of getting back to our own time – before turning my attention to Ms. Faulkner.

She stuck her hand out to me. "Hi, Clark."

I grasped her hand, shaking it. "Ms. Faulkner."

"How are you?"

"I could be much better."

She smiled. "That's what I'm here for. Now – Chloe has filled me in on everything and since Shockwave hasn't detected anything out of the ordinary for Smallville, or anywhere else, including a rift in the time-space continuum, I seriously doubt that you are the Clark of 2005. The same goes for Lois. All it is most likely is an advanced form of amnesia. All the 'visions' you seem to be having just seem to be your body's way of recovering your memories, but I don't know why you're seeing it in a third person point of view. And I don't know why, scientifically, that both you and Lois are seeing them together. But, from a romantic's point of view…Chloe told me that you and Lois share a special connection that she hasn't seen in anyone. That might be why. Your REM patterns were off the charts last night -- meaning you dreamt something important to you. That's why Chloe and I wanted you to sleep together. If you had subconscious problems, you'd be most relaxed around a loved one, and you'd figure it out in your sleep. And as for how you got this way…. well, I have no idea."

"So…you're saying that I just don't remember anything? That's it? The whole story?"

"Yes, it seems to be that way."

"Well, for all the trouble we've been through, that's lame."

Chloe spoke up. "Clark, she also thinks that in time, you'll get all your memories back…but in what time span, she has no idea."

I started to reply when a sleepy voice sounded behind me. "What's going on?"

I turned to Lois with a grin on my face. "You'd never guess."

Epilogue -- Ten Years Later

Lois smiled as she looked out of her French doors into the backyard (if it could be called that) that she and Clark had with their home in Metropolis. Cory, their ten-year-old son, was getting ready to jump off the top of the slide, pretending to be Superman; their seven-year-old daughter, Liz (short for Elizabeth) was gallivanting all over the place, waving her arms in the air, pretending to block invisible bullets with invisible silver bracelets that were supposed to be on her wrists.Lois hoped she was playing Wonder Woman. And their cousin, Erin, was laughing mercilessly at Cory as he fell flat on his face, coming out of character of her character as another superhero long enough to make fun of her cousin.

She was so absorbed in watching her children (and niece) that she was startled by a pair of arms snaking their way around her waist.

"Hey," Clark said.

She smiled and gave a warm "Hey" in return.

They both fell into silence, watching their loved ones.

Finally, ten minutes later, Lois turned around in Clark's arms. "We did good, didn't we?"

Clark flashed one of his smiles that sent shivers down Lois' spine. "Yeah. We did good."

He proceeded to capture her lips with his own, and if he had had his super hearing turned on, he would have heard two cries of "Eyeew! That's so groooss!" coming from the backyard.


Yes, it's REALLY the end this time.


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