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A/N: I've been on a crossover kick as of late, and this is the latest result. This is a Christmas fic, and I was gonna post it in December, but it's been MIA until now. So this is set during season 5, and it crosses over with All My Children. The AMC time line, will be following they're current one though, but there are some changes, such as Leo never died (because Leo didn't deserve to die.) And Bianca got her baby back sooner then she actually did.

Buffy Summers, the Slayer, the Chosen One, the girl who has saved the world time and time again was now facing her biggest problem ever. She had been in bad situations before and she'd always found a way out. But this time, there was no escape. There was nothing she could do. Everything had been set in motion and couldn't be undone. And the biggest blow of all was that it was all caused by her own mother. Intentionally. As Buffy sat in her room with her best friend Xander, who was being filled in on what was going on, and her sister Dawn, who was equally as scared as Buffy, she recalled how she first found out about this tragedy.

A Few Hours Earlier

Buffy had another boring day of college. All she wanted to do was go home and have a nice, normal, quiet night at home. Right away her those hopes were shot down.

"What are you doing here Spike?" Buffy asked as she entered her kitchen.

"Just chatting with your mum." the vampire answered.

"MOM!" Buffy yelled.

"No need to shout. I'm right here." Joyce said entering the kitchen. "Something wrong sweetie?"

Buffy pointed to Spike, "what's he doing here?"

"I invited him over." Joyce answered, causing Spike to give a Buffy a childishly triumphant look.

"Why would anyone, ever, do that?"

"I needed his opinion about dinner ideas."

"Yeah, what'd he say? A pack of smokes, beer and B positive?"

"O-neg, actually. After all, it goes with everything." Spike snarked.

"Why do you need dinner ideas anyway?" Buffy asked ignoring Spike's comment.

"For our Christmas party." Joyce replied.


"Yes, I've invited your Uncle Jack, his children, son-in-law, your cousin Bianca and her baby, her mom, who is currently dating Jack and her daughter Kendall to fly here for Christmas. And they agreed." Joyce said cheerfully. Buffy found nothing cheerful about it. Nothing good ever came from family visits. Nothing. And Buffy knew it. "Oh, and Spike and the rest of your friends are going to come too." Joyce added. Oh yeah, nothing good was going to come of this.

Back to the present

"Awe, come one Buff, it might not be bad." Xander said in his usual Xander way.

"Oh, how would you feel if your family was getting together?" Dawn countered.

"That's different. Those people are c-r-a-z-y. I'm sure your fam is just normal people with normal lives. Everything will be fine."

"It's very nice of you to lie like that." Buffy said in mock-comfort.

Meanwhile In Pine Valley, PA:

"Ok, so we're off to spend Christmas in Sunnydale." Jack announced as they were getting ready to leave.

"Sunnydale? What kind of lame town is that?" Reggie questioned.

"Well it could be fun." Bianca said. "Buffy's nice."

"Eh, she's not all that. She used to be pretty though. Back around 95. But from pictures I've seen now...not so much." Kendall said.

"I like Dawn." Lilly added.

"Hey, whatever. Its cool with me. It might be fun to meet family. After growing up with Mary for a mother, how much worse could things be?" Greenlee stated.

"Vanessa." Her husband Leo, countered smoothly, referring to his own mother who was a criminal and tried to kill his wife several times, and nearly killed him.

"Good point." Greenlee agreed.

"Let's get's this show on the road." Erica Kane said as they all exited Jacks apartment.

"This will probably be boring as hell." Reggie whispered to Leo.

"Without a doubt." The usually optimistic man agreed.


A/N; That's chapter one. In chapter two, the Pine Valley crew get to Rovello Drive and meet the Scoobie gang. You all can review until then with your thoughts, I am open to suggestions too.