Chapter 1

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Chapter 1

Lira was a normal average fifteen-year-old girl. She lived with her mom and her little brother, Sage. In fact the only thing different about her was that she was…well, special.

She was up in her room listening to the radio. She had long black hair and sea green eyes. Lira was wearing a white husband beater with a four-leaf clover and a pair of black cargoes.

"Lira! Lira! Lemme in! Lira!" a voice belonging to her little brother called as his little fists banged on the door.

"I'm coming, Sage," she said, standing. She walked over to the door as Out of Control by Hoobastank came on. She opened the door to see the six-year-old smiling up at her with bright blue eyes.

"Hi," he said.

"Hi," Lira said. "What's up?"

"I wanna listen to music with you," he said innocently. "Please?"

Lira sighed and smiled. "Well, ok," she said. "Come on in, Sage."

"YAY!" Sage cheered, running into the room and jumping on the bed. "Hoob-stank! Hoob-stank!" Lira just sighed and closed the door. (A/N: don't we all just wish we had such sweet and adorable little siblings like Sage? Feh, I know I do.)

"Calm down, Sage," she said, catching the little boy mid-hop. "I know you like this song, but you gotta be cool about it."

Sage looked up and Lira, then back to the radio. "Cool," he said. Lira just laughed. Then, there was a flash of lightning and the power went off, leaving the two of them in pitch black.

What the heck? Lira thought. Sage started to scream, latching on to her. "Relax, Sage. It's ok, don't worry. I'll go find the fuse-box and get the power back on."

"Ok," Sage sniffed. "Make Hoob-stank come back."

"I will, don't worry," Lira said. "Stay here." She got up and left the room with Sage sitting on the bed. As she walked down stairs, there was another flash of lightening and a loud crash.

"Mom?" she called, heading toward the kitchen. She walked in to see her body on the ground, blood coming out her mouth. "MOM!" she yelled.

A figure appeared outside the window when the next bolt of lightening appeared. He was staring at her through the window and brought up a finger, pointing it straight at her. Then, he disappeared.

Lira ran up and knelt to her mother's motionless figure. "Mom? Are you ok? MOM!" she cried. Her mother just laid there motionless, not even breathing.

The tears ran down her face, falling onto her mother's body. Suddenly, her body began to glow. Lira sat shocked as the tears seemed to dissolve into her mother's body and the blood disappeared.

As quickly and surprisingly as it started, the glowing stopped. "Mom?" she whispered.

Her mother's eyes opened slowly, drifting over to her. "Lira?" she said softly, sitting up. "What happened?"

Lira stared at her. "Honey, what's wrong?" she answered again. Lira hugged her, crying like crazy.

"I thought I lost you," she sobbed. "You were dead, and I cried, and now you're back."

"But…how…" her mom was as confused as she was.

"I…don't know," Lira said.

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