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Chapter 18

Jin hummed a tune as he sat on a lone swing in a deserted park. He'd been there for some time now, humming whatever song came into his mind and listening to the breeze that had gone by. It was winter time, with light snows blowing in to dust the landscape. The schools would be letting out for the winter break soon, which would mean a bit of last minute Christmas shopping and then New Year preparations.

These humans sure are a busy lot, Jin thought to himself, looking up when he heard a bell ring a little ways off. He wore a black overcoat and a pair of boots on his feet, with black gloves and a hat atop his head and now wiggling ears. Now, he pulled his hat down a bit more before standing and heading off to the sound.

It had been quite a few months since he had been to the human world. Perhaps he should've brought Touya along to enjoy the start of a nice little snow storm that was threatening to blow in.

Jin now arrived at his destination, a large, ominous looking building, that sprawled across the ground like a fortress. Sheesh, no wonder Urameshi don't like staying in there, Jin mused. Students were piling out, ready to head home or off to clubs and practices. Jin waited patiently, sensing the aura of the one he was out in the cold to see.

It was getting closer, making him grin. His was entirely masked, just so he could get a bit of a surprise. Right behind the door…Yep! Coming out in a dark blue coat, with matching scarf, gloves, boots and leg warmers, was his prize. A few other students waved farewell and she returned the gesture, smiling through the falling snow.

Jin couldn't keep the grin from his face or a hold on his energy. He was originally planning on following her home, but he couldn't keep his excitement down. So he flared a bit of energy as he leaned against a tree.

She stopped, freezing completely. Jin could feel her energy spread and search for him-he'd have to teach her to use less- before her head snapped in his direction. By now, Jin's smile had a life of its own, and his ears were getting pointier by the second. He raised a hand and waved, but all she did was stare back, purple eyes glued to his figure.

"Well, that's not nice," Jin said, feigning hurt. "Can't say 'ello to a body tha' came all this way in th' snow to see ya, Lira? I'm heartbroken, I am."

Lira mouthed his name, unable to find her voice. There he stood, casually under a tree, and only a handful of strides up the sidewalk.

She covered it in three seconds, jumping up into Jin's arms and holding on as if her life depended on it. "Jin," she whispered, feeling tears threatening to fall.

"Glad ya don't be hugging every lad this way," he said, holding her tight. Her legs were around his waist, but her arms had a death grip on his neck. He was lucky he was a demon and could take the grasp easily. "I told ya I'd be coming back, now didn't I?"

"I missed you so much," she said, loosening her grip and getting her feet back on solid ground. "I was beginning to think Koenma changed his mind."

"There's no way I'd've let that happen and ya know it. No one's keepin' ol' Jin from seeing 'is girl, don' care what 'is rules and regulations be." Lira chuckled, looking up into Jin's glowing blue eyes.

"I should probably get you home. Sage has been asking for you."

"And I can't wait to be seeing 'im too!" Jin said, pulling Lira down the street. "That boy's a feisty lil one! Reminds me o' meself when I were a wee tike."

Lira couldn't help but laugh as Jin went on about the days of him and Kaori wrestling in the mud and his first flight into a tree. Everything seemed a bit brighter, warmer, though snow still covered the ground and fell from the sky. Yes, the sun got a bit brighter as it shone down on the ever bubbly Jin and the glowing Lira.

When the reached the house, Lira slowly opened the door and peeked in. Her mother could be heard in the kitchen, and Sage was sitting by the couch, fighting a war with his action figures. "Oh, Saaaage," Lira called. "I have a surprise for you." The boy looked up at her confusedly until Jin popped his head in with a grin.

"JINJINJINJINJINJINJIN!!" the boy screamed, running over and hugging his leg. Jin picked him up and hugged him back as his mother walked in.

"Jin! It's so good to see you!" she said with a large smile. "We've all missed you, some of us, as you can tell, more obviously than others." She cast a glance at her daughter who blushed a bit.

"I already hugged him, mom," she said, looking away when her mother smiled one of those 'mom smiles.'

"Well, I'll get dinner. I trust you're hungry after your trip. Come on Sage, let's let those to have some alone time. I'm sure they have a lot of catching up to do." With that she was off to the kitchen, Lira staring after her. Sage bumbled off after her, happy as can be.

"She wants grandkids way too much," Lira sighed as she sat on the couch. Jin plopped next to her and put an arm around her.

"Well she'll just have to wait until after dinner, cause I'm a bit too hungry at the moment," he said, smiling broadly when Lira blushed again and hit him. "And looks who's gettin all shy around ol' Jin. There be only one way to fixt that one."

Lira screamed as Jin started tickling her. He single handed held both her wrists together and only needed to lean over her legs to get to her now well-exposed stomach. "AAH!! S-STOP! OK! OK! I give! I'm s-SORRY! AAH!! JIN!!" Jin sat up triumphantly and grinned at Lira.

"Glad ya know when all is lost," he smiled as he stood and stretched. "Wonder how dinners ago-WHOAH!" Rings of energy caught his hands and held them in place at his sides. Another pair formed around his ankles, leaving him frozen in a similar way as Kurama in his fight against Gama. "Lira..."

"You should've known I'd be practicing until you got back," she said calmly from her spot now behind him. "Pay back sucks, doesn't it?" She began to tickle his sides, stomach, neck, everywhere, and all Jin could do was laugh and wriggle in an attempt to get away.

Lira's mother watched from the doorway with a smile. Everyone knew Jin had enough energy to break through those bonds, but she was glad Lira was getting this moment to laugh and relax-until he actually did break through the bonds and tickled her again. "I'm sure their dinner can wait a bit," she said to Sage, who watched from behind her legs. "Come on dear, let's eat."

The boy nodded and followed his mom back to the table. Now that his brother was back, that means Miss Kaori would be back more often too. And then him and Lira would both have a playmate. "Are they getting married?" he asked his mom. She smiled as she set out the lasagna and his little cup of juice.

"We'll see sweetie," she said, sitting down herself. "The wind seems favorable, but we'll just wait and see."