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Chapter 1:



"I'M GOING HOME AND THAT'S FINAL!" Kagome shouted as she stomped towards the well that was just a few feet away.

Inu-yasha lifted his face from the dirt and glared at Kagome. "Your stayin'! You just went home two weeks ago! We still got jewel shards to find!"

"There hasn't been a single word about the jewel for three days, so I might as well go back home and TRY to finish some of the already late work that YOU never let me go back and get!"

"Your not going!"

"Don't make me SAY it!"

Inu-yasha stays quiet, probably weighing his options. " . . .Fine. If you wanna go home so badly, then be my guest," Inu-yasha stands, dusting off the dirt then crossing his arms, "But I'm coming with you."


"You heard me." Kagome never really expected Inu-yasha to outright volunteer to come with her back to her time when it came to leaving. She would just sit him a couple of times then run for it. 'Does Inu-yasha actually care?'

"Can't let anything happen to my jewel detector."

Kagome glared at him in annoyance. She sighed. 'Should've known. Like he would ever care how I feel.'

She turned away and started towards the well, Inu-yasha close behind. As she reached the well, she was suddenly lifted off her feet by none other than Inu-yasha. "Come on," he said, "It'll be faster if I carry you."

Kagome blushed but nodded in approval. Inu-yasha leaped into the air and entered the well, surrounding the two with blue light. It was strange for Kagome. It was like stepping into a dream. Into a very long dream . . . wait, long?

Their trip through the well is taking much longer to hit the bottom then it has before. Actually, its never been this long before. She looked around to see if there was anything out of the ordinary (aside the blue light), but found nothing. Kagome noticed that Inu-yasha was looking around as well in confusement. "What's going on?" he asked.

"I'm not sure." A sudden spark made Kagome jump. "What the heck?" Then, the two were suddenly shocked with red electricity! "GYAAAA!" Kagome felt three pairs of arms wrap around her – pulling her away from Inu-yasha's hold! "Inu-yasha!" She tried to reach for him as he did the same.

"KAGOME!" Inu-yasha grabbed Kagome's fingertips, only to slip moments from his hold. "NO!" He cried as he slipped into nothing.

"NO! INU-YASHAAAA!" Kagome cried as she desperately tried to free herself from the unknown strong grip. As she turned to face her captor, the results were shocking.

"No . . ."

"Ahh . . . what joy . . . I can feel my strength return . ." It was Mistress Centipede, alive and now regenerating.

"H-How can . . ." Kagome stuttered, "How can you still be alive!"

"You have it . . . don't you?" the centipede asked in an evil whisper, licking Kagome's face with her long tongue. "The jewel . . . GIVE IT TO ME!"

"NEVER!" she cried, finally releasing herself from the centipedes grip, and pushing her palm towards the centipedes face, suddenly sending a pink light towards her face and sending her back! "What the . . .?"

"I . . cannot fail." It said as it disappeared into the dark depths of the well. "I must have it . . .the Jewel . . .of Four Souls."

"Huh . . .?" 'Those words . . .sound just like before . . . when I first came to the Feudal Era.' She thought in shock, 'But . . . whats this all suppose to mean? That force from my hand . . .that only happened . . .'

" . . . back when I first fell in the well."

It started to make sense, yet at the same time coming up with many more questions that didn't. When she was first pulled down the well, she was in her time, not the Feudal era.

Kagome felt her feet hit the well's bottom. She looked around, trying to find anything out of the ordinary.


"What happened back there? And . . ." Kagome suddenly gasped, "Where's Inu-yasha!"

She called out to him from the bottom of the well. "Inu-yasha!"

No response.



Now Kagome started to worry. She started climbing out of the well, determined to find Inu-yasha. When she finally reached the edge, she was surprised to be facing not the inside of the well house, but the forest of the Feudal Era.

"Wha . . .How did I . . .end up back here . .?"

Kagome walked around the area around the well, looking for any changes, but noticed none. 'What's going on?'

She started her way towards the God tree, thinking that Inu-yasha could be waiting there. But that was only half the reason. Kagome felt that she needed to go there, a sudden tugging leading her, which also lead to a thought that Inu-yasha could be there. But something told her that it was more than that.

Much more.

Excitement filled her at the thought that Inu-yasha could be there, waiting for her. She started to run to her destination when she caught a glimps of red by the tree. She moved aside the branched and bushes on her way, until she finally reached the open area of the God Tree . . . then suddenly stopped, and stared with wide eyes.

There was Inu-yasha, sealed to the tree just as she first saw him.

"I . . . Inu-yasha?" she choked in disbelief. Kagome walked slowly to the bound hanyou, thinking that this was all a trick. A dream even. She climbed up the branches, her eyes locked to the boy's sleeping face. She neared him, her face inches from his. "Inu-yasha?" she lifted her hand to his face, placing it on the cheek that was resting on a root over his shoulder. Kagome lifted his head a bit, making him face her, only inches apart.

"I-Inu-yasha?" she whispered.

He didn't answer.

"No . . ." She bowed her head, resting her head under Inu-yasha's chin. 'I see now . . .' she thinks, 'I really am back in the beginning. But how? This all feels so real . . . No, it is real, but . . .If I really am back in the past, and I know what's gonna happen . .' Kagome lifted her head and looked at Inu-yasha, '. . . Will Inu-yasha remember? Or will he be like before/ when he tried to kill me . . .'

"Inu-yasha . . ." she looked at him with hopeless eyes, " . . .wake up. Please." She gently shook him. "Please." Now she started to cry. Kagome leaned closer to his face, their lips barely touching. "Come on, Inu-yasha. Don't leave me here all alone. If you can't wake up, then at least don't forget me. Anything but that!" Her lips brushed his. "Please…" were her final words until her lips were on Inu-yasha's in a full kiss. She could have sworn that he reacted to the kiss, adding passion which made Kagome pull back from him, to see his still sleeping face.

"I-Inu- yasha?", but before she could say anything else, a very familiar voice spoke out.

"You! What do you there!" Then, arrows flew from behind, hitting the God tree and barely missing her and Inu-yasha. She turned to the voices, even though she knew who they belonged to.

"The villagers . . ."

To be continued . . .

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