"Someone ...what?" Inu-yasha was having trouble grasping this information.

"Inu-yasha," Kagome repeated. "Yura was told what was going to happen from someone."

"But who…?"

"I wish I knew. But whoever it was wanted me dead. Yura didn't spare any time to try and kill me."

"…Kagome," Inu-yasha asked, "Let me see you're arms."

"Huh? Why..?"

"How much…did she hurt you?" His eyes we're shadowed.

Understanding, Kagome began taking off her small jacket, wincing at the movement. A clawed hand reached out and began helping her remove the jacket delicately. Inu-yasha's eyes we're still shadowed as he did this. 'Inu-yasha..'

When the jacket was finally off, Kagome's arms were covered in bandages, band-aids, and the smell of old blood and disinfectant hit his nose hard. He could tell that some of the bandaged wounds were deep. Looking down, he noticed her legs were also covered in bandages, but he mostly saw scars.

Inu-yasha clenched his fists in anger. 'How dare she…how dare she hurt Kagome! I swear I'll get her, AND that bastard who ruined the flow of time. I swear I'll ...'

A soft hand took his. He looked up to see Kagome's worried face. "Inu-yasha." She said, "Lets go"


"We have to head back to your world and destroy Yura, what else?"

"Are you crazy! Your injured! There's no way that I'm letting you out there in this condition!"

"And neither will I!" her mother suddenly shouted, "You we're missing fro three days and now you want to go back to that dangerous place! I forbid it!"

"Mom I have to! If I don't, something terrible will happen!" Kagome cried, "besides," she faces Inu-yasha, "I have Iun-yasha to protect me."


"I know, Inu-yasha.." she bowed her head, "but there's nothing that can be done. If we don't go…." Kagome's sentence trailed.

Inu-yasha was quiet. Before Kagome could say anything though, she was suddenly lifted from the ground and into Inu-yasha's arms, walking off to the front door.

"Wait!" her mother cried as she stood and chased them. Inu-yasha continued walking. "Didn't you listen to what I was telling u! I forbade Kagome to go back with you! Now…" she stood in his path. "Put her down."

"Mom I…" Inu-yasha cut her off.

"Its ok…" he said in a small voice. " I won't let anything happen to her…. I promise you." He looked up to her mother with stone eyes of confidence. Her mother froze. Inu-yasha held Kagome tighter. "I'll bring her back tonight. She won't be gone long."

He passed her and headed to the door. "Just wait."

The two reached the well house and found it to be empty. There were no traces of hair anywhere that they had expected to go against.

"Do you see any Kagome?"

Kagome looked around closely. "… No. Nothing. Yura's hair didn't come…"

Yura was up to something, and both of them knew it. They looked to the depths of the well, and saw nothing but bones and darkness. Kagome sighed, "I guess we'll have to go and fight her."

"It would be easier if I had the Tetsusiga with me."

"But we faced her before and we killed her too. So that means that it's still possible."

"Hm… but if she knew who you were, that also means that she knows how she would die. This battle will be a lot harder than before."

"True…" Kagome suddenly felt herself being lowered to her feet. She looked up to Inu-yasha to see him remove his outer robe and placing it over her head.

"Hope she didn't figure the robe out..." he muttered as he secured the robe on her. "How are you doing?"

"I'm ok. Don't worry …."

He was quiet for a moment until he once again took her in his arms. Kagome wasn't at all surprised. She had wanted the same, holding him as tight as she could. She buried her face in his inner yukata, taking in his muscular smell and his presence. Inu-yasha felt this, and blushed slightly, but only buried his face in the crook of her neck as well. "Which reminds me…"



"Why...were u worried about me?"

Kagome pulled away to see his face. She showed hers scrunched up in a confused and mad one. "Why wouldn't I be worried about you! Ever since I escaped from Yura with my life, I realized that she could take every chance she could to kill you herself! I wouldn't know if you were alive or not! I was …" She hugged him fiercely, "So scared…"

"Kagome…" "She's right. Yura could've Killed me at that moment…but…" he stopped, "Why didn't she when she had the chance? And her hairs aren't in the well like before. Why?"

He shook those thoughts away, wanting to think later. He looked down to the woman he held, and called quietly, "Kagome?"

Kagome pulled away slowly, rubbed her eye, and looked to him. "Y-yeah?"

"You alright now?"


"Ok." He took in that much, "You ready?"

She looked to the well beside her. "…yes."

Putting an arm around her waist he lifted her up and leaped in. In that leap, he whispered something that Kagome could not answer quick enough.

"Be careful…"

The two reached the Feudal era in a mere moment. Kagome found no hairs in the well nor around it once they climbed out of it. The only hairs that there were were the hairs that lead them to Yura's nest.

"Something's up. I can smell it."

"Why isn't Yura attacking? Its like she's luring us to her hideout without a fight."

"That may not be the case." Inu-yasha said with a retorted snort, "For all we know, this could be a trap."

"Yeah…" A light from ahead caught their attention.


"It's the bonfire. I smell blood too so that means that Yura has gotten to the Rough samurai."

Inu-yasha reached the campsite, and sure enough, the bodies lay, all headless and most with sliced arms and legs.

"Yep. Its all the same."

"The hairs are everywhere here, so it's her alright." Kagome got off of Inu-yasha's back, "Ok. Now help me look for a bow and some arrows. It should be around here some...where…"

"Mm?" He turned to see Kagome bent down on the ground, "Kagome? What wrong?" He looked over her shoulder.

"Inu-yasha…" Kagome said in shock as she turned to face him, " It…"

Inu-yasha was faced with a broken bow and shredded arrows.

Deep in the hair covered woods laid a spot full of hair, the source. In it laid a woman, her mattress a sea of skulls and hair. She held one in her hand and stroked it with glee.

"I wonder if they have found the destroyed bow and arrows?" Yura said, "They won't play that same game like they did before, oh no. I want to play a different game when they show up."

She laughed softly.

"I'll make sure to take Inu-yasha's head, but to do so, I have to take the girls life if I am ever to have his head as the trade."

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