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Three Little Words to Late

He could see the smile of the one he loved. He was so close. He reached out a hand to grab the person who was leaving him. The figure stopped and turned to him. A woman appeared and took the figure away. He couldn't call out. He knew what was going to happen. The figure touched the woman who shattered. The figure grew black with despair. He tried to reach out but the figure pushed him away.

Ayame opened his eyes sweat rolling down his face. "Hatori." he wispeared. "Chikusho, Kana! She broke him. I'm afraid to tell him." He curled up. Ayame let the reality settle before he stood. Kana had once loved Hatori, but if the accident had been avoided they'd still be together. She'd stil remeber him and the times they had together. This happened so long ago but, it still haunted Ayame wether through his dreams or through Hatori. Hatori never loved anyone after Kana left. Even though it hurt him Ayame still loved Hatori more then life itself.

He sighed as he dressed. He walked to the mirror and brushed back his long silver hair.The golden eyes that stared back where on the verge of tears when he thought of Hatori.He had grown use to the rejection of Hatori but it still broke him into tears when he was alone. He walked out of the room that held his pain over the years, and down the stairs as he did every morning. When he reached the door he stopped t breath before opening the door, "Tori-san!" When he called out a man with black hair that coveredone of his blue eyes emerged from another room. "Ohayo gozaima su, Ayaa." he smiled a slight smile.

Ayame bowed his head as his cheek became a tinted pink. "Ohayo gozaima su, Tori-san." he looked up at the man and took his usual seat on the couch. Hatori turned to the kitchen and didn't return for a few mintues. When he remerged he carried to plates of food. Ayame stood to help him. Hatori sat next to the snake closer than normal. Ayame's heart nearly skipped a beat when he noticed this.

Ayame's mind was rushing with thoughts that he hardly noticed that his face was a bright shade of red. "Just ignore it ,Ayame. He's just a friend we all no that. Regardless of what I really want. Just ignore my heart breaking. Kami-sama, please help me." Ayame held his head high trying not to let his emotions show. "Ayame, I want to ask you a qustion that's crossed my mind recently." "Hai, Tori-san?" Hatori took a deep breath," Why? Why is it that your always here when I need someone to talk to? Why is it that your here when I'm alone?" Ayame could only look at him unable to think of an answer.

He wanted to tell Hatori everything he felt but fear kept him silent. There was a knock at the door that brought Ayame back to reality. He sat waiting for Hatori to walk away to answer the just like every other time. When Hatori didn't move Ayame looked at him,"Aren't you going to answer the door, Toru-san?" Hatori shook his head. He touched the snake's face ," Not this time Aya. Your going to tell me what your feeling right now." Ayame's could feel all the blood rushing to his cheeks. " Hatori, I...I." he looked away."Aya, please tell me." Years of pain and loneliness fell from Ayame's eyes and his emotions finally spilled out of him.

Ayame jumped away from Hatori tears falling down his pale cheeks. "You haven't figure it out yet! Did Akito really mess up your vision that much to were you can't even see other peoples' feelings? Hatori I love you! I've always loved you! " He ran out of the door his silver hair flying widly behind him. Hatori couldn't find anything to say to convince himself that this had just happened. A knock on the door pulled him out of his thoughts. He hoped Ayame had come back but knew better. He opened the door and was greeted by brown puppy dog eyes. Shigure saw the look on Hatori's face," Haa-san, what's wrong?" Shigure walked into the house. "It's Ayame. By any chance did you see where he went?"

Shigure's face lost it's brightness. "Hai I saw where he went. After he ran out Akito called for him." Hatori's eyes grew wide when he heard Akito's name. "What does she want with Aya?" Shigure shrugged and took and seat next to the window. Hatori looked out of the door his mind racing when he turned to Shigure.

"Shigure, may I ask you a question?" Shigure looked at him," Well you just asked me one but you can ask me another." Hatori sighed," Smartass. You know what I meant." Shigure held up his hand," Ask your question Haa-san." Hatori took a deep breath, "Did you know?" Shigure looked at him," You;ll have to be more specific." Hatori cleared his throat," Did you know that Aya loved me?" Shigure looked down ," Hai, I knew. It was clear as day but e was afraid to tell you. Of course if it was me I'd be scared of you too."

Hatori glared at him. Shigure smiled,"Your not a plesant person when your pissed off. Aya tries to be calm and patient with you. Not to mention he respects you above everyone else even me and I'm his best friend. He's never complained once about not being able to have you for his own, but you can see the pain in his eyes." Shigure looked out the window, " Poor Aya, what have you gotten yourself into now?" Hatori looked down," I feel like an idiot." Shigure shook his head," Your not an idiot just blind." "Your not making it any better ,Shigure!" Shigure pulled out a cigertte,"Hai, I know. Coming?" Hatori nodded and followed Shigure out the door.

Ayame had just ran out of Hatori's house when a voice called him back."Ayame, come here. I wish to speak to you." It was Akito. Ayame didn't want to turn back but it was Akito so he had to listen. He turned around and walked to her. Akito smirked at him,"What's the matter with you?" Her eyes shimmered with evil hidden in her gaze. "Why do you care?"Ayame looked away. Akito laughed,"You don't know how pathitic you look right now. Crying and running out like that. I heard every word you said. That's disgusting you know. He'll never love you , you know that right?"her voice sent chills down Ayame's body. Ayame's rage was boiling with every word. Akito saw this,"You'll always be alone while Hatori lives his life. I'm sure he can find someone to replace Kana and he has Shigure he doesn't need you. Your just the burden he's forced to carry."

Ayame's angry over flowed. He grabbed Akito's throat. She smiled a wicked smile. Ayame let go his vision blurring. The last thing he saw was Akito standing there with a pipe stained with blood. His head throbbed as he opened his eyes weakly. The room around him was dark and cold. Ayame felt cold metal around his wrists, ankles and his neck. He pulled a them with no luck. He looked down and saw that he was naked.The chain around his neck was so tight that he could barely breath.

A small ray of light fell across Ayame's body then dissappeared. He could hear the small footsteps coming towards him. Ayame coughted from the chain tighting. "Hurts doesn't it? This is what you get for defing me." Akito pulled Ayame's face towards her. "You really are a spoiled brat." The chain relaxed but the sudden pain in his stomach took the breath out of him. He tried to catch his breath. Akito laughed softly,"You will regret what you did today. As long as I'm alive you are mine I can do anything I want." She touched Ayame's face gently. Ayame's breathing quickened when the warm skin touched him. "Are you cold?"Ayame refused to answer. Akito slapped him face leaving a pink handprint on his pale skin. She looked at him" You know I can be cruel don't you Ayame?" Ayame nodded to avoid being slapped again.

Akito ran a slender finger from Ayame's neck to his navel. Ayame's body shivered as the warm skin slid down his bare flesh leaving a trail of fire in its wake. Akito ran her finger nail back up his body slowly. Ayame's control of his body vanished as he grew hard under her touch. He pulled at his bindings in hope that they'd give so he could run before he lost control completely. "You can't get out ,Ayame. Nobody wants you. Your brother hates you and Shigure's not worth much either. Then there's Hatori. Hatori doesn't seem to care for you at all now does he. He'll forget about you just like he did when he meet Kana."

The whole time she spoke she stroked Ayame's body with small tender strokes. Ayame tried to push her voice from his thoughts but in his heart he knew she told the truth. She added a slight pressure to her stroke as Ayame's body reacted to her soft touch. "Akito, what are you doing?" Akito looked deep into Ayame's golden eyes,"Your almost as beautiful as your brother." She ran her hand down his body once more. Ayame let out a moan that he had held in his body. Akito smiled slightly and ran her hand passed Ayame's waist and stroked his manhood gently. "A..kito!" Ayame's voice seemed hazy.

She took him in her hand gently and slowly started to jack him off. Ayame's body moved in perfect union with her hand. His breath came in gasps as he came into her hand. She licked her hand and ran it down his body wiping his own fluids down his body. "Akito, where are you?" She waited for a moment then stood leaving Ayame in the room trying to catch his breath. "I'll be right back."

Hatori opened te door,"Akito, where are you?" He waited for a few seconds and she opened a door. " Hello Hatori, how are you this lovely .." Hatori cut her off, " Akito, have you seen Ayame. Shigure, said that he might be here." "That was over three hours ago." he thought to himself. "I saw him earlier. Would you like me to tell him your looking for him the next time I see him? By the way to ease my own curiousity what do you want Ayame for anyway?" Hatori watched her," Please tell him I'm looking for. As to what it's about that's between me and Ayame. Good day Akito." he turned and left.

She opened the door into the dark room and peered into the figure in the dark. "Hatori was looking for you. He wants to talk to you ,but what about I wouldn't know. Maybe he wishes to tell you how disgusted he is with you. Maybe he wants you to leave him alone. What do you think he wants totalk to you about?" she ran her hand through his hair. She let a finger trail down his back lightly. Ayame could no longer speak but words weren't needed because his body reacted to a simple touch.

She looked the snake in the eyes and parted the silver waterfall that covered his face, "You don't need Hatori just like Hatori doesn't need you." she kissed Ayame's lips and slide her hand over his manhood again. Ayame's moan was lost in between their lips as he pulled at his bonds trying to make the release him. He didn't want to escape any longer now he just wanted to fuck Akito and make her moan. She smiled and pulled her hand away just as Ayame's was about to reach another climax.

She pulled her lips back and looked into his glazed golden eyes," Do you want out?" Ayame nodded. She unlocked the chains that bond his arms and legs but kept the one around his neck for er own safety. The moment she dropped the chains Ayame pulled her to him. He licked her neck and bit lightly at her shoulder. Akito ran her hand down the back of his neck. Ayame brought her lips to his and brought her into a deep kiss. His hands undid the robe that was wrapped lightly around her small body. Her robe fell to the floor and Ayame attacked her neck with wet kisses. He pinned her to the floor and positioned himself between her legs. He grabbed her hips and pushed deep inside of her.

Akito let out a gasp and ran her hand up Ayame's arm pulling him down into a kiss. She slipped her tongue in which fueled his passion. He pushed into to her faster bringing him closer to the edge. Beads of sweat began to glisten on her body as Ayame came deep inside her body. He pulled away from her and collasped against the wall. Sleep engulfed him only allowing one thought to escape,"I'm sorry Hatori." Akito picked her robe up and wrapped it back around her. She placed the chains back on Ayame's ankles but left his wrists free. She turned and left the room and Ayame in darkness.

Hatori didn't feel well his mind caused him so much pain. Ayame had been missing for almost a month," Ayame, where in the world are you?" His mind drfted to the day Ayame had told him he loved him. He could recall the pain in Ayame's brilliant eyes. The tears that fell from his silver lashes. "Why can't I stop thinking about him?" "Because your worried about him." Shigure's voice pulled Hatori from his thoughts."Shigure, what have I told you about sneaking up on me while I'm in thought?" Shigure thought about it," Um...don't?" Hatori nodded.

Shigure shrugged," Well you are. You haven't been the same since that day. Are you sure you haven't missed his call or a visit or something like that. Japan's a big place it's not that hard to avoid somone for a month." Hatori thought about it for a moment," I haven't recieved a call or a visit anf your not helpful!" A knock on the door silenced both of them. Shigure left the room to answer it," Aya! Where have you been you've made Hatori worry. Wait Aya what's wrong?" Shigure led him into the room. Hatori turned and smiled at Ayame. Ayame kept his head down unable to look Hatori in the eye without shame spreading through his body.

"Aya.." Hatori took a step towards him and Ayame took a step back. "I ..I just came to say goodbye!" he turned to run but Hatori grabbed him. "Not this time ,Aya. Now tell me where have you been. Why can't you look at me?"Hatori pulled Ayame's head up and peered into his blood-shot eyes. His face was pale and cold to the touch. "What happened to you?" Ayame bit his bottom lip and pulled his head away. Hatori caught sight of brusies runing down Ayame's neck. "Ayame?" his voice was shaky. Ayame tried to run but Hatori never let go. He pulled down Ayame's shirt revealing more brusies and scratches. Shigure stood there unable to find the words to say how he felt.

Ayame's legs gave way as tears spilled from his eyes. "I'm sorry Tori-san. I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to. It wasn't my fault." Ayame looked like a child. Hatori kneeled next to his fallen friend,"It'll be ok, Aya. It'll be ok.." Ayame cut him off his eyes blazing with unspoken pain. "It's not ok! It'll never be ok! None of this would have happened if I didn't love you!" His sobs cut him off.

"Aya, please you don't know what your saying!" Shigure dropped down next to him. "I do mean it. None of this would have happened if I wouldn't have been stupid enough to love someone who doesn't even care...Haven't I suffered enough?.. I can't...take..this anymore!"he began punching the ground. "It's not fair...it's not...fair. What ..did...I do to...deserve this?" He repeated these sentences over and over. Hatori had to calm him down. He pulled a needle out of his bag and injected it into Ayame's wrist. At first he fought but soon his body relaxed and he fell into Hatori's arms. Hatori stroked the dull silver hair that had once sparkled in the sun. He picked Ayame up bridal style and brought him into his office.

He pulled off Ayame's shirt to find cuts that were still bleeding and brusies that where just begining to form. "Where did this come from?" He pulled off Ayame's pants. His ankles were swollon just like his wrists. His legs were covered in burns and welts. Hatori began cleaning the wounds talking to Ayame as he worked,"I was worried about you. When you left I wanted to let you cool off before I began to look for you. You were right about me. I am blind to other peoples' feelings especially those that I care about the most. I just never thought about it. I didn't know how to react when you told me you loved me. I was neverious, but I was also afraid that I'd never get to tell you that I love you too, Ayame."

Tears filled his eyes as he looked into Ayame's eyes so far and distant. Tears still fell down his cheeks,"Tori-san, I've been with Akito for the last month. She kept me chained up in a dark room. She got me to where I couldn't even control my own body. Then she'd unlock the chains and I...I ...had to have sex with her. I couldn't think striaght. I'm so sorry." Tears fell faster while he spoke. Hatori wiped them away.

"It's going to be ok now. I promise,Aya." He brushed his lips against Ayame's lightly. Ayame's body tensed," Tori-san," Ayame's eyes came into focus,"I have to go." He stood up and grabbed his clothes pulling them back on with difficulty. " Where are you going tell that much at least." Ayame bit his lip, "I'm still trying to figure that out. I just can't live lke this. I'll come back one day I promise." He kissed him quicklyand ran out leaving Hatori with tears falling. Shigure walked in," Is he really leaving?" Hatori nodded tears spilling over the brim of his eyes. The inu hugged his friend,"He'll come back, but will you wait for him?" Hatori nodded,"I'll wait for him." He looked out the door and touched his lips.

Days turned into weeks and weeks to months. Hatori waited thinking of Ayame everyday. Soon three years had passed without a word from Ayame. Shigure was sitting on the couch drinking tea when a knock on the door brought him from his thoughts. Shigure opened the door yawning. The face that was staring back at him was that of Ayame. "Aya! Please tell I'm not sleeping." He hugged his friend,"Gure-san, it's been to long." Shigure ran his hand threw his black hair,"Does Haa-san know your back?" Ayame shook his head,"Gure-san, hows Tori-san been?"

Shigure looked at him,"He's missed you terriably." Ayame smiled his eyes had their light back,"He has? Are you sure?" Shigure nodded. "Have you missed him?" Ayame blushed and nodded," I felt so bad for running off, but I had to think of somethings." Shigure understood," So Aya, have you finally figured out your going to do? I mean you still love Hatori right?" Ayame's eyes got wide,"I could never stop loving Tori-san. I was just afraid back then so I ran." Shigure smiled," What would you do if I told you that he loves you?"

"Gure-san, he couldn't possiably love me. I mean I ran off and I haven't talked to him in three years. If he did love me though I'd be so happy." he sighed. "Then cheer up, Ayame." Ayame gasped and spun around and came face to face with Hatori. Hatori didn't look any different since the last day he had seen him. Ayame's face was a deep shade of red," Oh ..Tori-san! Hi. It's been awhile." Hatori leaned against the wall and he couldn't help but smile. "I've missed you, Aya. It got lonly here with just Shigure." Shigure's face had a hint of hurt on it,"That's not nice Haa-san. See Aya, he has missed you." Ayame looked down,"Tori-san, I'm really sorry. I really am." Hatori picked Ayame's head up and looked into the golden eyes that stared back at him. He pulled Ayame into a hug.

"Ayame,please tell me your here to stay." Ayame let his body relax,"I am Tori-san. I'm home." Shigure left the room leaving them alone. "Ayame, I love you. I don't want you to run off anymore." Ayame kissed him,"You don't have to worry anymore. I'm not leaving again. I promised." Hatori smiled and pulled Ayame up into a long passionate kiss. Ayame wrapped his arms around Hatori's neck. About a week after Ayame returned he moved in with Hatori. "Come on Yuki were going to be late." Shigure called up the stairs. "Now Tohru, we'll be gone for two days. Be safe and make sure Kyo doesn't break my house." He looked out the door,"Hmm looks like rain."

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