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Good-bye Gure-san

Shigure was sitting on the couch half asleep when Ayame opened the door. Shigure opened one eye as Ayame sat down beside him. Ayame looked at his friend only to see a sick face stare back at him. Shigure eyes seemed drained somewhat. His hair a mess over his face his skin a sickly pale color. He smelled of cigerettes and vomit. "Gure-san, are you feeling alright?" The Inu opened both eyes and gave a simi-smile to his golden eyed friend."I'm fine Aya. I'm just feeling a little under the weather.

His eyes closed as Ayame stood."I'm going to use the phone ok, Gure?" Shigure nodded slightly without looking up. Ayame picked the phone up from the cradle and punched a few of the buttons. Hatori's voice rang over the phone,"Moshi-Moshi." Ayame pulled the phone to his ear,"Tori-san, its Aya." "Hello Aya what do I owe rhe pleasure of this call?" Ayame absent mindly wrapped the cord around one slender finger, "It's about Gure he seems to be really ill."

"Are you sure he's not just joking around again."

"I know he's not. Please come look at him please." "Alright. For you."

"Thank you Tori. I love you. " "I love you too Ayame."

They hung up and Ayame return to the other room with Shigure. His eyes fell upon his fallin friend. Shigure looked as if he had died. "Gure-san are you sure your ok?" Shigure opened his eyes," I'm fine Aya really." Ayame could tell he wasn't "fine". "I called Tori-san. He's coming to check anyway." Shigure just closed his eyes and nodded. Shigure knew he wasn't ok but he'd never admit it. Even if he wanted to move his body would never allow it. He felt weak and drained.

The room was silent for a few mintues before the sound of Hatori opening the door enter their ears. "Shigure, I'm here." Shigure merely nodded. Hatori walked over to them and placed a hand on Shigure's head. "Shigure! What the hell have you been doing running around in the snow naked?" Shigure opened his now dull eyes," Now now Tori-san you know I would never do something that stupid. Besides your the one in the snow department not me." Hatori glare vanishied when he saw the weak smile given to him by the inu.

The door opened again, Ayame and Hatori turned their heads to see Shigure's editor.She glared at Shigure," Shigure, you haven't turned in your last five hundred pages! Today you will give them up without tormenting me to death!" Hatori turned to say something but Shigure interuppted him," Mitchan, the work is in the package on the table." He point to the table. She pipcked up the minalla folder and sure enough there was all of Shigure's work. "Now Mitchan, would you be a dear and go do whatever you do with those papers."

Mitchan still finding it hard to believe walked out of the house. Hatori and Ayame turned to the inu a mixture of confusion and worry across their faces."Shigure are you certain your alright?" Shigure didn't answer. Hatori looked at Ayame, "I guess you weren't joking." Ayame opened his mouth to answer but was interuppted by Shigure's sudden movements. He jumped off the couch and ran to the bathroom.

Ayame and Hatori ran after him. Shigure was leaning over the toliet puking his guts up. Ayame rubbed his back hoping to calm him but he only got worse. After five minutes Shigure's body could no longer eject anything from his body. He flushed the contents and attempted to stand. Ayame and Hatori each moved to one side of him to help him stand. "Shigure, are you sure you can walk on your own?" Shigure nodded. He smiled weakly,"I'll make it."

Ayame and Hatori exchanged glances and left the bathroom. When they reached the door a loud crash came from behind them. Hatori turned to see Shigure's head hit the floor with a sicking crack. Shigure's vision started to fuzz as his mind began falling into darkness. He could hear faint screams. He thought he heard Yuki and Kyo yelling and Tohru crying. "What the hell happened?" Kyo's voice peirced the darkness fogging the inu's mind. Ayame was crying as well"Tori is ...he..o..k?" Hatori and Yuki picked the inu up and brought him up stairs. Yuki looked at Hatori and Hatori looked at Yuki,"So are you going to tell me what happened?"

Hatori sighed,"Do you want the truth or plain ol' bullshit?" "The truth if you please." Yuki's calm voice spoke with a hint of worry. Hatori took a breath and went into what had happened that day starting at the call to where they were now. Yuki looked at him as voices behind him grew louder. Tohru steped in "Is Shigure-san going to be ok?" Hatori sighed and looked at them. "Well I'd suggest telling you two a buch of crap but that'll get us no where so here it is. Shigure's dying. Something was eating away at him and it is slowly and painfully killing him." A scream was heard at the door.

Hatori turned to see his lover and Kyo step into the room. Ayame had tears streaming down his face and he fell. Hatori caught him and brought him into a strong embrace. "Tori-san, it's not true ...i..t...can...'.t...b...e..true." His words turned to sobs as his tears fell into Hatori's shoulder. Hatori kissed Ayame's forhead," I wish I could lie to you Ayame I really do. I wish I was lying but he's really dying. And I can't stop it." He buried his face itno the silky silver hair of his lover.

"Your lying. You have to be." Hatori looked up to see a distressed Kyo. Tohru looked at Hatori her face sickly pale. Tohru fell to her knees and started to cry," He..ca..n't...die!" Kyo dropped down beside her and brought her into a gentle embrace. He wispeared sweetly into her ear that everything would be ok. He never noticed that he didn't change. Yuki slide down the wall silent tears caressing his pale cheeks.

Hatori took his arms away from his distressed lover. Leaving the room Hatori descended down the stairs to retrive his medical bag. Returning he pulled out a syringe and injected a strange substance into the inu's arm. "All I can do is numb the pain and hope that something good happens." He walked back to Ayame and brought him close. Soon the room drifted into an uneasy sleep. The room remained silent fors hours.

Shigure felt light. All the pain was leaving him. He could feel all his problems dissappearing. He tried to move but he was afriad to break the silence that had surrounded him. That's when it hit him. He was dying if not already dead. A light emitted from the depths of Shigure's mind and he walked striaght to them.

Hatori opened his eyes only vaugly aware of the sleeping body next to him. He laid Ayame down lightly so not to wake him up. He walked over to the sleeping being. He felt Shigure's wrist for a pulse but there was none. He checked for breathing his breath hitched when there was none. Finally he checked for a heartbeat and tears streamed down his face when there was none. He cried his tears unchecked as Ayame stirred behind him.

The snake walked over to his lover and wrapped his arms around him trying to comfort the once proud docter.He didn't have to ask what was wrong as he looked to the bed where a lifeless body now laid. Silent tears formed and fell down the paled cheeks. Yuki was the first to wake and see the body and screm cought in his throat. Tohru shifted in Kyo's arms as she lifted herself up following Yuki's gaze. She shook Kyo awake who looked around the room to his former gaurdian.

Tohru hid her face in Kyo's shirt. He wrapped his arms around her gently. Tears fell in the room as sunlight filtered into the room. When Hatori stood he stepped out of the room to the phone. About twenty minutes later Haru ran through the door Momiji close behind him. Hatori pointed to the stairs which Haru jumped two at a time. Hatori returned to the room and wispeared to Ayame that he'd be back. Ayame nodded.

When Hatori stepped into the cold room he knelt before Akito. "What do you want Hatori?" her voice sent chills through the room. "It's about Shigure." Akito sighed, "Has he broken something else. I told him that I would no loinger help with..." Hatori cut her off. "Shigure Shoma died last night around 10:58 P.M." Akito stared at him her eyes closed when she relized he spoke the truth. "Go get things ready for the funeral. Now get out." Hatori stood tears still clinging to his lashes. When the door closed Akito cried.

The funeral seemed to last for hours as the preacher spoke in a low mono tone. Many of the family members cried silently as Hatori and Ayame carried the coffin away. As they began to fill the hole every part of them wishing for this to be a sick twisted scheme. One glance at the tightly sealed casket told them it wasn't a joke. "Silence doesn't suit him." Ayame wispeared to Hatori who merely nodded. When the casket was completely buried Hatori, Ayame, Tohru, Kyo and Yuki each placed a single black rose on the gravemarker. The gravemarker reading the one thing nobody ever wants to read. It read "Shoma Shigure".

Hatori shoot up from his sleep. Sweat drenched his body as a hand touched him. "Tori-san I had a nightmare." Hatori started at his lover,"Me Too." "Gure-san died." Hatori shook his head as relization hit him that he had the same dream. Nether man knew that on the other side of the door the three teens discussed the similar dreams they had. Hatori opened the door,"Nightmares?" The teens nodded. Hatori opened the door and walked to the room where the sick inu resided.

Hatori's breath caught in his throat as he checked for a pulse and found a steady one beating against his fingers. There was breathing and a heartbeat. Hatori smiled softly as he walked back to the hall. "He'll be fine." Everyone relased the breath they had been unconciously holding. Everyone said goodnight and walked to their rooms. Ayame snuggled closer to Hatori," I'm glad it was just a nightmare." Hatori pulled the snake closer," So am I. So am I." He kissed the snak gently before going to sleep.

The next morning Shigure came bouncing into the quiet room." What's wrong with all of you. You look like someone died." the irony ne

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