Chapter V: A New Man

"Spare me!" Keldor said as he jumped out of bed in a start, he looked around his bed sheets and his bed curtains were still there

He got up and looked in the mirror he was normal his head was not a levitating skull and he was not in Despondos, but most of all he now has change to keep good on his word.

"Oh I will honor Christmas in my heart and keep all the year, Heaven and Christmastime be praised, I say it on my knees Hordak! On my knees!" he said happily staring up in the skies.

"I am as light as a feather; as happy as an angel; as merry as a schoolboy!" Keldor said dancing and jumping but he soon became dizzy and began to laugh hysterically "I am as giddy as drunken man!" He said still laughing, and then it hit him, he didn't know what day it was.

He opened the window and saw a strange half owl, half stuffed bear creature fly above the streets.

"You there my lad!" Keldor called out the window.

"Who me sir?" the creature named Kowl asked him

"Yes you, tell me what day is it?" Keldor asked Kowl

"Why today is Christmas Day!" Kowl replied

"It's Christmas Day, the Spirits did it all in one night, they can do anything they like, of course they can, of course they can" Keldor said to himself.

"Do you know the poultry shop three streets down?" Keldor asked.

"I should hope so," Kowl replied

"A remarkable boy" Keldor lauded "Do you know if they sold the prize waterfowl hanging in the window?" he asked the lad.

"What the one three times as big as me?" Kowl asked Keldor.

"An intelligent boy, what a pleasure to talk to," Keldor said smiling like an idiot, "Yes the one as big as you!" he shouted happily.

"Yes it's still hanging there," Kowl replied.

"Go and buy it!" Keldor told Kowl.

"You're joking," Kowl replied

"No I'm serious, go and buy it and bring it here so I can tell them where to deliver it to and I'll give an Eternian gold coin," Keldor instructed the lad.

Kowl's eyes lit up, but before he could go, Keldor stopped him.

"Come back in less than five minutes and I'll give you fifty Eternian gold coins," Keldor told Kowl and with that the small creature went zooming off.

"I'll send it to Bob Tri-Klops' house, his family will be so surprised," he told himself as we grabbed his Havok Staff.

Five minutes later the boy returned with the deliveryman.

"Well done my fine lad," Keldor said as he threw a big bag of gold coins at Kowl who caught them and flew away.

He then came down steps and waked out the door, "Send it to 6700 N. Spalean lane," he said to deliveryman.

The man looked at him curiously "You want me to carry this all the way to other side of Eternos?" he asked him skeptically.

It was then Keldor realized what deliveryman meant.

"Of course not, I'll get you a cab," Keldor said as he hailed cab and paid the coachman.

"Merry Christmas!" he shouted as the cab drove out of sight.

An hour later the huge turkey was delivered to Bob Tri-Klops, at first they did not what to do, the person who sent whished to remain anonymous, but after careful thought they to accept the anonymous stranger gift.

Keldor walked around the town all day long wishing everyone he met a Merry Christmas, it was the happiest day of his life.

Around noon, he ran into the two charity collectors, Tuvar and Baddrha.

"Mr. Keldor," Tuvar exclaimed worriedly.

"Yes that is my name, and I fear it is unpleasant to you, allow me to change that by giving you my donation to the poor," he said as he whispered some unheard number into Tuvar's ear.

"Are your sure sir?" Tuvar asked surprisingly as Keldor stood there smiling.

"And not a bronze coin less. A great many back payments are included in that I assure you," he said "oh and one other thing," he said as raised his Havok Staff 'separating' Tuvar and Baddrha.

"I don't know what to say to such kindness," Tuvar said shocked how much Keldor had changed.

"say nothing, but promise me you two will come to see me on Monday and every day so I may give to your most worthy cause, my friends" Keldor replied to the gentlemen.

"We will," Tuvar told Keldor smiling.

"Thank you, a million times, and a Merry Christmas," Keldor said as he waved as he left the two gentlemen.

His next stop was his nephew's house.

When he arrived there, he knocked on the door, which was answered by a maid.

"Is your master home?" Keldor asked, "I am his uncle," he told her as the maid showed him in, took his coat and hat, and led him into the living room.

"Hello Adam, it's me your Uncle Keldor, I was wondering if I could come to Christmas Dinner, am I still invited?" Keldor asked worriedly.

"Of course you are Uncle Keldor, please come in for a while," Adam said as he showed his uncle to a chair.

The party was the best ever in the world, Adora, Seahawk, Stratos, Buzz-Off they were all there and Keldor never had a better time in his whole life.

It was late when Keldor left, he knew that he ad to get bed so he be at work early, he knew Tri-Klops was going be late and that exactly what Keldor wanted, "Are you in for it, tomorrow," he said as he changed into his sleep clothes and crawled into bed smiling at what he had up his sleeve and also at the fact he had broken his chains and escaped Hordak's fate.

The next day Bob raced out his house and ran as fast as he could to Snake Mountain, he was late and he knew Keldor was going to have his head for this.

When he got there, he fumbled around with the keys, but found the door was already unlocked, "Not a good sign," Tri-Klops said to himself as he entered the mountain.

"MR. TRI-KLOPS!" the voice of Keldor bellowed as Bob shut the door, and walked over to his boss' desk.

"Yes Mr. Keldor?" he asked his employer worriedly. He knew that he was about to lose his job if not more than that.

"You're late," Keldor told him pointing to his pocket chronometer.

"I know, I was making rather merry, and it won't happen again," he apologized to his boss.

"You are right; it will not happen again, you have left me no choice but to…" Keldor informed his employee.

Bob waited for those horrible words to come, he wanted it over with he couldn't take this torment.

Keldor smiled and seemed to suppressing laughter but what was he laughing at the fact of firing, he did really take pleasure in doing such a terrible thing.

"Raise you salary," Keldor said bursting out in laughter.

"Pardon sir?" Bob asked confused.

"That's right double…no…triple…. no…" Keldor paused for a moment and laughed some more as he finally said, "I will quadruple your salary and help your family anyway I can, but we'll talk about that later, over a Christmas pudding," he told his stunned employee "Oh and Bob, buy another coal shovel before you dot another I," he told Tri-Klops.

"Thank you sir," Tri-Klops said, he did not what else to say.

"Merry Christmas Bob," Keldor said to his friend with a warm smile.

"Thank you Mr. Keldor," Bob replied.

Keldor was good to his promise; he did it all and even more. And to Little Lookee-who did not die-he became like another father. He became as good a boss, as good a friend, and as good a man, as the good old city of Eternos knew or any city, province or territory in the good old universe. Some laughed in light of Keldor's change, but he let them laugh, after all, it is better to laugh than to frown. His own soul laughed, and that was all he needed.

It was said that he knew he knew how to keep Christmas if anyone in the Cosmos knew, may that said of us all. So as Little Lookee said, "God bless us everyone!"

The End