Summary: Anna has lived out the first 16 years of her life in Del. Now she wishes to explor and go on adventures like her parents have. Can one last adventure her parents went on be the first steps for Anna to go on her own adventure? Has some not-very-imortant characters in the real story play important characters here like Laughing Jack and others

Yeah ,yeah I know I don't own these characters...if i did though...ponders...GO RODDA!

"The Good in Everyone"

Chapter 1: The Unknown Adventure

Anna looked out of her bedroom window. Same city, same sunny sky, same life. Her friends thought since she was the heir to the throne of Deltora, she had an exciting life. Anna just laughed at that. Sure, maybe her mother and father went on exciting adventures all over, and under, Deltora but all her life Anna lived in Del. For holidays and other occasions, Anna, her parents, and her siblings would travel to Tora, but she couldn't call that an adventure. The road between Del and Tora was well-worn, and they were always protected by Toran magic. No, Anna wanted more. She wanted to see the other parts of Deltora; wanted adventure.

Suddenly, with a jolt, Anna realized today was an important day. Anna could've slapped herself for actually forgetting her own birthday! Today, Anna turned 16, the same age her father, King Lief, found out her was going on a perilous quest to restore the belt of Deltora. Anna had heard the story of the time Leif, her mother, Jasmine, and Barda, who was like an uncle to Anna, went all over the lands of Deltora to restore the Belt and drive the Shadow Lord out of Deltora. Anna had heard all about how the Shadow Lord had enslaved the people of Deltora for nearly 17 years until the three companions stopped him. She had also heard of the companions' journey to the secret caverns of Deltora to restore the Pirran Pipe. They had to persuade each of the Pirran tribes to give up a part of the Pipe, and they had to go to the dreaded Shadowlands (where the Shadow Lord lived) to free some Deltoran slaves. Anna was forbidden to tell the tale of the Pirran Pipe to anyone, so she found herself telling all of her friends about the adventure of the Belt, the Belt she'd one day wear.

Today, though, Anna was to learn another adventure her parents and Barda went on. She remembered what her father had told her exactly one year ago…right after she learned of the Pirran Pipe.

"There is one more adventure we went on," her father had told her.

"What is it?" Anna had asked eagerly.

"I cannot tell you now; not yet," her father had replied. "Your brothers are still too young to even know of how the Belt was restored, but when you are 16, you will learn the last of our adventures."

Now that she was 16, Anna was ready to hear what her father had kept from her. She turned around as she heard someone walk into her room.

"So you're finally awake?" her mother asked her, standing in the doorway. Her tone was sarcastic but Anna could tell by her smile that she was joking.

"Did you really think I would over-sleep on my 16th birthday?" Anna asked, matching her mother's tone. Her mother smiled at her.

"You know, 16 is the same age your father set out on his quest to restore the Belt of Deltora." Her mother commented thoughtfully. Anna rolled her eyes.

"Of course I know!" she exclaimed. "And today is the day I will learn of his last adventure." Her eager face dropped when she saw her mother's face turn grave.

"He told you he would tell you of this last –ah, adventure? So soon?" her mother asked.

"He told me lat year that he would tell me when I turned 16," Anna replied, looking at her mother confused. What could possible be worse than the time her mother, father, and Barda went into the Shadowlands?

"Come," her mother said, breaking the silence. "We will speak of these things tonight. Now, we will celebrate your birthday." She smiled at Anna, who reluctantly smiled back. She really wanted to hear the story she'd been waiting for all year.

/Oh, well/ Anna thought to herself. / I only need to wait for one more day. / Anna allowed her mother to walk her to the kitchens for breakfast.