Don't Answer Drabble

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Ring... Ring... Ring...

Breaks the kiss. "Don't answer it."

Ignoring Edward's request, Roy picked up the phone. "Yes?"

"Roy, you've got to get the Fuhrer to get a new phone company for these lines. It cut me off again! Now what's this about you and Edw-"


"Told you not to answer it." was the last thing Edward said as Roy pulled him into another kiss and let the phone ring.

Glor: My first FMA and my first drabble... I've concluded that drabble writing irks me. It's just so short... Like Edward! (gets glared at by Ed) Heheh... (sweatdrop) I guess my first shounen-ai fic I've ever posted, too... Well, review and tell me if maybe I should stick to drabbles or not.