Panda Drabble

Disclaimer: I own nothing. I wish I owned a panda like Xiao Mei, kawaii! I don't own Ranma either.

SPOLIERS: For Xing characters and let's say a certain some never died in chapters 15-16.

Glor: I'm baaaack! Not for long, most likely but yeah... I'm 10 chapters behind in the manga so I decided to catch up and reread my old drabbles for inspiration and I got some. I also went to an anime convention (Katsucon) and a Hughes took my picture! Hehe. (was Garnet from FFIX, Zack from FFVII, and Yankumi from Gokusen) Dude, I saw a tall Ed! SCARY!

"You! You deserted Xiao Mei for dead!" Mei Chan yelled as she ran after the huge panda with her throwing knives.

The panda grunted as he ran faster, Xiao Mei cling to his arm. The pandas zoomed by Roy and Hughes. "Eh?" Hughes questioned, as he saw a small girl run after the pandas.

"Take your punishment like a man!" the girl yelled and the panda grunted again in protest, ducking more knives.

Roy shook his head and was about to ignore the whole situation when a red blur ran into him. "Sorry, taisa, got go, the bean-girl is gonna kill my brother!"

The red blur was off and Roy sighed. "Was that Edward?" Hughes asked in shock and Roy nodded, "But that was a girl..."

"Mishap in Xing," Roy replied as he headed back for headquarters, "Hawkeye, get us some hot water, Full Metal and his brother have gotten into trouble again."

Glor: I had reread my 'Transformation' drabble and I remembered wanting to write panda!Al and Xiao Mei and Mei Chan wanted to help me with my goal. I guess Hughes wasn't really needed but I heart Hughes so there! Whoa, I haven't updated in over a year, so sorry! (bows)