Chapter 1: The End of the World

Through the thickening mist she heard him ask, "Are you with me Kyra?"

Gathering strength she breathed, "I was always with you. I was."

Looking once more into his eyes, eyes that were filled with an emotion she had never seen in them before. Fear.

She wanted to let him know that everything was okay, wanting to tell him everything she had been holding inside since the first time she saw him on Hunter Gratzner. She tried to hold on…Tried to stay with him…Tried to tell him she loved him…

The world went dark.

Riddick sat back watching as a tear glistened at the corner of her eye then rolled down her face, not understanding, not wanting to believe what just happened. He covered his face with his hand.

He heard movement and slowly became aware of the world around him. The entire population of Necropolis was bowing. Before him. Momentary confusion struck him and then he remembered. Remembered what he had already heard several times - "You keep what you kill." He muttered.

His whole world had fallen apart. The one man he trusted, Imam the holy man, was dead. Kyra, the one person he cared about, was gone.

After leaving that accursed planet with only Imam and Jack in tow, he came to realize that Imam would always be praying for him, whether Riddick wanted him to or not. He was the only person in the entire universe Riddick could say that about and oddly, Riddick found that knowledge comforting. He trusted Imam so much that he gave Imam Jack to care for. He knew that if Jack was to be associated with him it would forever put her life at risk. So he left. He went as far away from her as possible so that the mercs wouldn't think to use Jack… Kyra, as bait. That had been his and Imam's plan anyway, Imam would be her father figure, and Riddick was her protector. Far, far away.

And now both were killed by the same mother fuckers who now acclaimed him Lord Marshal. He wasn't even one of them and yet they kneeled. He knew enough about the Necromongers to know what their goal was; to kill every man, woman, and child in the universe unless they would convert. Convert to a religion that revolved around death. Riddick had seen enough death to be comfortable with it, and yet these people lived and breathed it. Necropolis, the flag ship for this vast armada, was in itself a shrine worshipping the death and decay of the human body. It disgusted him.

After the Necromongers had 'cleansed' the universe, they would travel to their promised land, a place called Underverse. There they believed they would live and be happy without pain forever. Living the life they believed humans were meant to live. "Fucking idiots." He thought.

As he sat alone in his room, surrounded by the putrid evil that was this very ship, a plan became clear to him. He slowly left his chambers where he had locked himself up for the past week and walked toward the command center of Necropolis. As soon as he entered he was saluted by the commanders. Ignoring them, he made his way to the center of the room to where a table stood, showing the nearby star systems and galaxies. Looking down he noticed that they were making their way toward the Elemental home world. "Must be next on their list of planets to annihilate." He thought stoically.

"Change of plans." He said, "Take us to the Underverse."

"But Your Highness," a commander questioned, "We have not yet cleansed this universe…"

He was cut off by an abrupt movement from Riddick. Riddick grabbed the commander by the throat and started to squeeze.

"Take us to the fuckin' Underverse."

The commanders' hands were grasping feebly at Riddick's and he quickly nodded. Riddick released him and the orders were given. The chamber was suddenly filled activity as commanders, navigators, and soldiers changed their course.

Riddick watched silently for a moment, then turned and left the room.