Chapter 1: Fate is Twisted

It's been two long day's since Sesshomaru kidnapped Kagome. She was really getting worried now. Inuyasha was taking forever to come for her! Just before Kagome was abducted Naraku took Kikyo to his castle. Maybe Inuyasha went to save Kikyo (by the way I really hate Kikyo she needs to die) first. Kagome really hoped not. She decided to stop trying to escape and to wait, she had faith Inuyasha would come for her.

"You may bathe in the lake nearby, and then we leave." Sesshomaru said calmly to Kagome, "You have until sundown to finish." She nodded in agreement. "Okay…" She said, softly. She didn't have the energy, or bravery to protest to her kidnapper. "Just to make sure you don't try to escape, Jaken will escort you." Sesshomaru added, looking at Jaken. "Of course, Lord Sesshomaru!" Jaken agreed.

Kagome followed Jaken through the woods, to the lake. She had been following Sesshomaru's orders, looking after the child, Rin, and missing Inuyasha for two days. She was really looking forward to a nice dip in the lake to calm her worries. When they made it to the lake, Kagome excitedly ran past Jaken, and dived into the cold water, clothes and all. She seemed to startle Jaken. "Lady Kagome!" He called after her, "I maybe small, but don't underestimate my powers…." He ran after her. "Calm down, Jaken!" Kagome laughed, "I'm just eager to bathe, that's all!"

She took off her clothes in the water, and carelessly threw them on the grass. They were soaking now, but she didn't even care. This was her time to herself, and she would cherish it. She laid her head back, and relaxed. 'I wonder why Inuyasha is taking so long to pick up on Sesshomaru's scent..' she wondered to herself, 'Is it possible he went after Kikyo, first?' She hated the thought, and shook it from her mind. She needed to concentrate on something that would make her happy. Rin asked Kagome so many questions, it was hard for Kagome to answer them all. Kagome laughed, remembering how curious Rin was.

Then Inuyasha popped back up into Kagome's mind. 'Why can't I forget him?' She wondered. She let out a frustrated sigh. She really did miss Inuyasha. The past two nights have been hell. She missed seeing him, and playing with his ears, and making him laugh, and she even missed arguing with him! Sesshomaru was so mysterious and quiet, that she wasn't free to be herself here. She would love to play with Rin, and answer her questions, but something about Sesshomaru frightened her, and made her shy.

"I suggest you hurry, Kagome." Sesshomaru's voice interrupted her thoughts. She gasped, and tried to cover herself up. "Huh? Is it sundown already?" She wondered aloud. Sesshomaru just gave her an angry look and walked away. She leaped out of the water, and shivered. She threw on her clothes, and chased after him.

She got back to the camp to find Jaken, Sesshomaru, and Rin waiting. "I'm sorry to hold you all up." She said, quietly. "That's alright." Rin said, smiling widely. Kagome giggled. "Thank you, Rin!" She said, happily. "Enough." Sesshomaru cut in, ruining their moment. "We must camp elsewhere. I've been smelling demons nearby." Rin ran towards Ah Un. Kagome was confused. "So, we're leaving?" She said. Sesshomaru nodded. Jaken and Rin get to ride Ah Un ,but have to walk. 'Great!' Kagome thought, sarcastically, 'I'm already tired as it is!' They began walking through these unknown woods. Kagome stared up at the moon as she walked side by side with the one and only Lord of he West. 'Oh, Inuyasha…' she thought to herself, 'You're under this moon some somewhere, I know it , but why are you taking so long?' One word came to mind, making a chill run down her spine to her knees, turning them to jelly. Kikyo.